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    With regard to real live atc as chatter (i fly like that alot and it is the best ATC imo), if you want a challenge try to fly a real flight live with ATC. It is a bit stressful but can be done. I once flew a Paris-Zurich Air France live A320 daily flight on live atc in aerofly. It was an interesting experience.

    imo the external cameras need alot of work. They are too robotic and fixed on the aircraft’s movement. Combined with jerky sensitive issues on the mobile controller (small aircraft are too sensitive to control) it gives an unrealistic effect.

    An external camera which allows the plane to move away from the camera and towards it as you bank would be much better. Would give a more natural feel of flight. Not 100% fixed to the aircraft. Like a wingman cam but one you can move around just like the present external cam.

    I agree that more needs to be done with visuals and camera effects to give a better experience.

    Point taken. I hate streaming media. I live in a rural location with poor internet connections. I live with cows.

    I have an Apple TV account and service that I cant presently use on my TV :( . I cant stream to my TV, or at least not cost effectively. But alot of DVDs are becoming impossible to buy.

    I watch on my ipad. I have always liked offline - hence why I love Aerofly mobile.

    BUT I hate expensive PCs. I am mobile 5 years now. Work and play.

    There are two sides to everything. If I can play a high end game on my mobile tablet, I am a fan of streaming. No question about it. I might have to get satellite internet to do it. I may just do that :). I might have to wait. No problem.

    Streaming media is the future.

    Possibly a cheeky post, but I think that streaming is about to revolutionise mobile gaming for the better. I am sure that IPACS and other mobile game developers have noticed.

    I am hoping to be able to stream Aerofly FS4 on my ipad sometime in the future, maybe via steam? Hope I dont have to wait too long. Another sim is already streaming to ipad/iphone right now. I wont mention the title but every one knows it. It is a massive leap in technology. Effectively a remote powerful server sending video feed to a mobile device. No game is required on the device. Only a monthly streaming subscription.

    It will be an interesting time for mobile game developers. Could we see Aerofly mobile and the full version merge as one product? It is possible. :/

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. I remember IPACS asking us here if we wanted some end of runway views added to the mobile sim. I dont have FS2023 yet. Has a fixed camera view been added to the end of the runway? Have any views been added to the new sim?

    It would be cool to review a landing from an end of runway view on replay. A fixed view would be required maybe 50 feet off the ground? Right now fly-by is an option for this.

    I have always wanted fixed camera views but maybe it is complicated to do so for any airport? Tower view is too far from the active runway. One cool option for IPACS to consider adding (something I have set up in the past on another simulator) is to have a fixed view above an airfield say at 3000 feet agl to allow a pilot to perform manuovres around this fixed view position say in a military jet or aerobatics. Or to review a landing on playback from an elevated position above the ground.

    In the air is normal too I believe - been a long time since I did real flying and I tend to fly twin engine on the sim now. Rotational torque is a function of power - the higher the throttle setting the higher the left pull so I think a bit of right rudder is always required during a climb for example. Others here can confirm.

    Sensitivity is an issue especially for heli control. way too sensitive imo. Cant be adjusted, at least I can not do so. Bear in mind I use xbox controller.

    You should be able to customise it via the ipad (since ipadOS14)

    General/Gaming Controller settings menu

    (lots of youtube videos about this if you are struggling - nothing to do with aerofly. once you connect a gaming controller to an ipad it will work on multiple games, and will not work on some games).

    It is tricky but can be done by swapping assignments. Someone here told me you can customise the xbox via a PC and xbox software but I have no PC to do so. Hope this helps you and your PS4.

    With regard sensitivity - it gets easier the more you fly. At first I struggled, now I find it not so bad.

    C172, lol, :) it needs right rudder on takeoff in real life. Aerofly physics are really good my friend. On the xbox the rudder is rear paddles using little fingers of hand.

    Tchibeck, compatibility of xbox controllers and tablets/aerofly is tricky and you run the risk of buying it and it doesn’t work. It is the reason I give the model version of the xbox to show which controller I know works with ios and aerofly.

    I have bought an earlier xbox controller that only worked on my older ipad, but lucky for me it did work. However I have noticed that ios is rapidly catching up to this mobile controller demand and a new version is more likely to work than an older one maybe. It is only a matter of time before they will all work. Without support provided by aerofly it is trial and error.

    I personally prefer twin joystick controllers like RC (radio control) not the large joysticks or pedals but that is just me. I have saved alot of money now I buy the cheaper xbox controller.

    On the PC i once bought an actual RC controller which worked on a PC for heli flying. It was pretty good but the in simulator frame rate drop was bad so i didnt use it much. Now I am 100% mobile, no PC at all.

