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    I just tried this all out for about an hour or so, moving from different places around the world and this is all working very well, Sure there is a lot of Legoland and a lack of rooftop helipads but as a 1st start in beta this is fantastic. I have fairly good home internet (100mbps) and everything seemed to run pretty well seamless, without any stutters in VR with my Quest Pro using Air Link at about 170mbps bitrate. Thanks ever so much IPACS mates and best cheers from Australia.

    PS. I had a look at the my cache file and is was only about 300mb. So, not much strain on my 2Tb ssd, lol!

    Just got a small update for FS4 on Steam today. Doesn't seem to make any difference (plus no update notes btw) with Vulcan. I just tried night flying around LA International airport in VR with my Quest Pro and the night the visuals are still terrible (lots of artifacts). Shifted to daytime and all's well. This is with the latest nvidia 537.34 driver (same as with previous 537.13 and I always use DDU in safe mode to uninstall previous drivers beforehand. Also latest win1 updates and SteamVR latest 1.27 beta. I do kinda think that FS4 isn't getting the attention it deserves.

    Again, not a big deal for me since I still mainly use FS2 most of the time anyway, for better global coverage (esp Chicago and Hawaii with user scenery). Only things I like better with FS4 is quicker startups and landing lights in VR, lol! Also, with my PC upgrade earlier this year (i913900k/rtx4090) msfs is now looking and working pretty good in VR, lol! Aerofly FS4 is going to have to lift its game pretty soon or become redundant imho.

    BTW, their RC simulator rc8 and rc9 (I have both) are still the very best ones out there right now, esp. in VR with their 4D flying fields. I still find that these work best with OpenGL rather than Vulcan, for some reason?

    It work's fine on our side with all the variations we tested. Please try Vulkan as the main renderer and update your 3D driver, maybe that fixes the issue.

    I tried FS4 at LA International at night and there isn't any pole lighting plus there are a lot of out of focus artifacts when flying the stock r22 heli. Seems fine when I get away from the airport and fly around the city rooftop heliports.

    Tried the same with FS2 and it was all fine. This is in VR with Vulcan and i913900k/rtx4090 PC. Same with both my Quest Pro, Quest 2, and Vive Pro. Looks pretty ugly in FS4, but just around the airport.

    I have both FS2 and FS4. I probably still use FS2 more mainly because it has much better world coverage, esp. NA. It's a pity that there hasn't been more 3rd party support for FS4 DLC's like there was with FS2. I guess most of those previous FS2 developers have exclusively joined the msfs bandwagon. Too bad imho. Hopefully FS4 will get some additional coverage over time.

    oh I just got back into RC9 from RC8 and had the same issue I just posted , mmm I wonder why it cant be fixed as I dont like the 4d fields.

    This has always been a known issue with VR. It doesn't bother me since there is more than enough variety with all the rc8/9 4D fields, for me at least.

    Yeah, I am pretty bad at proper grammar and syntax even though English (USA) is my native language. I am writing as if I were speaking contemporaneously which is also why I am not much of a conversationalist either :). I gather that nobody really cares much about USA scenery one way or the other.

    Mate, I assure you that others, including myself in Australia, are very interested in getting more HD USA coverage. I'm still relying on Aerofly FS2 (stock and dlc) coverage in order to fly there. Expansion of FS4 world scenery has been pretty disappointing so far imho.

    Do you have the Steam version or a DVD version?

    There isn't a rc9 Steam version. Just rc8 still. With Steam you can install on multiple PC's but only play on one at a time.

    Pretty sure that other versions can only be activated on one PC. If you update to a new PC you'll probably need to contact ikarus support to get it activated. I even needed to do this a while ago when I updated my bios, lol!

    Ya, I'm an avid Radio Control pilot, mainly flying 3D planes and Heli's (Mode 2). I've used RC sims like RC8/9 and Realflight 9.5s for a long time using usb RC controllers. I really like the Spektrum Interlink DX USB controller. It's easy to setup and you can program up to 15 channels with it. I not only use this with all my RC sims for practise, I also with all my flight and racing sims. Takes up a lot less room on my desk than yokes/joysticks/wheels, and with usb, it's always there and ready to go.

    InterLink DX Simulator Controller with USB Plug | Spektrum

    For VR you should use the 4D flying fields.

    Never did get any help about this. I just ended up buying RC8 from the Steam store. Seems to work as well as my download version of RC9 and at least it's easy to move to different PC's when necessary.

    I would be happy to pay to fly through the Great Lakes and the St-Laurence river. From Chicago through Toronto, Montréal, Québec and the Maritimes provinces.

    Ya, me too mate. I also really miss my AF2 Chicago Meigs DLC. I also miss all my user locations like Hawaiian Islands. Probably the reason I'm still using AF2 about 75% of the time. Hopefully one day we'll be able to get at least some kind of parity between AF2/4 scenery.

    I'm in the process of setting up a new high end wi11 PC with i9 13900k/rtx4090/32Gb 5200 ram. Am I going to be able to transfer/activate my current rtx3090 rig download version of RC9 over to it? What's the best way to do this? Thanks.

    BTW, I'm upgrading my current win10 rtx3090 PC mainly for better PCVR performance with flight sims like msfs. It's a bit of an overkill for AF2/4 and RC8/9, lol!

    Good point, Tom. I missed indeed the latest update.

    Unfortunately, also with the newest driver (528.02) I still get the same CTD.


    Looking at your log file it was a very old driver. You’ll need to use DDU in safe mode to properly uninstall and your current driver. Google how to do this. Otherwise contact ikarus support including your latest log file.

    I can confirm it. I have most of the time OpenGL. Just gave it a try, got a small update and the sim doesn't start anymore.

    tm.log attached.

    Maybe try updating your nvidia driver to the latest one. I normally use DDU in safe mode to properly uninstall previous drivers.

    I've been happy to support the developers by buying FS4 and its addon. However, I'm still mainly using FS2 because thanks to DLC's and user content it has much better world coverage. Hopefully FS4 will continue to get more world coverage in the near future. Cheers and Happy 2023!

    Latest RC9 update (probably been out a little while now);


    • Error fix at ballon pop contest

    aeroflyRC9 Updates
    Note for Mac users: This update page is for Microsoft Windows only. Update for aeroflyRC9 >> Update V for aeroflyRC9 (File size: 24 MB)   List…

    I updated a few days ago and all seems fine. I wonder if RC9 is ever going to make it to Steam? Only RC8 is available on Steam. RC9 continues to be my choice in VR with both my nice new Quest Pro and good old Vive Pro. Using a Realflight Spektrum Interlink DX controller btw. Cheers.

    While I normally fly in VR I noticed the same thing a few days ago when I tried FS4 in 2D mode. It knocked my 1080p monitor back from 120Hz to 60Hz and also seemed to 1/2 my screen res. I needed to go back to my win10 display settings and change all this back. So, probably a bug.