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    Your welcome mate. The problem happens any time the touch controllers are either on or on standby. They need to be OFF or RC8 in VR crashes. This is also starting to be more of a problem with my original Rift cv1 as well because Oculus updates now have a very large delay before they go from standby to Off. The new Rift S goes into standby but never actually turns OFF until you shutdown your PC, disconnect your headset, and/or disable OculusRuntime services.

    RC8 is the only app I have that needs to have touch controllers OFF. Other apps that do not need the controllers (eg. RF8) are able to disregard them. Hopefully RC8 developers will be able to figure a way to do this as well in the near future.

    Pretty sure it is a Steam-Thing. I have had the same with an number of Steam games that give the option to use Oculus Rift VR. Like hiflyer said, if you just plow through and hit ok it seems to work fine. It def ends up using Oculus VR, not SteamVR. I never got this message when running a game that must use SteamVR btw.

    I just got my nice new Oculus Rift-S today. It all setup fine and I am not having any problems with any games/apps except with RC8 in VR. It sometimes starts up but if I try to access the menu or re-centre the view RC8 crashes. Please see attached my last log file.


    Edit; I have found a temporary workaround. I need to take the batteries out of the Rift-S touch controllers then RC8 starts up and works fine in VR. This is a bit of a nuisance but it will have to do until there is a proper fix.

    If you pop up the model info screen you will see a fair amount of rpm change during hard collective moves like tictocs. Because there is no proper blade noise it's not as noticeable. Also, the stock heli is set up with pretty conservative collective pitch ranges (~+/- 9 deg) so you can hit them pretty hard without bogging. Lots of 3D heli guys crank this up to ~+/-14-15 deg. Maybe edit your rc8 heli's collective pitch to +/-15 deg and see how you go, lol!

    The only minor 2x complaints I have with RC8 heli's are that you cannot see the tail blades and there is no real main blade sounds (blade slap). Neither of these effects the flight properties but both of these would make them look and sound a little more realistic imho.

    Aside; If you make big/hard collective moves like tic-tocks, you will def see RPM changes and you get a little bogging. Again, it would be a lot more noticeable if the proper main blade sounds were present.

    I think that the 3D heli physics in RC8 are pretty good, but of course not perfect, lol!

    I mainly fly 3D with the RC8 Goblin 700 and when I pitch pump the collective the headspeed RPM changes under load. For simple flips/rolls there is not any RPM change. A real high performance Electric with a good speed controller/governor with a proper amount of headroom and collective travel, in good hands, does not bog down either (or not too much anyway, lol!).

    I also use Realflight 8 and maybe it's heli physics are a bit better but not significantly better imho. I have not tried Reflex XTR2 so I cannot comment if it is any better or not, but I doubt it's perfect. However, if you think it is then that's what you should be using I guess.

    I think that the main purpose of using any RC Sim for helis (and other aircraft) is to help teach muscle memory. I believe that both RC8 and RF8 are suitable to help achieve this. Of course you will always need to eventually work this out at an actual flying field with a properly setup heli.

    These User Models will only show in the User Models tab if you follow the instructions and copy each folder into your document/rc8/aircraft folder. You are copying them into your rc8 program file folder with the rest of the stock rc8 aircraft. This is not a good idea because future updates may overwrite this folder and you may lose these User Models. Also, just a good idea to keep them separate anyway.

    I think that Bleeper bases (points in flight paths that indicate waypoints) are really nav-aids so probably not something any current RC sims that I'm aware of can do. Maybe higher end flight sims like as fs2 or xp11 can do this? Maybe rc8 scenery could include physical waypoints like pylons, towers. or balloons to simulate base stations.