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    There are quite a few settings within the main menu and each model that you can modify to suit your tastes. Refer to the manual for more info and/or do a bit of experimenting yourself. All part of the fun imho.

    Ya, tried it in SteamVR with my Vive Pro and it worked fine in Vulcan. Tried it again with my Oculus Rift cv1 and it crashed again. I'll try to attach my log file to see if RC8 engineers can figure out what's stopping it from loading in Vulcan. It's not an Oculus update thing because I was using the same version earlier with the previous update and it worked fine.


    Updated to today. Non-VR worked fine but when I tried to startup in VR (Oculus Rift) the program crashes. Tried a number of times and it crashed every time. I finally looked at the graphics settings and changed Vulcan (which I know is beta but it has been working fine) back to openGL and it started up and worked fine in VR. Too bad because I thought the graphics in Vulcan looked a little sharper and my FPS were a bit higher. I am using fairly up to date nvidia 442.19, and a fairly strong PC (i9 9900k, gtx1080ti, 32GB 3000ram). X Plane just released 11.50b3 with Vulcan and this works great on my PC.

    I us it with my oculus rift s and its fine. iv got 16 gig ram ddr4 ryzen 3 and 4gig gtx 1050 ti and it runs sweat .:)

    So you are able to maintain at least 80fps with your Rift S (which has a 80hz refresh rate) using 4D flying fields? Sorry but I kinda doubt it's all that sweet, lol! But, heh, as long as you are happy that's great imho.

    Windiger Willi Photo sceneries do not work properly with VR. Your VR plane ends up ~1.5 m above the runway and you are not able to change views. You need to use 4D field for VR. Buy as good of a gpu card that you can afford. I suggest a gtx1070 or better.

    I'm now running RC8 on a new desktop gaming PC w/ i9 9900k water cooled, gtx1080ti, 32Gb 3000 ram, 1Tb ssd, 4 Tb hdd and with my Oculus Rift cv1 I still need to drop a few settings (esp. shadows) in order to maintain 90fps (my VR headset refresh rate and what you need to avoid motion sickness and stuttering/image ghosting). Works great and I really luv this RC sim.

    I’ve run rc8 in VR with an oculus rift on my Alienware 17r4 laptop w/i7 7700hq, gtx1060 6Gb, 32Gb ram. It ran ok on low graphics settings but not brilliant. The rated performance of your gtx1050ti is only about 50% of a gtx1060 6Gb gpu so I doubt it will be enough to run rc8 in VR imho. The rc8 4d fields used in VR require a pretty good gaming PC. It would run rc8 fine in non-VR mode though.

    I just got the new update Seems to work great. Nice to see the Vulkan (beta) on the main menu. Works well for me in both VR and non-VR. Nice that only one shortcut can be used for both now.

    Also very nice to be able to see rear tail rotor blades on my heli's. Many thanks RC8 engineers!

    My Spektrum Interlink DX controller works fine with RC8. It is recognized with Win10 device and printers fine. I think I right clicked on it and ran the calibration. When I went into rc8 controllers I was able to select it, then set it up in advanced settings fine.

    Maybe re-check your SteamVR SS settings. I believe that you need to crank SS down to 79% for native res/eye with a Reverb. With my Cosmos I need to crank it down to ~50% for native. Cranking down SS certainly improves performance but makes it too blurry for me.

    Once the early Cosmos issues like tracking and controller compatibility issues are fixed (hopefully soon) I think that there is going to be a lot of early Cosmos haters eating a lot of crow. I'm already seeing a lot of improvement in xp11 and Aerofly RC8 (and racing sims) with my Cosmos compared to my good old Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors, even with a lot of SS.

    I don't have Aerofly FS2 so I cannot say for sure but I suspect it will work very well once the controller compatibility issues are resolved. I was lucky and found a xp11 developer who helped me get the right joystick settings for my Cosmos controllers and they work fine.

    The Cosmos has lots of potential upgrades like wireless and eye tracking. Both of which should be available soon.

    The best thing for VR right now is that there is beginning to be lots of good headset options, like the Cosmos, Rift S, V2 Reverb and Index. I suggest you pick your poison and enjoy it without knocking down other headsets and VR systems. All that does is poison the VR Well imho.

    Thanks guys, and if your English poetry is any good you will see I actually made a bit of a poem out of that.

    Vive Cosmos works great,

    With RC8!

    When we were kids we would say;

    You're a poet,

    You may not know it,

    But your feet smell like Longfellows, lol!

    Edit; BTW I'm still using RC8 in Vulcan mode and it continues to work great with Nvidia 436.48 driver (= updated driver for Cosmos).

    I just got my new Vive Cosmos VR headset yesterday. All works great for me with RC8 (and RF9 btw). Nicer colours and better resolution than my good old Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors. Best of all, with the same settings I am still able to maintain 90fps, so no stuttering or double images.

    I've pre-ordered a Cosmos and should get it sometime next week. I'm looking forward to seeing if the higher resolution compared to my Oculus Rift CV1 makes much difference with rc8. I'll let you all know.

    Well I preordered the Cosmos. I am hoping it is a decent upgrade to my good old Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors. I also considered the Index, Reverb, and Oculus Rift S.

    The Index is still is not available in Australia.'

    The Reverb is still WMR and there is now way I'm going back to that!

    The Rift S has much poorer audio, no flip up screen, and there still seems to be a few unresolved teething problems like Grip/trigger lag.

    I'm also looking forward to trying out Vive's new Virtual Reality System.

    RC8 is a great RC simulator, esp. in 4d flying fields (and in VR). Night sky's look great but there are not any aircraft that have any night lights, like other RC sims have. Too bad since this would make this RC sim 100% perfect for me. Any chance of adding this? Thanks.