    Turtle beach is a good brand. I had some PC headphones once - very good quality, but joysticks i dont know.

    ONE OBSERVATION about this joystick. It says ‘connect by cable’. I would only use a 100% wireless bluetooth controller on a tablet to avoid a cable. The cable may not be possible on a tablet. I would be careful. From what I can see the smaller handheld xbox and playstation wireless controllers are the norm for mobile users. I would avoid cable completely. On the ipad there is only one port and I need that for either a power cable or headphones.

    Bogamin and Tchibeck, can provide my experience with Xbox controllers and IOS version (I can’t comment on Android).

    On ios the xbox controller works well even though it is not supported by Ipacs. ‘Not Supported’ just means they dont provide support - it doesnt mean it does not work, because it does. You will see the model version of xbox below on my footer which is compatible with Aerofly FS2022, i dont have FS2023 yet.

    The control and view overlays are automatically disabled, except the copilot as pointed out. It took me a while to work out the various xbox buttons but I can access 100% of these views from the comtroller. I am missing nothing. I like the fact that the overlay dissappears, it makes the screen cleaner like a normal simulator.

    I like the xbox so much i would not want to fly it any other way. After decades of joysticks I consider the xbox to be far closer to a real aircraft controls and allows me to use Aerofly like the radio-control controllers I am familiar with. The first time i used a twin joystick xbox controller on a simulator I dont want my old expensive joysticks anymore. It also allows you to control rudders without foot pedals - a great advantage imo. You can do everything with 2 hands.

    My preference is out-of-cockpit flying (like RC), helis mostly, which is part of the reason i love the xbox so much. Good luck and hope it works out for you on android.

    With regard to helis, i find the smaller twin joysticks on the xbox have far less spring self centering ( a real problem for helicopters as you dont want self centering). The springs are far less forceful, therefore less annoying. I have modified my old joysticks in the past with cable ties to eradicate self centering springs and get a smoother control.

    Since IOS15 I am also able to customise my controller. I can set it up like I have RC - thrust on left stick, elevator/aelerons on right stick. The only problem with the thrust is it is a self-centering stick, which means I have to hold down the thrust stick at all times for zero thrust (or for helis i set the reverse, i have to hold the stick up for zero heli thrust/pitch, push the collective away from me), but I have been accustomed to doing that a long time on other simulators as well. It is a disadvantage of self centering sticks.

    Hope this helps. A question about your thrust problem? You do realise that the centre pad needs you to press the throttle multiple times to get 100% thrust? If you only press the rocker once you will have like 10% thrust which will take forever to reach take off VR. Maybe that is your problem. You need to press the throttle button about 6-10 times to set 100% thrust.

    On ios15/16 you can customise (remap) the xbox controller via the general ios settings menu - not within aerofly.

    The bar: Water deflector. the concorde tires were a design fault. bad design…concorde is an engineering design/case study disaster for engineers. i am an engineer. Alot of research went into the design of the tires on the 777, so few wheels. The 777 has highly stressed tires as well but they work. Fewer wheels are not just a problem for aircraft. It is bad for runway design.

    I agree Colombia is most likely not popular. Anywhere in South America would be good for me. I feel that latinos make up a large part of the world, so it would be a wise move for Aerofly.

    But I like Bogota because it is so unusual. One of the highest airports in the world. From what I can see Madrid-Bogota is a significant world air route. :)

    Some airports near Bogota are also challenging places to land an aircraft. Villavicencio is one in particular.

    Not sure if anyone has tried this yet, ipad ios15 users. Was playing around today trying to recreate an actual sky, as seen out my window, cloud height, visibility etc... Obviously there are limitations with this software but I found a neat trick.

    If you go into settings menu

    accessability/display & text size/colour filters, turn them on and go to the 'colour tint' option you can create some vivid sunsets and sunrises.

    It allows you to vary the intensity and hue (colour tint), say if you want a greyer dawn or redder sunset. The effects will vary of course but you can create some realistic looking skies, different from the default. You could also change the colours so much that the screen gets silly - like 100% greyscale. Up to the eye of the user - what thye think looks realistic.

    You can also go into settings menu

    display & brightness and turn on night shift which allows you to change the warmth of the screen as well. I have night shift on permanently on my ipad (set to turn off 1am and turn on at 2am) so I can make my default screen more grey, to a screen colour more like my old ipad. This is an option as well.

    As this is your ipad screen it has no adverse effects on the program at all. Not sure if Android users can change their screen colours? but they could see if they can.

