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    Thanks Chris!

    I see at least the 5m and larger terrain data is under Creative Commons license which should allow for public distribution.

    If only Australians had access to some kind of high speed national broadband network, they may be able to share such data around ;)

    Is this tool a help for terrain highmaps`?

    Example here Madeira Funchal Airport...

    click at screen to Base line etc.



    As a community it looks like we still need two things to move forward.

    The end goal is to share high quality scenery at low cost.

    1) Access to free/low cost file sharing, capable of sharing files in the tens of gigabytes.

    This is to share hand made, USGS and possibly Bing images, edited or raw, all legally sharable.

    2) Crowd funded purchase of aerial imagery from various vendors.

    There are many vendors supplying regions with different quality and different dated imagery.

    There are other alternatives to (2) for some regions. For example, some local governments may be willing to supply or sponsor imagery for publicity and cultural reasons.

    I too would like a single key press to return to cockpit.

    I only cycle by accident.

    Also want to reset rotation and zoom on every camera including cockpit.

    And one more :) Single key, while held, to reverse view from any camera, cockpit or outside, just look the other way. What's the alternative? rotate camera 180, then back! Way too slow to check your six.

    I sometimes wonder if non VR play takes a back seat.

    All this is common to the other unnamed sims that came before, but we like this one.

    Thanks for replying Jet-Pack.

    I might try the hyperscroll thing, my logitech mouse does have it.

    I hope you guys don't get too concerned about trying to implement realism in the acceleration behavior of specific real world aircraft knobs. I'm already flying an aircraft with mouse and keyboard!

    Just holding Shift or some modifier for 10x speed increase would be great.

    Any solution is better than sometimes having to turn 4 knobs 180 degrees by scrolling 180 clicks!

    Is there any way to turn cockpit knobs faster with the mouse or scroll wheel?

    I tried holding Ctrl, Alt, Shift, but none have any affect.

    I realize some knobs have two parts which have different rates, those are fine.

    Scrolling the mouse wheel to turn some of those heading and speed knobs takes a long time, and can be hard on the hand muscles, particularly if you have pain.

    Very good Tom, I will pay attention to that last number.

    I see my last flight ended on TRK 215 deg. I guessed 210, which is probably why I ended up beside the runway instead of on it :O

    Thanks for that explanation. It makes sense I should set the CDI. I noticed some runways have the same ILS frequency but different orientations.

    I don't see the runway headings anywhere on the navigation or location screens. I suppose I need to use 3rd party charts or approximate with eyeball and map.

    I assumed the navigation screen caused radio frequencies to be set since the the course appears on the GPS on most craft, and A320 is fully programmed.

    I also thought the auto pilot approach mode could effectively land the plane.

    So I'm a noob, playing with ILS on the Beechcraft Baron 58.

    I've already followed the excellent tutorial in the wiki.

    What is the minimum interaction required to get the ILS working for a runway?

    I thought it was just:

    1) Take note of the ILS frequency in the Navigation screen.

    2) Dial in the frequency on Nav 1 in the cockpit and shift it to active from standby.

    3) Fly near the runway and use the ILS bars to line up landing.

    This does not seem correct from my experience.

    I'm not sure if the HSI and direction nobs or OBS and CDI affect the ILS at all.

    I can use those for autopilot or general navigation assistance.

    I have more questions from observations:

    1) When I start flying, why do the ILS frequencies for the landing runway not match the Nav frequencies set in the cockpit?

    2) When attempting to use ILS, why does the ILS, when set to landing frequency, sometimes appear out by X degrees on gauge?

    3) When AP and APR are working, why does aircraft sometimes want to land well before the runway as if ground elevation incorrect, even when ILS gauge shows horizontal bar high?

    I'd just like to know the minimum cockpit setup to use ILS, and some things that might go wrong.

    I found a very temporary work around.

    If you ESC to the main menu, then Start, the guides will return.

    It seems something is calculated relating to heading or direction, but not being updated correctly.

    Re-starting the flight session seems to update whatever it is, causing guides to work for a while. At least until you change heading :(

    By the way, is there anyway to tell these bug reports are being monitored and not just lost in the ether?

    Is there anyway to configure a dead-zone per joystick axis?

    I have a Logitech joystick with twist rudder.

    Resting my hand on the stick causes about 15% rudder movement.

    FS2 has a single sensitivity and dead-zone setting.

    If I calibrate that single dead-zone to get rid of the rudder error, flying feels terrible as the dead-zone is applied to the main stick for yaw and pitch also.

    Thanks Nick and Chris for responding.

    I was building 5x level 9 tiles with 9-14 levels selected.

    When I first played with AeroScenery I successfully completed 16x level 9 tiles in a single build. Though my hard drive died the next day. Yes, 16 copies of GeoConvert all said they'd completed!

    One more question: Why does 'Choose For Me' skip level 11, and Chris suggest he's skipping level 10?

    In some of my earlier tests I found the high res scenery disappeared quickly in the distance. So I've been building all levels 9-14 and have not seen that effect since.

    I've been having a poor experience with GeoConvert with AeroScenery v0.5.

    I tried v0.6 last night and all but one of the zones appeared to skip TMC or GeoConvert steps. That build was set to 'Run Default Actions'. I can't describe further as I closed the app and didn't look at the log. Only discovered no TTC files present later, though I did notice absence of GeoConvert windows.

    Earlier with v0.5 I had been attempting scenery in 3 manual steps:

    1) Download some zones only

    2) Run stitch and TMC steps

    3) Run GeoConvert step

    The first 2 steps seemed to work.

    However GeoConvert did any of the following:

    1) Complete with press key to exit (good)

    2) Hang for 24hrs with no progress and some constant CPU usage

    3) Disappear without finishing or displaying an error message.

    Repeating the GeoConvert step just produced any of the above 3 behaviors.

    Sopwith Camel does not respond to keyboard throttle properly.

    Instead, joystick always overrides.

    Starting throttle setting on joystick makes no difference to behavior.

    This only occurs for Sopwith. All other aircraft are fine.

    I expect keyboard and joystick bindings to work interchangeably.

    Repro steps:

    1) Bind Keys F2, F3 to Throttle down, up respectively

    2) Select Sopwith Camel and start flight

    3) Try throttle up with F3

    Observe it gets to 1% but won't go further. Joystick throttle works fine

    4) Select Cessna and start flight

    5) Try throttle up with F3

    Observe both keyboard and joystick can be used interchangeably.


    Logitech 3D Pro Joystick.


    That was fast - OK, then the other files of interest are in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\AeroScenery. Other than that, I don't know.

    Just renamed that also. Still no luck.

    I see that folder re-created after my rename. Task Manager shows the process exit after one second before any window appears.
    Thanks for trying to help. Your suggestions had potential. Mystery remains.