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    Thank you Antoine for all this information! Very apreciated! :)

    Unless error Flylogic is a Swiss developer, there should not be too much problem.

    But, as you rightly said, it's always a question of protection of rights.

    Best regards


    First of all ! I want to thank Sylvain for this Cultivation, which finally free this ORBX scene.

    Now if I can afford, in terms of product quality, drassaud does not have to blush, quite the contrary!

    Without being critical, personally I prefer that of drassaud,;) tree locations are much more precise and less general error,

    if you take as an example: The highway Morges-Lausanne you will see many trees in the middle of this highway. Why? I do not know?

    Because apparently, both have used OpenStreepMap. Or maybe it is the basis of IPAC that is not defined exactly.

    But there is a big difference in precision and placement.

    But in any case, in the end, we all have a Switzerland more beautiful than basic!:)

    Once again THANK YOU to drassaud and Sylvain for their dedication and their free time!:thumbup:

    Regards,;) Tomfa

    Hello WingZ , by registering on,

    Regards Tomfa

    I am currently looking for some Airports to complete this beautiful scene of Switzerland! Among others: Sion, Lugano, Neuchatel - Colombier, Modeled 3D, but please, no FSCloudPort, if one of you to, or have these models to share, like for example those from (Flylogic for FSX) I would be very happy! ;):thumbup:

    Best greetings to all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 !!!:)


    Hi Antoine,

    Yes, absolutely, as HervéF has said, but now concerning the altimeter, the R22 is struggling to take off from this location? But I do not know if we can give an altitude cap to get more stability?

    Best regards:)

    Small flight with this fabulous R22, in front of the Schilthorn, 2980m. and Panorama on the Bernese Alps, Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau;)

    Regards, Tomfa

    Indeed, thanks to the considerable work of drassaut, Switzerland becomes more real :thumbup:Thanks again!;)

    However, I have one essential point: I regret to note that the IPAC scenes of the main airports have never been 100% achieved at the level of 3D modeling. Only on the side of German-speaking Switzerland, have done a considerable job, Example: Bern-Belp, Altenrhein, Grenchen, ... Perfect! In French-speaking Switzerland, only Lausanne-Blecherette was modeled. Sion, Eplatures, Ticino, Lugano or other Basel-Mulhouse in international transit are non-existent ??? :(

    I need your help, it would be with great pleasure that one of you can provide me very generously this beautiful aircraft DR-400 for my library!

    Because I do not know anything about conversion, I tried but without success.

    Thank you!

    Best regards

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you very much for all this information!

    Actually this problem came from "fs cloudport"

    I have uninstalled everything and remade a clean installation with this beautiful scene ORBX ''Saanen'' and now no problem.:)

    Thank you all for your great help!:):thumbup:

    Best regards

    I have seen for some time, a problem of elevation with the Airfield of Saanen in Switzerland? I do not know if this comes from the last update? Airplanes are parked above the ground, and also on the other side of the large aircraft parked? Thank you very much everyone for your help and support! (See photos attached)

    Greetings from Switzerland