    EDIT. This is great. I just made a much more yellow dawn by reducing the visibility and a yellow filter to better represent my actual dawn sky this morning. I noticed however that the blue sky became a bit washed out (less blue), thinking it was a bad thing, until I realised that my actual sky this morning is a washed out blue similar to the yellow filter. This is going to be a lot of fun for me. Happy days. If you set the time to midday (and avoid looking at the sun in game), use a deep blue filter and turn the brightness of your screen way down you can simulate a full moon lighting the ground. I have seen nights like this when you can go outside like it is almost day time.

    Just uploaded some screenshots of what my actual dawn sky looked like using a yellow filter, in the gallery for those who are interested. The golden yellow may seem unrealistic but this is actually pretty close to what I saw this morning where I live.

    Below are my settings (filter and aerofly) for the screenshots. The orange shot (at 0606AM) is the intensity further to the right, same hue or colour. The earlier screens are without cloud. I find the lower the visibility the greater the sky colour at dawn until it goes grey completely. The earliest shots were visibility almost completely to the left (top slider) and all others to left, no cloud.

    Interesting example - will look it up.

    Guys if you haven't done a night flight yet in Aerofly mobile 2022 yet, you are missing out. In its present state it is pretty cool. I recommend a takeoff in the Corsair at Breighton UK (grass lit runway) in the pitch dark, no clouds, and return to land. The landing light illuminating the threshold just before you land (stabbing the darkness) is an experience. It's a great sim.

    Good point by Fab001 but there have been some cases of 'sinking below terrain' on land and where I live at night in the air very little would be visible - very few lights at all, except the local airport and even that might be unlit most of the time. You would see isolated farmhouses and the local town but the rest, most of your field of view, I expect would be pitch-black. Don't know for sure - am not a pilot.

    It is dark outside - you can't see anything. Some real life accidents have happened because of that. Sorry that old-chestnut never gets old :), he he.... You are right of course, humour aside, it would be awesome.

    I do fly around at night some times currently and the airport lights from above look amazing.

    You can do it - its a bit fiddly from the copilot seat (I use the change of view button set up on the xbox to swap between positions but flying from the copilot seat would probably make it easier). Some times you press on the screen and it seems to not respond (also the little lever at 11 oclock thatr switches between flap and trim) - just need to keep trying. When I was doing it 'the flight assistant' kept interfering and reversing my work - only just worked out how to turn off the flight assistant and set up the xbox to get full control of trim and flaps - it should work. On the xbox its actually the default settings. I got in trouble because I modified them. I believe I have changed the trim and flap succesfully (independent of each other) by rotating this wheel, but I am still working that bit out.

    The wheel only seems to rotate freely when in elevator trim. When doing flaps its seems to only rotate a small way in either direction - not spin freely for long turns.

    EDIT - on another topic - I am no warbird expert but have had some fun in the past with DC3 simulations, but was surprised to read about lighting and aviation circa 1930's before the war. Was surprised to discover that the first electric runway lights were 1930 in USA. That navigation- position lights - are of the period - I always assumed they came later. Seems warbirds had a complex system of lights including IFF, position and others, though strictly speaking the JU52 was not just a warbird but used long before the war, and after. Interesting period of aviation.

    YES the ADF works, but boy is it tricky. Followed the instructions given here thanks. The knobs are tricky and knowing whether to turn clockwise CW or anticlockwise ACW without being able to read the screen is not easy but can be done. If you set up an NDB close to your position, you know your position relative to the NDB and fiddle around, you can work it out, which way the dial works that is, CW or ACW. I might draw my own ADF screen once I work it out for quick reference so it is easier to turn the dial in the right direction. The fewer the NDB's the easier it is of course. Not sure what its radio range is simulated here. I can imagine that if you end up near many NDB's it will be very hard to tell them apart without a clear dial reading. Fortunately NDBs aren't that many and are spread out. Right now its kindof educated guesswork, but it does work. Something to fiddle with whilst the copilot flies the plane... I tend to use the basic copilot functions (heading and attitude, speed) without a navigation route set. Not keen on his love affair with 20,000 feet - hard to breathe up there.

    For anyone interested in recreating 1930's era flights in the Ju52 here are some online resources:

    Old European Airways charts, based on NDBs

    Historical radio beacons

    Accident site with interesting info on old airfields like Croydon UK and the Ju52.

    Aviation Safety Network > ASN Aviation Safety Database
    Aviation Safety Network: Databases containing descriptions of about airliner accidents, hijackings and military aircraft accidents.

    Old airline timetables going back before 1930's

    Airline Timetable Images - List of Airlines

    Thank you, awesome. Haven't used an ADF for quite a while. Will do this. Glad to hear that it works. Yeh might try the 737 first to re-familiarise myself how to use an ADF first.