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    RC8 is no longer for sale on Steam. Only RC10 is available now, without any discounts for current RC8 Steam users. At least RC8 continues to work fine for now, but won't get any further updates.

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    Realflight did something similar with RF9.5s in favour of their newer RF Evolution RC sim. At least this was a free upgrade if you bought RF9.5s on Steam, or about a 30% discount if you had upgraded from RF9.5 Horizon Hobbies version.

    Why are the LA city heliports sooo much better with FS2 than FS4? Not only does FS2 have more realistic buildings, like Deloitte. With FS4 there is a silly taller adjacent building south of the US Bank building that should not be there. With or without global roaming, this doesn't make any difference. Airport night lighting around KLAX teminal buildings is still terrible (white flashes) with FS4 as well. I would have thought that most FS4 issues would be fixed by now. It's kind of a pity that I still mainly need to use FS2.

    Did you find a solution to this? I often don't need to use the had controllers as I've enough hardware, the hands tend to appear in my neck to strangle me...

    No, not really. Seems to be an Oculus/Meta thing, or maybe Aerofly since it also happens with RC8/9 (although it also happens now with X Plane 11/12).

    One workaround I've found that seems to at least stop my Quest 3 controllers popping up right in front of me is to run both Aerofly fs2 and fs4 through SteamVR instead of through Oculus. This is a little harder on resources, but not too bad with my high end PC (i913900k/rtx4090).

    I know that being able to simply turn VR hands off has been requested often in the past for both FS2 and FS4. The previous solution for me with Oculus Touch controllers has to be either to hide the controllers before starting the sim, or to place them off to the side out of my main view. Unfortunately this no longer works. If I put them off to the side they jump back to center within about 30 seconds. Even if I move them out to the side again they jump back to center about 30 seconds later. I have the hands at the highest transparency but they still bother me and still hide some cockpit instruments/switches. If I hide them in a drawer next to me before starting up they still show up for a while, then seem to disappear. but eventually pop up again in different places again. If I power off my touch controllers I get an Oculus error message.

    In any case, this is a bit of a pain so I think the simplest solution to to either be able to turn VR hands off, or at least make them invisible. Maybe there are things in the main.mcf file we can edit to do this? Thanks in advance for any solutions.

    I should also add that this is not a problem with my Vive Pro headset with Index controllers. This is because these can be easily turned off and SteamVR does not complain. /////////still, it would be nice not to have to turn them off all the time.

    Now that RC10 is on Steam I think it would be best for IPACS to stop selling RC8 on Steam and provide a free, or discounted price, for RC8 Steam users to upgrade to RC10. RC9 never actually came to Steam btw. Continuing to sell RC8 (for about the same price) is kinda silly imho.

    I know that the previous response from the developer was that they could not do this, but I don't think that this is the case. Realflight did the same with RF9.5s and their newer version Realflight Evolution. Those that actually bought RF9.5s on Steam were given a free upgrade to Evolution. At the same time, Realflight stopped selling RF9.5s on Steam. Those of us, like myself, that already got a free Steam key to upgrade our Horizon Hobbies RF9.5 to Steam RF9.5s were given a 40% discount (probably should have been more imho), and this still is the case. This still allows RF9.5s users to continue to use both sims. So, this would also allow Steam RF8 users to continue to use this as well. Obviously, neither older versions will get updates, unless they are security related.

    Personally, I prefer to buy apps on Steam because it makes it easier to transfer onto new PC's by just using your current Steam account. I already have IPACS downloaded versions for both RC8 and RC9. I also bought RC8, plus both their DLC's, on Steam so I could use it on multiple PC's (one at a time of course). Anyway, just my $0.02 worth.

    Its it possible to use Openxr and bypass steamvr completely. Virtual Desktop now has that option (vdxr) but It does not appear FS4 supports that?


    I think it's important to note that Virtual Desktop (for wireless PCVR streaming, with most standalone headsets like Quest, Pico, and Vive XR Elite) only very recently introduced it's version of OpenXR because it preciously was forced to use the SteamVR version (since VD does not have access to the official Oculus runtime) with msfs2020 (which requires OpenXR to run) and there was a pretty large performance penalty for doing this. So now, the performance is about the same for Quest headset users, like myself, as just using Air Link together with the official Oculus OpenXR runtime (both which are free). All a bit of smoke and mirrors, lol!

    In any case, Aerofly FS2 and FS4 are miles easier to run on any decent PC, so I doubt that OpenXR would do much for most users imho.

    Apart from certain small bugs which will certainly be corrected by patches, I do not regret having bought it just for the modernized menu and the aircraft stall adjustment. But if you want value for your money and consider that the addition of planes and the few upgrades like ground lighting are not worth the expense, then wait for the RC11.

    Ground lighting in 4d fields is kinda cool but i'm finding it a bit difficult to find aircraft that have this. I only seem to be able to see this if I load the model and then check if the model functions include a Light on/off option. So far the only heli's I've found (thanks to your YT vid) is the Bell and Super Puma. Surely there must be a simpler way to locate these? Thanks again for your YT vids mate and cheers.

    Edit; Pity that the ground lighting effects don't work in VR. Sort of like Aerofly FS2 before this was added to FS4. I guess we'll need to wait for RC11 to see things lit up in VR, lol!

    You can have multiple versions installed at the same time on the same PC. I currently have RC8, RC9, and RC10 installed on the same PC without any issues. Well, just a few VR issues with RC10 right now, but hopefully these are just the usual early release bugs that will be fixed soon.

    Edit; these are separate installations. You cannot share anything so you need lots of disk space to do this. No big deal for me since I have 2x2Tb ssd's.

    other problem, the light does not reflect on the water..

    In real life, landing a floatplane at night is illegal unless the water landing area has actual lighting installed, which is very rare. Still it would be fun to see water light up. Also, it would be nice if heli's had tail and rotor blade night lighting.

    second video with helicopters

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    Thanks for doing these mate!

    I have also found the poor old Air Wolf heli still self destructs like it did with RC8/9, except now it happens even quicker, lol! Filed this with support including mt tm log file.

    Edit; found a workaround with Air Wolf RC10. If I retract the gear as soon as I take off it seems to stay in one piece ok. Also then ok with gear down afterwards as well. So, bit of a win since I do love flying that heli!

    I just tried this all out for about an hour or so, moving from different places around the world and this is all working very well, Sure there is a lot of Legoland and a lack of rooftop helipads but as a 1st start in beta this is fantastic. I have fairly good home internet (100mbps) and everything seemed to run pretty well seamless, without any stutters in VR with my Quest Pro using Air Link at about 170mbps bitrate. Thanks ever so much IPACS mates and best cheers from Australia.

    PS. I had a look at the my cache file and is was only about 300mb. So, not much strain on my 2Tb ssd, lol!

    I have both FS2 and FS4. I probably still use FS2 more mainly because it has much better world coverage, esp. NA. It's a pity that there hasn't been more 3rd party support for FS4 DLC's like there was with FS2. I guess most of those previous FS2 developers have exclusively joined the msfs bandwagon. Too bad imho. Hopefully FS4 will get some additional coverage over time.

    Yeah, I am pretty bad at proper grammar and syntax even though English (USA) is my native language. I am writing as if I were speaking contemporaneously which is also why I am not much of a conversationalist either :). I gather that nobody really cares much about USA scenery one way or the other.

    Mate, I assure you that others, including myself in Australia, are very interested in getting more HD USA coverage. I'm still relying on Aerofly FS2 (stock and dlc) coverage in order to fly there. Expansion of FS4 world scenery has been pretty disappointing so far imho.