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    Hi Phil,

    No I didn't take a second monitor. I playing with a wireless saitek gamepad, the mouse and ipad fixed on my legs. It's a very nice mobile solution.

    By the way I found two solutions :

    1 ) Simple & Elegant : Pressing Windows Key + Right Arrow

    2 ) Brutal Force : Editing main.mcf by hand to change the window's rect. If you enter a bad rect (ie out of screen definition) it will be rewrited by the app to default (ie centered window).



    In VR, I’m using my iPad with reflector and ovrdrop so I need to have the reflector window visible on the main screen.

    If any window recover the aerofly window, I loose the possibility to use the mouse inside aerofly (I need it).

    Is it anyway to move the aerofly window in a corner of the main screen and or change its size?

    Thanks in advance,




    I'm trying to reconvert DR400 from scratch but not success.

    I selected the DR400 workshop folder and right click and select aircraft converter

    I have this window :

    But nothing is done after even if I click on VRM or Convert Button.

    What's wrong ?

    Thanks in advance ?

    Hi Jan,


    Not sure to understand, for me the needle is ok (0 at bottom like in real life), but the scale/backgound is bad. My question was did I do a mistake during the dr400 conversion (2 or 3 years ago) and how can have the good backgroud for this airspeed indicator?


    thanks for anwering,

    Of course, I spoke about airspeed indicator and not about variometer when I said anemometer.

    So sorry for this bad name used for aero domain.

    Here is a screeshot of my airspeed in my robin DR400 under aerofly

    But for me it should be like this (more common in france)

    Did I make a mistake during the conversion of the DR400 ?

    thanks in advance


    Hi Jan,

    Is it possible to modify plane definition to avoid any interaction between VR hand and vrcockpit devices even if hands are represented and animated by aerofly?

    My goal is to create the hardward cockpit with all harwre devices at the good place and use leapmotion/sdraw as handtracking and keep aerofly vrhand representation and animation but stopping all cockpit interraction.

    Hope I'm clear ;)

    Thanks in advance,


    If I understand, all messages will be string based and parsed by the sim (with strstr or regexp), and it the will be only one float per message.

    if I have to send all hand's bones at 60 or 120Hz like this it will probably "suck" no ?


    Thnaks for you long answer,

    Yes of course if you decide to add support for the leapmotion, it could create some conflict. But do you think support this soon or one day ?

    My goal is to create a cockpit in hard having button/handle at the same place than in the virtual cockpit. so one modif for one plane is not a problem at all.

    To do that, I need to know in realtime where are my hands/fingers exactly. Leap motion or Z cam can help me to do that.

    I already did an interface between openvr and aerofly to catch/overload datas on the fly if needed. (I didn't find any option in the sim to hide virtual hand or to bypass vrcontroler interraction with the sim, so I did that). I could add some 3D/overlay by this way too, if I cannot do it via the standard aerofly sdk.

    Could you explain me which message I should send to modify the human body via the dll ?

    What will be the data update rate reachable in Hz ?

    Many Thanks

    What would you like to do with this?

    In theory this should be possible with the option.tmc (per aircraft repaint/option) that were added a while ago. But I haven't tested that myself. In theory this option can be bound to a aircraft repaint (you could copy the default one) and it enables you to load additional models when the aircraft is initialized.

    If you want to create a sort of knee-board, this should work. A map or chart rendering is probably not possible, other than what's already in the executable.

    Hi Jan,

    thanks for answering,

    My goal is to add skeletal hands inside cockpit with leapmotion for example but only for visualization, not for interraction with the virtual cockpit.




    did you see the external dll sample from the sdk ?

    At line 73 of this source file, you will find the list of datas you could retrieve in theory...