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    Bellah1w I went from a gtx1080ti to a rtx3090 and I think it has been a significant improvement on everything. Especially with my wireless Quest 2 because the rtx2000/3000 havew much faster encoders. Your rtx2080ti is still a very good gpu imho. If you have money to burn go for a 3080ti or 3090. Either that, or wait for the nvidia 4000 series (2023-2024?). Personally, I'm hoping my 3090 tides me over until the 5000 series. I like to try to buy the best of any series then skip the next one.

    VR works best in 4D sceneries and we even thought about limiting VR to these 3D rendered scenes only but decided not to.

    In panoramic sceneries both eyes see the same background image and if you see the rc model in front of that background your head assumes it is as far away as the shadow it casts on the background. This visual illusion is tricking you into thinking that it's floating above the runway.

    We could disable 3D all together in panoramic scenes but that defies the purpose of having VR in my opinion. It works great as long as you fly above you or if you can ignore the shadow or relation to the ground.

    Ya, this is a pretty well known issue. It does not effect my VR enjoyment since the 4D flying fields are already very good. Maybe there should be a note somewhere that suggests that you will get the best results in VR using the 4D flying fields. I love RC8 in VR!

    Hi Tom. I find in VR that if I open both eyes with an aircraft up to 50 feet away it looks to be out of perspective and hovering above the ground but with just the left or right eye open in VR it looks ok. Is there a setting to correct this?

    Honestly, I do not see this issue with any aircraft in VR. If I hover a heli close in or far away it looks perfectly fine to me. This is with my Vive Pro, Quest 1, and Quest 2 VR headsets (all currently using the default OpenGL rendering). The only things I can suggest you do is adjust your headset's IPD and play around with your faceplate head placement. This should help keep the headset's sweet spot even between both eyes which should help. I don't know if any of the in-game graphics setting would cause this issue but you may want to contact RC8 support and ask them. I hope this helps. Good luck and cheers mate.

    Edit; Also make sure that in VR you are using 4D flying fields. Using other fields will make aircraft float above ground surfaces close in. This is probably the cause of your problem. Cheers.

    I have the direct download version and I think it’s great, especially in VR. Looks to me like the Steam basic plus dlc1 would give me the all I need and would cost a little less. Plus I could then also use it on other pc’s without needing another license.

    Don’t believe every review you read on anything imho. With Steam you can find out for yourself and get a refund if you’re not happy with it (less than 2 hours use and less than 14 days since purchasing it).

    Ya, I often find this happens in VR with both my Vive Pro and Quest 2. If I wait long enough it sometimes (30-50% of the time) comes back about 10,000ft high. But generally I have to use task manager to kill it and start again. At least it's a good incentive not to crash, lol!

    I don’t see this problem with either monitor or pcvr with my Vive Pro, OpenGL or Vulkan. Latest win10 updates and nvidia 417.11. With rtx3090, stock clocks.

    One difference is that you have a Steam version and I have the direct download version. This should not make any difference but who knows?

    Personally I don’t find this position locator option useful. Why do you find this important? Just curious, nothing else.

    Hopefully rc8 support can help you. Good luck mate.

    Sorry but I think that the Alienware Graphics Amplifier (AGA) is a pretty poor choice for good PCVR. Been there and done that with my old Alienware 17r4 and gtx1080ti in an AGA. Originally with a Dell WMR headset btw. I ended up replacing this with an Oculus Rift cv1 and Vive Pro. I'll never go back to WMR ever again, lol!

    First thing you need to do is make sure to use an external monitor and use win10 display settings to only display to it (not your laptop screen). Your best bet in the long term is to do what I did and build/buy a better desktop gaming PC (in my case, i9 9900k water cooled, 32Gb 3000 ram). I did this 2 years ago and moved my 1080ti into it and got about 2x the performance in PCVR than I did with it in my AGA in my 17r4 (i7 7700hq, gtx1060 6Gb, 32Gb ram). I've now replaced it with a rtx3090 and of course am currently getting even better PCVR results with both my Vive Pro and Quest 2.

    In any case, I kinda find it hard to believe that msfs2020 works very well in VR with a gtx1070. It does not even work very well with my rtx3090, lol! After a month of trying the Steam version of msfs in VR (Vive Pro and Quest 2) I have uninstalled it for now. Way too many large updates that do not seem to help much and a very poor user interface imho. I'll probably give it another go in the future when it matures and includes stock heli's.

