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    Hi Jan

    That change may have happened over two years ago but its a gift that keeps giving :). Most of the available repaints haven't been updated with an option tmc so when you install them you have to go through and manually do the edit. The key point I guess is its going to be fixed or should I just delete all the user created repaints for IPACS aircraft.


    Here's what you need to do to see these paintings come to life again.

    November 6, 2023 at 10:12 AM

    A B-787 makes history :love::thumbup:

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    It would be good if the comments on this forum were posted in the right place.

    We no longer know who is what, regarding FS Mobile, AFS2 and AFS4, Because most of them are posted on ''AFS4 General Discussions''.


    I agree with you on some of your criticisms, however you will not find in any simulator this speed of start-up as well as this fluidity without any jerk like that of Aerofly.

    Of course, everything is far from perfect, there is still a lot of work, and details to improve, and I fear that it will go faster being the small team that they are.

    It's very good that you consider looking elsewhere, like MSFS for example, but make no mistake, you will have bugs and crashes, you will have to be patient. :) Unfortunately no simulator is 100% perfect, and I know what I'm talking about, having more than 300 addons on MSFS, it's beautiful for the eyes, but the descent into hell (FPS) can also happen very quickly. Updates are regular but with a lot of crashes too. Then the addons must also be updated, because some no longer correspond to the new loading of the sim card. That said, having two simulators for switching is always interesting, then it all depends on what you're looking for.

    Good flight!

    It will be the same as asking when the roads will be properly recognizable in Google Maps and Bing Maps, etc. In other words, the roads in AFS4 are completely realistic - in contrast to the "artificial lines" in MSFS2020. :thumbup:

    That's right, they are recognizable as long as the photo textures are in HD, L14 at least, and with a resolution of 60 cm pixel

    Concerning MSFS, there has been progress since then, and by a former author who was once here. Ray (Taburet) ;)

    simMarket: CANADA ROADS MSFS
    The function of this scenery is to modified the roads with new asphalt texture and to print roads in the default vfr map nbsp This scenery consist of Repaving…

    Looks nice shame we cannot modifi a few from MSFS, and why arnt orbix or any other third party devolopers doing FS4, seem like it's dying before it's begun.

    In any case, ORBX has become a real gas factory, moreover it develops very little new for MSFS, but more as a subcontractor. More than 70% of products at ORBX come from third-party developers. So these are the ones that we would need to recover for FS4.

    Msfs are losing customers hand over fist because slow load times /crashing ect i for one have left, if FS4 did more in the way of microlight they would gain much more, microlight industry in the UK is very bigbigger that people think, popular types skyranger, c42, savannah,foxbat,jabiru,rans to mention just a few.

    This is a very good idea, in this case try to ask Just Flight, if their authors would be ready to come back from MSFS, and develop new models for AFS4? And at the same time to make an update concerning the AFS2 models, so that they are compatible for AFS4. Not sure? but as they say, hope keeps you alive ;)

    Please Jan, if you are not the designer of these models, could you forward this problem to the appropriate person thanks!

    Because currently I don't see any solution to modify or even be able to open this or that file, except that of option, and it is not this one.

    Jan, as you say, if the designer of this 747 has since modified a file? How is it that on the stable Beta version of Steam v4.01.0x.0x it works without problem, and even the old ones which were recently removed. :)

    Good day to you all

    I have no idea what could be checked? One thing is certain, something has been modified, and certainly since the addition of new textures. But for the moment, this observation is only on the B-747, and among other things also for the two textures which were proposed for the B-777, namely Hawaiian Airlines and China Southern which are no longer displayed? As for the A-320 or B-737-500 versions, no problems for the moment.

    It would really be a good thing Jan if you could correct this problem, because it would be a shame to lose all these beautiful textures which were created by the private authors, especially since before everything worked perfectly. THANKS!