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    TomSimMuc Thanks mate. Nice way to show current coverage, Hopefully the pretty big gaps in N. America slowly get filled. A few rooftop helipads in NYC like there are with LA Heliports would be nice as well. Thanks again mate and cheers.

    OK, just got another beta update today I used my OG Vive Pro since it is a bit more efficient with SteamVR than my Q2. Performance still sucks and the r22 heli landing light does not work properly (get a triangle of light under the front of the heli). I think I'll opt out of the beta for now even though I'm probably looking at a lot of downloading, lol! Bit disappointing to be honest. Thankfully FS2 still works very well. Cheers.

    I can report with a 3080 I can fly stutter free in VR with Quest 2 with everything set to ultra and VR graphics settings at 1.25 in cities and 1.50 in the country. But the catch is I cannot do this without using Oculus Tray Tool application set at forced 45. I’m not bragging about my set up by no means, but if anyone is having trouble with stutters and using a Quest 2 with a beefy card, try using the tray tool. It works wonders.

    Ya, of course you can 1/2 your headset frame rate for improved performance. Try flying a heli around LA Heliports and you’ll notice lag and building blur. As long as you’re happy with this result that’s great though. Cheers

    @Humpi: That will be fixed with a new update tomorrow as well.

    Ok, hopefully fixes will help. Also have found that the r22 landing light sometimes fails to project properly. I often end up with a useless triangle of light just below the heli. I'm pretty close to opting out of Beta and just go back to the current final release. At least that was a lot more stable and a bit better performance as well (still not anywhere near FS2 VR performance/smoothness though).

    I’m also using Vulcan with low AA settings. FS4 settings all medium except shadows and trees both Low and building high. I may try OpenGL but previously that performed worse.

    Also tried my Vive Pro1 and also got poor results. FS4 has always been more resource hungry than FS2 but after today’s beta update FS4 is now much worse. Low flying helicopters in cities really shows this problem.

    PCVR performance in FS4 is now much lower with my Q2/rtx3090 than FS2. I run FS2 at just about everything Ultra and FS4 at everything medium. Running at 80Hz refresh with latest nvidia driver 517.48. This is flying the r22 at the LA Heliports. FS2 is smooth-as, FS4 - lots of stutters. Maybe that landing light that now shows up in VR with FS4 eats up a lot of resources, lol!

    For goodness sake just get a larger hhd drive. A 4Gb sata only costs about $100. And ya, as others have already mentioned a few times on this thread the download is about 217Gb.

    Well its 12:10am EST and I started the download at 8pm my time and I'm only at 107.8 gigs and still counting. Its telling me 3.03hrs to finish. OMG STEAM is so slow and at some points it was all over the map the network. No consistency in the download stream. Grrr :rolleyes: Unfortunately I had to uninstall FS2 to make room on my 1 TB drive, and lost all the extra user content I downloaded and installed from All the DLC's I bought for FS2 are in my STEAM library thank god for that, and I can have them back if I ever want to re-install FS2 someday. I guess little consolation to have the latest and greatest FS4 right....? Something had to give. *sigh* ;)

    I've moved both fs2 and fs4 from my 1tb ssd drive to my 4Gb hhd without any problems. Both versions still load up pretty fast. I never lost any of my fs2 user data from flight-sim dot org. It all just just remained in my Document folder and works fine.

    Yes, most aerial images are getting replaced with new higher resolution images also using a more efficient compression.

    Total size for me before the update was 218GB, with update 217GBs. So more detail now fits into the same storage space as before which is great!

    Glad I was on the beta already so the update was only ~41Gb. The new version is so I guess both versions are the same for now.

    All seems to be working fine so far with my Q2/rtx3090 using Air Link. That new Airport Courchevel with the steep sloped runway is crazy fun. Only problem is that while it shows a helipad on the location map, you just end up on a bit of low res dirt. Also, no lighting is available. Not that you would want to fly in at night anyway I guess, lol!

    In any case, nice to see a FS4 update and I look forward to see more updates/improvements in the near future. Thanks.