    Sorry but like I already said, I have not actually tried it. You are probably best to go to the forum link I provided and ask there. Maybe also try asking at the ReShade website. I would have thought that simply uninstalling Reshade would be all that is required. Maybe you can try a win10 Restore to a point prior to when you installed Reshade? Good luck mate.

    For good VR I'd recommend staying away from AMD for now. I'd look at the latest 10 or 11 gen intel i7 or i9 cpu water cooled, on a Z490 or Z590 motherboard. so you can apply a little cpu overclock and keep your temps down.

    Also, your G2 is a high res VR headset and I think you should look at a rtx3070, 3070ti, or 3080 gpu if you can afford it. Also, make sure you get a psu with enough grunt. Probably something like a corsair 750-850w gold. Also, stay away from small PC cases. A full size case will allow for much better cooling.

    If you are going to get a new PCVR setup you want to be able to get at least a few years use before you need to upgrade it.

    Maybe make sure your rc8 graphics settings are set to OpenGL. I find Vulkan a bit hit and miss right now with my Oculus headsets. Also, make sure your graphics settings are not too high. Esp. shadows (low for me) and water (med for me). Sorry, all I can suggest. If you cannot sort this out you are probably best to contact Support and ask them for help. They have always responded very well to all my queries. Good luck mate.

    thanks for information, I will test it, at the moment we have nice weather and so I fly real 🤗

    does 120 Hz also have an effect on Rc8? I thought the program must be developed, supported, again for 120 Hz?

    I don't seem to have any problems maintaining 120fps with RC8 OpenGL. I've even got 1.5x in-game rendering (super sampling). I cannot say if it makes a lot of difference from 90Hz though. Maybe just a little smoother.

    I have not measured Aerofly FS2 framerates yet, nor have I seen any reason to do so because it's soooo smooth. Even low level heli flying around Wakai Hawaii! Edit, found limiting framerates to 60fps using OTT (45fps fixed, which translates to 60fps fixed ar 120Hz) worked even smoother.

    Please keep in mind that I do have a fairly beefy gaming PC (i9 9900k 5Ghz oc water cooled, RTX3090 no oc, 32gb 3000 ram, 1Tb ssd). Also, nice and smooth with X Plane 11.53 Vulkan as well (40fps low level heli flying in NYC).

    No ASW (like motion smoothing) with either because I find it gives me too many artifacts like wavy building windows. Plus, I don't seem to need it anyway.

    Overall, I'm amazed what a $299 Q2 headset can deliver with Air Link amd 120Hz refresh rate.

    I may try it with MSFS2020 sometime in the future when it gets out of beta and includes stock heli's (2022?). I did buy it on Steam a couple of months ago but after a couple of weeks of playing around with it (including VR with my Vive Pro) I gave up and uninstalled it. Way too buggy and VR is really not very well optimised right now, nor does it seem to be a very high priority imho.

    The latest Oculus app v29 now seems to work fine with my Quest 2 with the Oculus version of Aerofly FS2. Steam version that gives you the VR options for SteamVR and Oculus. Using Vulkan rendering and wireless with Air Link. Thanks to my rtx3090 the 120Hz refresh rate looks and works great. Unfortunately RC8 (RC sim) still is a bit buggy with Vulkan (occasional blackouts) but continues to work perfectly with OpenGL.

    Can you more explain how to use RC8 with Vulcan and SteamVR, can't find this at Google.🤷 Is this a parameter from the RC8 exe?

    If this is too hard to find, just continue to use OpenGL. Really not much difference between it and Vulkan with RC8 anyway imho.

    Hi Hermann,

    I have not tested with Vulkan, I knew there are issues with it.

    the two simulators are equal in VR.

    A preference for RF with photo realistic landscapes

    You can run RC8 in Vulkan if you use SteamVR mode. Very easy to do, google is your friend. RF9.5 looks like a washed out pile of something with any Oculus headsets imho.

    With both RC sims you need to use 3D fields for VR (or 4D in RC8 speak, lol!). Maybe better to post things after at least a few more days use/experience.