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    I agree. Some of the links within it are broken and it takes some headbutting to get a paint out the door. There also seems to be confusion about whether or not *.tmr files are still the method to use.

    On top of this, I have tried sending liveries through to the email address to have them listed here on the forum (as per the instructions on however the email keeps getting bounced back.

    Hope to see an update soon.

    Safe Skies


    I am working on a U.S. Navy version that is very similar to the grey one above. Once we have a few of these Lynx's repaints from the "other worlds" it will be easy to adapt them for our personal pleasure. I am working on getting a clean copy of the paint kit as a starter.

    Would be very interested if you share a clean paint kit for the future. :)

    I have followed the above directions Jet-Pack (IPACS), unfortunately it is not working and does not produce a repaint. Using the repaint.tmr works, but the options.tmc does not.

    The version of the Aircraft Converter is 1.4.0 Build 1704 which I believe is the current version?

    I've described this many times now.... I hope this can be found with a forum search.

    Rename the repaint.tmr to options.tmc, open the file and delete the "name" line. Make "description" upper case to "Description". Add a new line with "Type" "repaint" (copy paste from other option.tmc files in your Aerofly FS 2 installation folder) and save the file.

    Thanks for the information Jan, may I suggest that the SDK documentation on the wiki be updated? It is still referring to the repaint.tmr file and its format.


    Thanks to Gary's post I tried doing just that and converting to all lower case and it seemed to work. Ironically though I forgot about this, made a new livery of the C172 with capitals and dashes in the folder name. However apparently you cannot have dashes in the repaint.tmr file name or description. *shrug*

    Hi folks,

    I've been working on some liveries for the aircraft in AFS2. I have one that I developed and following the SDK guide a successfully compiled it and exported the textures. This was about 4 months ago.

    However, I have since gone to create a new livery and have not been able to repeat my success. The converter window opens and the files are converted "successfully". They appear in the Documents\Aerofly FS 2\aircraft\p38\"livery name" folder, however when I look at the Preview *tif file that was created it is the default Californian Beauty. Similarly when I load into the sim I see Californian Beauty not my livery.

    Any suggestions?