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    Glad to see the landing lights are fixed now. I mainly just use my flight sticks and pc mouse but the touch controllers seems to work well (mainly centre view and menu selections) with my Q2

    The starting menus are still a bit shaky with my Q2 (in either Oculus or SteamVR startup modes). Performance seems marginally better but maybe just placebo. I still need to go to 45fps Fixed for decent performance. Overall, a good beta update mate, thanks.

    Edit; Seems to want to do another small beta update (15.08MB) but gets hung up at 14.07MB (93%) and will not go any further. Tried clearing cache and restarting but this has not made any difference. Could be a Steam server issue? I'll try again tomorrow.

    Edit#2; OK, finally downloaded so must have been a Steam server problem. No on beta Seems ok, maybe a bit lower performance and the landing lights are a little too bright imho. Even with 45fps fixed (actually 40fps with my Q2 at 80Hz refresh rate) I needed to lower everything to high except shadows and trees both at Low. Light poles are a bit jagged and shimmering. I can get rid of this by using Vulcan high AA but this then tanks performance and seems to create a lot of unwanted artifacts.

    You shouldnt, unless they're graphically heavy, you might have issue. I don,t have any 3rd party stuff. FS4 has enough eye candy to satisfy my flying needs. I have user content for FS2 and no issues. I have FS4 set in 4k and its good, I tried 1440p and 1080p and things got ugly real quick.

    Mate, how do things get ugly with 1080p if you are then allowed to increase graphics quality settings by using lower res displays? Sorry but most of your posts are real head scratchers, lol!

    @TomC RLG: As Jan already said, FS 4 is not really CPU limited, even if using a fast graphic card. The reason for a better FS 2 performance is simply that FS 4 is doing a lot more stuff compared to FS 2. It has nothing to do with optimizations and it has nothing to do with the utilization of the CPU cores and the temperatures. Those values are misleading.

    OK, I'll just leave that alone for now. Main thing imho is that FS4 has tanked VR performance over the last couple of updates (3.9/5.1) and the landing lights now do not work properly. Why this can't be fixed asap is beyond me. This is not the end of the world since I do have other flight sims to fall back to, including FS2.

    I am pretty disappointed that FS4 development did not include being able to bring over FS2 dlc's and user scenery. While it's nice that street lights are now included, I would have expected a bit more animation, and better water. Also missing a lot of areas in the US like Chicago. I'm really not sure where FS4 is heading now but I guess we'll all find out in due course. Thanks and cheers.

    Yes that would be the physics and graphics thread most likely. Still doesn't mean that an i9 would be a bottleneck in the rendering pipeline. There is a lot more happening which you can't observe by just looking at CPU usage.

    Ok, checked out my core temp app with both FS2 and FS4. I found that FS2 did spread core %'s around more cpu cores (4-6 cores, of my 8 core cpu, hyperthreading disabled), FS4 seems mainly uses 2-3 cores, So the difference in performance that I'm seeing with FS4 is maybe because FS4 has not been as well multi thread optimised yet. I can accept that if this is the case and I better understand why my FS2 VR performance is much better.

    I have never chased 90 fps in any flight sim in VR. I've always used forced 45 with tray tool and the visuals are stunning! I have used that setting in FS2, especially with the Hawaii mod, in xplane and msfs. No complaints! Even with 30fps you can get by in VR. I tried LA in the chopper and it ran solid. Everything looks fantastic. That's just my experience though. Good luck!

    The beauty of FS2 is that most decent PCVR systems (say gtx1080 or better) can easily maintain 90FPS. No other flight sim can do this and the experience of a smooth 90fps is fantastic. If you haven't experienced this you don't know what you're missing imho.

    With FS4 in complex areas with a heli this is no longer achievable even with a rtx3090 unless you drop all graphics down to low, which then looks terrible. While thing look pretty good at 45fps fixed, you get a lot of building blur during fast turns (esp. with yaw). As long as that doesn't bother you that's great mate.

    Well of course everything is in relation to what hardware you are using, but this was just my own observation for the settings and hw I am using (of course the VR resolution etc. will impact the performance significantly) I do use Oculus Rift cv1 still, with the gtx1080/i7-6700k, and it still provides very good performance in Aerofly FS4 (not using FS2 anymore at all). Will probably upgrade PC and headset at some point, but have been waiting for the rtx4000 series.

    I did flying around the LA heliports and several different regions in Europe.