    I am enrolled in Beta, but I did not see a big update. .17 was rather small

    Maybe you were already enrolled in beta so it was just an incremental update and/or maybe you don't have all the scenery addons? I only enrolled after hearing it was available, plus I have all the fs4 scenery addons. Cheers.

    Update. I’ve moved the to sensitivity to full low in Aerofly FS4 but still find it way more difficult to precisely control the R-22 vs in Aerofly FS2 so I find myself primarily going back to FS2 now when I want to fly the helo. I’m a real world helicopter pilot so I do understand how touchy they should be. I’m just not understanding why they seem different if the flight model didn’t change between the two versions. I like the AI traffic additions in FS4 though for practicing formation along with the scenery upgrades.

    I think the R-22 feels the same with FS2 at mid sensitivity as FS4 at low sensitivity (in PCVR with my OG Vive Pro). Also, even with my rtx3090 I found I needed to reduce most Ultra settings I had with FS2 down a notch with FS4. The only ultra settings I kept was building density. Not sure why your R-22 is so twitchy. Maybe a control stick trim can fix this? Could also be that one of your control stick pots is worn out. Maybe go to your win10 device/printers and select your control stick, and try to recalibrate it. Then see if your controls seem to centre properly. Then try a recalibration with FS4.

    Like FS2 there are circular bands around the moon at night. This is with a Vive Pro with a pretty strong PC (i9 9900k 5Ghz OC water cooled, rtx3090, 32Gb 3000 ram. Using Vulkan and win10 with latest updates. Also, latest nvidia 516.59 driver.

    If you are using a Quest 2 with Link or Air Link you are best to stick with nvidia 2000/3000 series gpu’s because they have much faster encoders. Also, nvidia drivers seem a bit more stable with PCVR.

    For decent PCVR I recommend a 3070 or better, preferably a 3080 or 3090 (what i use). Avoid the 3090ti for now because there are still comparability issues with HP and oculus headsets.

    It is resource hungry (I have a gen 12 intel with 32 gig of ram, all ssd storage and a 3060 graphics card) and it struggles in VR on a Quest 2. Screen tearing and micro stutters etc, even turning down in game settings.

    I would love some feedback on the various point above.

    Many thanks :)

    FS4 isn't more resource hungry than FS2 imho. It's graphics have been improved a bit so you need to drop the in-game graphics down a notch or two from your FS2 settings. Maybe you just need to play around with FS4 settings a bit more, or just get a Steam refund if you are not happy with it (2 hour/14 day refund window).

    Your 3060 (hopefully not a laptop and/or Win11) is not exactly a powerhouse gpu for PCVR so don't expect miracles with any sim using a Quest 2. Especially since the Q2 uses about 10% of your gpu resources to handle data compression with both Link and Air Link. A 3080, or better gpu would be a much better choice for PCVR with a Q2. I have a Q2/rtx3090 and this works fantastic with both Link and Air Link. With the recommended Q2 router/wifi setup it's a joy to use wireless. Sorry for the tough luv mate, cheers.

    Yes, I wanted to comment on that, the problem is already in Virtual Reality, I had to lower the graphic quality to be able to use it!!

    How do you feel the VR on your SSD?? feel better??

    Forgot to mention it but even with a rtx3090 I needed to drop a few graphics settings down from ultra to high in order to maintain performance. Building density still on ultra though. Overall the visuals still look as good to me as they did with FS2.

    Yes, I wanted to comment on that, the problem is already in Virtual Reality, I had to lower the graphic quality to be able to use it!!

    How do you feel the VR on your SSD?? feel better??

    So far, having FS4 on my HDD feels the same as FS4 on my SSD in VR. These are the specs for my HDD;

    Seagate ST4000DM004 4TB SATA Hard Drive

    • Capacity: 4TB.
    • Speed: 5,400RPM.
    • Interface Types: SATA.
    • Form Factor: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive.
    • Sector Size: 512 / 512e.
    • Sustained Throughput: 190.
    • Electrical Interface: SATA 600 - 6.0Gbps.
    • On-Board Cache: 256MB.