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    Anyway, when you decide to replace the card, do not forget that Aeroflys "Insane" shadow mode was recommended only for cards with 8gb of memory or more. Aerofly will automatically display lower settings on cards with less memory in GL mode. But for Vulkan this seems different - I run "insane" mode on my 2 GTX970 (I have no idea does Aerofly support SLI or not yet).

    A GTX 1070 will work with this setting, but it's intended for 1080 and above graphics cards.

    Excellent thank you

    UPDATE: Hi all, just an update for anyone with an ATI video card.

    I just downloaded the very latest driver for my card and my humble ATI 7850 2GB is now able to run vulkan. I have to have my settings on high rather than ultra, but I'm still very happy with the performance. This buys me a bit more time to save up for a better graphics card.


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    I normally wouldn't respond to questions like this because they are subjective but to answer you, it really depends on whether you are planning on using VR or not. Even though Aerofly runs great on many different GPU's, even older ones, but if you want the best experience in VR then you should look at the NVidia GeForce 1080Ti. Otherwise, if you are just planning on running in 2D (not 4K) then even a GeForce 980 will aloow for you to run Aerofly with maxed settings.

    Thanks Jeff, much appreciated. I think the GeForce 980 will suite my purposes.


    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to Aerofly FS2 and absolutely love it. I have almost all the available downloads at present, It runs beautifully on my system with all settings on high.

    My current specs are Win 7 64, i7 3770K @4.2Ghz; GA-Z77X-D3H; 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz; ATI 7850 2GB;

    I cannot run in Vulkan as I get terrible artifacts etc. I suspect that my 2GB ATI video card is whats letting me down, Can someone confirm? and I'd be greatful for suggestion for a new video card. Also Is nvidea better than ATI for flight simming?