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    I think we need to remember that this is only the initial release of RC8 so there are probably always going to be a few bugs. For now I think it's best to report these and try to work around them for now. I'm pretty sure they will release an update in the near future. While I have noticed (and reported) a few bugs this has not made VR (which is all I use RC8 in) any less enjoyable.

    With rc8 I only get the 2x settings options; 1920x1080 and Windowed. If I have selected 1929x1080 in non-VR mode this setting sticks when I restart it later. However when I startup in VR mode (w/oculus rift) it always starts up in windowed mode and I then need to go back to the main menu and re-select 1920x1080 in order to get a fullscreen mirrored view on my monitor and also be able to see full menus in VR. No real big deal for me. Overall I am really enjoying rc8 in VR.

    Yes, with 4d fields VR has very good depth projection imho. Even flying around these fields from the cockpit views looks as good as most top end flight sims like AFS2 or XP11. Because it is so immersive when you are doing this sightseeing you have to be careful or you may get airsick, lol!

    I really like RC8 so far, esp. in VR with my Oculus Rift. I think that changing the time of day looks very nice but when it gets too dark you cannot see your aircraft. I do not see any options to add night lighting to any aircraft but maybe I'm missing something. With Realflight 8 night lighting automatically appears with many aircraft (planes and heli's) after sundown or before sunrise. It would be nice if this also happened with RC8. Thanks.

    Like most good VR games/apps out there right now RC8 provides very good total immersion. You really feel like you are at the flying field imho. Current VR headset's screen resolution is not as good as 2D flat screens but it is still pretty good and this will probably improve with the next generation of VR headsets (~2021-2022?).

    I bought the download version of RC 8 today. Pretty expensive (~$aud340) but so far seems worth it. I mainly bought it for VR with my Oculus Rift. So far it seems to work very well. I found that VR really requires you to use a 4D flying field though. Using other than 4D fields makes your aircraft start off ~2.5m above the runway, lol! The VR graphics/performance seems very good. I have both Realflight 8 and Realflight rfx and I would say so far RC 8 looks like it may be a real winner. I also have X-Plane 11.30 and VR with it. Still pretty early days so when I get a few more flights under my belt and finetune a few more settings I'll comment further.

    Mr. Bean, In VR in the standard view at a 4D field it really looks like you are at the field. In the 4D fields you can also change your views so you are either following the aircraft or actually in the cockpit. Pretty cool so far imho.