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    I noticed a loose of precision in the coordinnate generated by MCX when I convert an xplane scenery into an FS2 scenery

    Example :

    LatLon (48.808960861, 2.071385519) from the xplane dsf becomes LonLat(2.071441, 48.809026) inside the tsc file. Does MCX use float instead double somewhere that could explain that ?

    Can we avoid that in MCX ?

    We can see this offset in MCX:Object placement window :

    If I correct by hand scenery display become good into AFS2, but it's very looooooong todo by hand ;-p

    Thanks in advance,


    Have you setup the location where the AeroFly tools are installed correctly in the options?

    Hi Arnog,

    Sorry I did'nt saw that you answered me, here is the screenshot of my config :

    I tried this evenig with a first convertion into DSF before with FS2XPlane. A lot of TGI are proceeded in temp but at the end, I have a messagebox from aerofly tool :

    Does ModelconverterX generate the needed .tmc somewhere before launching aerofly fs2 content converter ?

    Your help is welcome ;-)

    Hi Trepassers,

    Thanks for your answer,

    What about transforming the scenery to xplane format before via fs2xplane. I looked at the DSF in text, it looks good.

    the scenery looks not so bad in WED.

    PS : where did you catch this information about France VFR sceneries availability, have you got more details ?


    Hi Arnog,

    I saw that during the process .tgi file are well written in the temp directory "C:\Users\jpdumont\AppData\Local\Temp\\ModelConverterX\AF2\" just before to be removed at the end of the process. So it seems that the problem is only the written of the .tsc file.



    Hi Arno,

    I installed your amazing software ModelConverterX (last dev version) since I read somewhere that it supports importation of .bgl and co and exportation into .tsc and .tgi

    I tried, I have no error message but no file are written (no tgi, no tsc)

    I noticed that on the log the last line is not present : "finished writing of file ... .tsc" but it's present in the event log window

    I checked the target directory for the .tsc and the temp directory for the .tgi, but nothing is written

    Could you help me ?



    I hadn’t flown Aerofly for a while but now that I have my Valve Index, I thought I’d give it a shot again.

    For those that don’t know, Index can run at 80/90/120/144 frames per second. On 120 fps (just not powerful enough to do 144), and at the higher effective resolution of Index, it looks amazingly real. The Bücker and the Corsair are just really breathtaking. The other planes too, and I haven’t tried them all yet to see how they look in the Index, but with the added smoothness, resolution, slightly more fov, and the sound which is now basically surround sound, it’s pretty nuts. Above a couple of thousand feet it is easy to get lost in the experience. You have to try it to know what I’m talking about but it’s a big step up. Highly, highly, recommended!

    Hi Zed,

    Thanks for your report, like Spit40 I hesitate between the HP Reverb and the Valve Index.

    I currently have a CV1 and like to fly with CV1 touch controllers but have some difficulties to tune radio knob, or to tune the pitch compensator/trim with precision.

    So what about the Valve Index Knuckles ? Can you tune easily the double knobs of the radio for example ?

    Thanks in advance,


    I don't have this problem of turn off with my oculus CV1 controllers.

    But with Dash 2.0 you cannot control the pinned window without leaving the focus on the simulator.

    And when you switch to the Pinned window context, the pinned window is always moving a little (grrr !!!)

    I imagine that is the same with WMR or OpenVR solutions ?


    Hi Spit40,

    Thanks for sharing,

    I have an oculus CV1 but looking for a hp reverb or a pimax 8KX so I need a solution to replace the Oculus Dash Window Pinning feature...

    Did you notice some latencies or bad things like with ovrdrop ?



    hi Nickhod,

    and thanks for your fantastic software, just amazing !

    I'm using the last git build version (1.01), but having some trouble with the new great feature with bing (no-tile downloaded -> transparency).

    This feature is working great arround Belle ile en mer (in France) but not arround Saint Malo (in France too).

    If you have an idea ?

    Thanks a lot !


    I tried this sample build with vs 2017 (with retargeted sdk). It compiles and run but it refresh less than one time every 10s and disappears very quickly. it's impossible to read.

    Is the SDK August 2018 still compatible with current version of aerofly fs2 ? I'm using FS2 v2.04.03.25 (20190103) from steam




    What is the expected data framerate the sample external dll ?



    I started to play with geoconvert and geoconvert helper.

    My PC freezes often during the job of geoconvert after several minutes (30 min). Screen,mouse and keyboard are frozen.

    Only a hard reset is possible.

    Job was two snapped tiles (aerofly z9) with (z0 source tile from FSET).

    Is it my hardware (bad fan on CPU), or the software (nvidia driver, windows, geoconvert) the responsable?

    Asus Z97-A

    Core i7 4790K

    GTX980 TI 6GO Liquid Cooled

    8 GO DDR3 PC3-12800 (800MHz)

    PS : Sometime PC reboots itself instead of freezing during the process

    Thanks in advance,