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    For VR you should use the 4D flying fields.

    Never did get any help about this. I just ended up buying RC8 from the Steam store. Seems to work as well as my download version of RC9 and at least it's easy to move to different PC's when necessary.

    I would be happy to pay to fly through the Great Lakes and the St-Laurence river. From Chicago through Toronto, Montréal, Québec and the Maritimes provinces.

    Ya, me too mate. I also really miss my AF2 Chicago Meigs DLC. I also miss all my user locations like Hawaiian Islands. Probably the reason I'm still using AF2 about 75% of the time. Hopefully one day we'll be able to get at least some kind of parity between AF2/4 scenery.

    I'm in the process of setting up a new high end wi11 PC with i9 13900k/rtx4090/32Gb 5200 ram. Am I going to be able to transfer/activate my current rtx3090 rig download version of RC9 over to it? What's the best way to do this? Thanks.

    BTW, I'm upgrading my current win10 rtx3090 PC mainly for better PCVR performance with flight sims like msfs. It's a bit of an overkill for AF2/4 and RC8/9, lol!

    Good point, Tom. I missed indeed the latest update.

    Unfortunately, also with the newest driver (528.02) I still get the same CTD.


    Looking at your log file it was a very old driver. You’ll need to use DDU in safe mode to properly uninstall and your current driver. Google how to do this. Otherwise contact ikarus support including your latest log file.

    I can confirm it. I have most of the time OpenGL. Just gave it a try, got a small update and the sim doesn't start anymore.

    tm.log attached.

    Maybe try updating your nvidia driver to the latest one. I normally use DDU in safe mode to properly uninstall previous drivers.

    I've been happy to support the developers by buying FS4 and its addon. However, I'm still mainly using FS2 because thanks to DLC's and user content it has much better world coverage. Hopefully FS4 will continue to get more world coverage in the near future. Cheers and Happy 2023!

    Latest RC9 update (probably been out a little while now);


    • Error fix at ballon pop contest

    aeroflyRC9 Updates
    Note for Mac users: This update page is for Microsoft Windows only. Update for aeroflyRC9 >> Update V for aeroflyRC9 (File size: 24 MB)   List…

    I updated a few days ago and all seems fine. I wonder if RC9 is ever going to make it to Steam? Only RC8 is available on Steam. RC9 continues to be my choice in VR with both my nice new Quest Pro and good old Vive Pro. Using a Realflight Spektrum Interlink DX controller btw. Cheers.

    While I normally fly in VR I noticed the same thing a few days ago when I tried FS4 in 2D mode. It knocked my 1080p monitor back from 120Hz to 60Hz and also seemed to 1/2 my screen res. I needed to go back to my win10 display settings and change all this back. So, probably a bug.

    Ya, that’s the problem with Virtual Desktop, you need to run most sims through SteamVR because they don’t have the official Oculus sdk. I’ve actually found that Air Link works better than VD with my Q2/rtx3090 with all my flight sims. Works even better with my nice new Quest Pro.

    Large, flat, black squares are suddenly appearing in the distance while flying, they look like geometric cloud shadows but they definitely shouldn't be there. Most recently it happened in the LA area but also around some of the eastern United States environments. When looking directly at them and then looking away they have a tendency to expand before disappearing altogether.

    I'm using a quest 2 headset through steam VR beta. Anyone else having this problem. It's become more apparent today.

    Thanks in advance.

    Try running fs4 with oculus Link or air Link. Call up your steam library, select fs4, press play, and select Oculus. You should pick up a little performance and maybe improve graphics rendering.

    One crucial issue is to ensure that you set your OpenXR runtime correctly. For example if using a steam VR it needs to be set to Steam VR rather than Oculus or Meta. I had a lot of issues with this initially.

    Actually, with any Oculus/Meta headset you should select the Oculus OpenXR runtime option from the Oculus desktop app settings/general tab, and just leave it there. You only need to use SteamVR OpenXR with a non-Oculus headsets (eg. Index). In actual fact, not all that many apps use OpenXR yet anyway. Some like msfs do though.

    Thank you for the quick replies, it's really appreciated. We think the most common issues arise due to the fact that one can connect the Oculus Quest 2 in various ways, there is no single way as far as we can see.

    There are really only 2x ways to run AF FS4 with a Q2. You either use Virtual Desktop or you use the Oculus desktop app with either Link or Air Link.

    Virtual Desktop is probably the easiest for many who don't want to take the time and effort to learn how to properly setup their Q2 using the Oculus Desktop app and Oculus Debug tool (and maybe also the Oculus Tray Tool). All you need to do is startup VD from your quest home and connect to your PC (need their streamer app installed and active beforehand). You then select SteamVR (which you need to have installed already, but not active). This will take you to the SteamVR void and you can select fs4 from the library panels (don't use the Steam home house option). Everything should startup fine and you can exit by using the fs4 menu. VD also has a number of graphics options that you can play around with to finetune things. Overall, VD works very well, and again, many find it much simpler to use. The main point with VD is that it does require you to run fs4 though SteamVR and because of this, you may lose a little performance.

    For me, the best way is to use Link or Air Link because it does not require you to run fs4 through SteamVR. Both startups (Link and Air Link) are basically the same. From the Quest quick menu you select whichever one you want to use. Once you are in the Rift Home void call up the virtual desktop. Then select the Steam shortcut (not steamvr) and this will display your steam library. Select fs4, then play, then pick the oculus runtime option. This will then startup fs4 as normal. Easiest way to exit is use the fs4 menu. If you've properly setup your Q2 beforehand this will give you the best overall performance. Like VD, you can also run it through SteamVR but your performance may suffer a bit. I'd estimate I lose about 10% performance running it though SteamVR and it also does not run as smooth (= odd stutter).

    I mainly use Air Link because I have a very good recommended (by both VD and Oculus) router/wifi setup (i gig router ethernet connected to my pc and dedicated 5Ghz wifi within 3-4 m from my play area). If you don't have this than you should use a Link cable.

    Anyway, I hope that helps clarify the fs4 startup options using a Q2 (or Q1 and QPro). If anyone needs further clarification please feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to try to help. Cheers.

    Ipacs put time and effort into something new - another helicopter. Now they want to sell it to those who do not own the expansion pack. Sounds fair to me. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Maybe if the heli was sold as standalone. Making you buy the whole expansion pack to get it is ridiculous and definitely not fair imho. I just got 2x heli’s for free with the other sim’s update. Just saying….

    Was surprised that the new helicopter was not included in the default installation, is it to be expected that all new content will be paid DLCs in the future as well?

    Ya, having to pay ~aud$60 for a bunch of aircraft I don't want, just for this heli (which I probably don't need) is nothing short of a money grab imho. Since FS4 is far from a finished product I don't think any DLC's are warranted right now. Pretty disappointing imho.