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    I think that the 3D heli physics in RC8 are pretty good, but of course not perfect, lol!

    I mainly fly 3D with the RC8 Goblin 700 and when I pitch pump the collective the headspeed RPM changes under load. For simple flips/rolls there is not any RPM change. A real high performance Electric with a good speed controller/governor with a proper amount of headroom and collective travel, in good hands, does not bog down either (or not too much anyway, lol!).

    I also use Realflight 8 and maybe it's heli physics are a bit better but not significantly better imho. I have not tried Reflex XTR2 so I cannot comment if it is any better or not, but I doubt it's perfect. However, if you think it is then that's what you should be using I guess.

    I think that the main purpose of using any RC Sim for helis (and other aircraft) is to help teach muscle memory. I believe that both RC8 and RF8 are suitable to help achieve this. Of course you will always need to eventually work this out at an actual flying field with a properly setup heli.

    These User Models will only show in the User Models tab if you follow the instructions and copy each folder into your document/rc8/aircraft folder. You are copying them into your rc8 program file folder with the rest of the stock rc8 aircraft. This is not a good idea because future updates may overwrite this folder and you may lose these User Models. Also, just a good idea to keep them separate anyway.

    I think that Bleeper bases (points in flight paths that indicate waypoints) are really nav-aids so probably not something any current RC sims that I'm aware of can do. Maybe higher end flight sims like as fs2 or xp11 can do this? Maybe rc8 scenery could include physical waypoints like pylons, towers. or balloons to simulate base stations.

    Ya, I still cannot see any of elegy60 YT vids either. Maybe he needs to adjust his YT settings to make them public or something?

    Sorry but this YouTube video will not play for me. Says video is not available.

    Occassionally my heli's jump and crash during it's initial startup. One or two resets (space bar) seems to sort this out

    Only [debug_show_fps][false] did the trick. Thanks. But as soon as i switch the fps back on in the menu, the infos will show up after a restart of RC8 (as TomC described). Sorry, I do not know the developer hot-key strokes. Unfortunately all posted hot keys do not work for me (maybe delayed after a restart?).

    TomC, many thanks to your solution, but with the additional infos on the top, I couldn't see the menu and wasn't able to switch fps off. ;-)

    Jürgen, es tut mir leid, dass ich mich hier rein gedrängt habe. Ich dachte nur, das sollte zusammen mit Deinem Problem ausgemerzt werden. Ich wusste nicht, dass es so viel wird.

    Georgx, ok I figured out how to get rid of those pesky top red coloured lines (= developer info) plus the bottom couple of lines. Go to your base.mcf config file and edit the bottom 3 debug lines to false (the FPS and the 2 above this). Then when you restart all lines should be gone. The bottom ones will only show on your next startup if you forget to disable show FPS before going back to the main menu.

    I did not actually see the top red lines until I edited those bottom 3 lines to true. No sequence of keystrokes (including ones mentioned by the mods) seemed to do anything. The RF8 manual, page 14 section 10.5 says to press ctrl+f1 or ctrl+f2 but these do not seem to do anything for me either. Once I edited them all to false, all was well again. Hope this works for you mate! Cheers, Tom

    Georgx, relax mate, it's just a minor bug. Please see my workaround on my post just before you latest 2 (post #14). No big deal and I'm sure this will get sorted out soon. Cheers, Tom

    Nach der manuellen Neuinstallation und diesem 17er Update bekomme ich irgendwelche Infos unten angezeigt. Kann mir bitte jemand sagen, wie ich diese wieder ausschalte?

    I think there is a small bug in the current update. No pressing a few keys or editing the base config file will permanently fix this problem imho.

    If you have previously selected to show your FPS on your screen during your last flight and then exit RC8 when you startup again you will see those 2 lines at the bottom of the start screen. You will also see them on your screen when you start your flight. These do not effect performance. They just add unnecessary clutter to the bottom of your screen.

    The simple workaround I have found that works for me is to disable show FPS prior to going back to the main menu, then exit. When you startup again those lines will not be present in your statup screen, nor will they show up on your screen while flying. You can enable show FPS again while you are flying and those 2 lines will not show up, just your FPS, as per normal. You then just need to remember to disable show FPS before you stop your flight and before you go back to the main menu.

    For now I will just avoid showing FPS since I now have settings that work very well and it's one less thing to remember to do. I would only turn them on again if I wanted to change settings in order to see the effect of these changes.

    Otherwise, the latest public update seems to work pretty well (VR and non-VR). Since I had already got caught by the previous beta updates I knew enough to know I just needed to uninstall, reinstall, then update. Took me less than 5 minutes to do so no big deal imho. I'm still really enjoying RC8. Thanks Ikarus team!

    Edit; Sorry, I forgot to mention that this problem only happens in non-VR (flat screen). I does not appear at all in VR mode. So since +90% of my RC8 is flown VR it's not much an issue for me, lol!

    I agree. I would like a small increase in the amount of smoke (maybe ~15-20% more volume) and a lot more duration (~100% longer smoke trails). Stock engine smoke (with smoke off) seems about right . Thanks.

    I just went through the same problem and had already installed the same beta. You need to uninstall rc8 using control panel program and features. Then reinstall rc8. Then run the latest update and this should update and work fine.