    I've retired my Rift cv1 over a year ago and don't miss the SDE, lol! I still have a very hard time believing that you can maintain 90fps with Ultra settings using your setup. The only way I can achieve Ultra with FS4 is if I use 45 Fixed (no asw) with my Quest or use SteamVR famerate throttling to 45fps with my OG Vive Pro. This works ok but with a heli you get a lot of motion blur in fast turns. With FS2 I was able to get smooth 90fps performance with mainly Ultra settings.

    Anyway, as long as you're happy with your results that's great mate. Personally, because I have quite a few FS2 DLC's and user content from Flight-Sim dot org, I'll probably continue to mainly use FS2 and monitor FS4 development. Cheers.

    Well actually I have been using it with ASW off (mainly due to performance in other sims) 😀 Using latest Aerofly FS4 beta.

    Sorry but I have a hard time believing this mate.

    Well, try FS4 LA Heliports in ultra settings. Compare that with FS2 (at ultra settings) and I think you'll see a big difference, lol!

    You don't say what your PC specs are but in my case (see my signature) I'm using a i9 9900k/rtx3090. You also do not say what Oculus Rift headset (cv1 or S) you're using. I run a dual setup with a Vive Pro and Quest 2 (Air Link).

    The quality settings ultra in FS 2 are now about medium or even low in FS 4. We've shifted the quality settings to make better use of the newer graphics card. So don't be fooled by this please. Medium is the old Ultra if you will. Doesn't mean it is performing badly just that you selected to high of a quality setting.

    Only way I can get decent, smooth VR performance at LA Heliports is to set ALL graphic quality to Low. This is almost as smooth as FS2 with mainly Ultra settings (except shadows and trees = low). FS4 Landing light is still broken. Too bad since this the best feature improvement that FS4 has over FS2 right now, for me anyway.

    Good to know that Beta and non-beta versions are currently the same. I wish I knew this before spending +3 hours yesterday re-installing FS4, lol! I'll stick with non-beta for now and hope you put out fixes soon. Thanks.

    @TomC RLG: Please try flying somewhere else than LA area and report back. The LA area is extremly heavy on the GPU, there are just houses over houses. If you fly for example in EDDF or KSFO performance should be much better. Please also report your quality settings, including VR settings. Even with a 3090 it might be necessary to adjust some settings when using VR.

    Also keep in mind that normal release channel and beta are currently the same.

    Pretty pointless for me since I love to fly your r22 where there are heliports. As I already posted earlier, my current FS4 quality settings are all medium except shadows and trees = low and buildings = high. My SteamVR settings remain at visuals manually set at 100% and advanced super sample filtering disabled. Also, no motion smoothing or asw enabled.

    The main point I want to make is that FS2 allows me to max all in-game settings to Ultra and still performs, and looks better than FS4 currently does (except for night VR lighting). Also, have you at least found a reason why I cannot roll back to the non-beta version Thanks and cheers.

    After the latest patch VR runs stutter free on my system again. Thank you for the repair! With i9-9900K, RTX2080ti and Reverb G2 stable 90 Hz are achievable with Vulcan, cirrus clouds and everything set to max at render scale 1.0. Cumulus clouds or higher render scales do cause some stutter when looking sideways. „The other sim“ can not achieve that, even with DLSS.

    Sorry mate but I have a hard time believing this. Esp. since I have a much better rtx3090 gpu and am testing it with my OG Vive Pro SteamVR headset using 100% steam visuals, so probably a bit less res than your G2. Maybe depends where you fly? Try a heli at the LA Heliports. BTW, if you are using a cheat like motion smoothing then that hardly counts, lol!

    OK, after uninstalling FS4, then +3 hours downloading/installing the non-beta (which should be 4.00,03,05, main menu About)) I've ended up with the beta version Again, I'm def off the Properties/ beta (= none). No big surprise, but it works exactly the same as the last beta, including all its bugs.

    I'm not sure what the problem is? Either there is a problem with Steam software delivery (which I've never seen before) or the developer is not linking to the correct version. Who, knows? All I can say is that I'm not a very happy chappy right now, lol!

    The download should be quite small, as far as I know the only difference from release to beta are small changes to the executable.

    When I opted out of beta absolutely nothing happened. I checked and no files were added/modified. Not sure but maybe a problems with steam. So I just uninstalled FS4 and I'm now reinstalling everything. Only about another hour to go, lol!