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    Hey Andy, I would recommend disabling any addons and see if the issue persists.

    I'm assuming Chicago O'Hare is an addon from FScloudport? Can't remember if Airport is default IPACs or part of Orbx Meigs addon?

    If issue still persists, delete the .TM log before restarting sim, then try to replicate the same scenery that causes issue. If sim crashes, it should be

    picked up by TM log to which should explain whats happening

    simulator:log [Aerofly FS Wiki]

    My first flight sim experience was with Aerofly FS2 in VR. Absolutely changed my life and gave me a new hobby in which I still enjoy very much. I personally think the R22 Helicopter is one of the best experiences I've had in sim. The F-15 sunk my stomach the first few times as well ;) Thanks IPACS!

    MAC was missing the 'addons' folder.


    1. We created an 'addons' folder within 'Aerofly FS 2' folder.

    2. Then within 'addons' we created 'scenery' folder.

    3. Then all the 'US_HI_XXXXX' folders were placed within.

    Just did a test and everything seems to load fine in the sim.

    Here is the folder structure for US_HI_maui for example.

    Each Island Download should simply be a unzip, drag and drop using their own naming convention 'US_HI_Example'

    Hopefully the reinstall works for you. I've had it happen to me before as well. Folders accidently get mixed up.

    This file will not unzip??

    For part4, in the directions.…s-part4-big-island-final/

    You need to highlight both both Zip files and extract them together at the same time.

    We had to split the files due to a 3GB upload limit.

    If you are looking to convert those two specific landscapes that you linked from 3D Warehouse then it will be unsuccessful.

    Converting these two files will only export a single 3D model that is textured specifically to what these Sketchup Files look like.

    No data regarding to housing, elevation, road, etc are gathered from these 3D Warehouse links.

    However, if you want to create a 3D model from SketchUp and export it into Aerofly then this link should help you.

    The link is old and could be refined but still it's a good start to begin with.

    Cayman Islands Freeware Project:

    Latest hobby project that I've spent the last few months working on.

    Have fun and Enjoy!

    Download Link:

    Coverage area:

    Owen Roberts International (MWCR)

    Edward Bodden Airfield (MWCL)

    Kirkconnell International (MWCB)

    Cayman Helicopter Tours

    *If you experience performance issues while in VR, disable 'High-Quality Anti Aliasing' or switch to openGL. Also try 'motion-reprojection'.

    I think the issue is the ground not being flat. I re-did the taxiway making sure not to cross or get close to the vertices for the outside airport mesh. Still had the same issue. I’ve done 3 other airports with no issues.

    Hard to say only because the ground does not look very steep?

    Usually the problems occur when you have to create taxiways / ramps around grass. But like you said, you've created 3 airports successfully.

    Frustrating because these things take time to create.

    Another 'perhaps this is your issue' ;)

    Based on my similar experiences.

    It's your vertices within your mesh colliding with each other most likely due to duplicate / overlapping. It usually happens when using the 'extrude edges' function. Extrude edges function is best used for outer vertices, this way they can not overlap already existing vertices.

    My workaround was to completely redo everything, and make sure I had enough vertices within.

    Hello Ester,

    Here is a copy of what I use to convert models.

    Basic Instructions:

    You will see that in my dummy tsc file, I simply change line 20 with 'a'. This is so I can convert many models fast without having to change the name constantly within the tsc file.

    After running content_converter, it then outputs the .tmb file to 'C:\Users\Jake\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\3D Model Construction' folder.

    If you still have trouble, just send me a private message and I can help you further.

    You'll want 9-12 to prevent popups. So you may as well have 13, too. 15 is still uploading. I will update when it's done.

    Guess I wrote that wrong. "PS: I have up to the Level 14 files downloaded so far."

    I definitely also have 9-13. :)

    The detail is high enough that I can supplement pilot training in the scenery, and even pre-fly my real-world flights so the real world isn't the first time I've seen something.

    Congrats on the real world flying as well. Sounds like an absolute great experience. Also expensive! ;)

    Fantastic scenery! The image quality is top notch. I started out where you recommend in Deep Creek, it's like a mini Grand Canyon. Much more to be explored. Thank you again for the share.

    PS: I have the Level 14 files downloaded so far.

    Perhaps this is your issue??

    When the 'asphalt_dark_detail_specular' texture is used, it is only suppose to work in conjunction to make your 'asphalt_dark_detail_color' look shiny and reflective. That's why the runway doesn't look dark.

    If you want your runway darker, I would rename 'asphalt_dark_detail_specular' to 'asphalt_dark_detail_color', and reload the texture in AC3D.