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    I second all the positive comments above and would like to thank all the people who have been involved in creating this. As a Swiss guy I had a natural inclination to fly over CH but with those changes and with the R22 it has become even better.

    As Majick is pointing out creating some PO in "large" and even smaller cities would certainly bring it to the next level, but beside requiring the adequate knowledge in 3D graphics building (which I don't have) it might be a lot of work as well.

    One point that might possibly be fixed is that highways/freeways in Switzerland are not illuminated - besides small portions within some cities. Would it thus be possible to remove the lights along the highways to make night flying more realistic. BTW the same holds true for most of the roads outside of towns but this may be more difficult to achieve with a small fix

    Dear IPACS Team

    Since the new update, I have a graphic glitch that is most annoying. I cannot describe it, better than some giant shadow that changes shape while I am Flying in VR. The shape change dependin on where you look at in VR. Moving where your head points at, makes the shadow change shape. I have notice this to happen in both ORBX generated DLC (e.g. Innsbruck, very noticeable in the mountains and the valley when looking towards east from Innsbruck) as well as IPACS generated ones (e.g. NewYork). Don't know if I am the only one suffering this problem... Unfortunately this completely brakes the immersion.

    While this message is to mention this bug which I hope to be fixed quite soon... I still want to send a huge KUDO to all the IPACS team. While quite difficult to master the R22 in expert mode, it is a real joy to fly, I simply need way more practice in the hoovering phase. This is by no means a criticism to the modelling, on the contrary, but attests the quality of this simulation with respect to the physics that is behind. While some features may still be missing, it is fair to say that in the simulation department this is the best I have seen so far