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    No, the map behaves exactly like before except you cant pan left of Salt Lake City, or zoom to the left (West Coast is just all black, no satellite scenery, or airports showing). If you press traffic, airports, VOR, NDB navaids its all behaving exactly the same as before.

    The difference from before is if you zoom in, the satellite scenery appears, then you zoom out and it mostly dissappears (UK remains visible). Its not smooth when you scroll between US and Europe.

    Whether you have traffic showing-on in map view, or off, makes no difference at all. The maps all buggy and even when you can start to see satellite imagery (when you zoom in) it does not look right. Smooth would be the way I would describe the map when its working. It isn't smooth anymore.

    No problem. The location map is completely black like the images on page 1 of this thread, with only traffic and airports showing (Utah and Colorado), Miami, UK and Swtizerland.

    There is no West Coast at all, you can't pan left, its like its not there. When you zoom in on a region which is there (airports), the satellite imagery begins to show but its very buggy and jittery, not at all smooth like before. As you zoom out again it sometimes dissapears again, but UK for example stays visible in the map view after zooming in. Scrolling between Europe and USA is buggy and hard to do.

    In that condition airports all seem to work (though haven't tried it for long enough to be sure), except US West Coast. You can fly around the UK for instance no problem. Problem is map view in 'location', and no West Coast airports. Basically everything seems to work well for me until I install UK.

    In summary West Coast dissappears permanently. No satellite scenery in map view, no airports, nothing, and you cant pan left or zoom in to see it. It won't let you. Its like its the Pacific Ocean.

    Can confirm the problem is UK pack. After 24 hours of using the sim with all of the extra sceneries downloaded except UK, have just installed UK pack and it failed again. The map in 'location' goes all wierd (missing tiles, missing West Coast entirely (if you try to search for KLAX or KSFO they are not recognised), only when you zoom in do you get satellite imagery in map view and its clearly not functioning correctly). Have uninstalled again and will reinstall everything but UK to get a working sim. The order I installed was West coast, Colorado &Utah, Florida, and lastly Switzerland, going into each scenery after each download (ie one download at a time). Will leave UK alone for now. Its a great sim - worth the wait.

    OK, installed everything, one at a time, going into the sim after every download, everything EXCEPT UK, and it all works. I noticed that the first time, the time it failed, the map stopped working properly in 'location' where you set your start position. Now with it working with Switzerland, I can scroll between USA and Europe.

    Problem seems to be UK scenery for those who start downloading USA packs. Don't have the time to download all this again, so I will leave UK alone for now until the bug is sorted.

    Yes sorry did not see the sticky until after I posted, I see I am not alone. I have now uninstalled and reinstalled and downloaded the main 4GB West Coast scenery and Colorado and Utah pack in that order and it works well again. Tomorrow I will install Florida, then Switzerland (everything but UK installing one pack at a time and entering the sim to check it works) and will let you know if it works minus the UK.

    My original downloads if I recall were, one at a time, when it failed, was West Coast 4GB first, (then Utah and Colorado, then Florida, can't remember which was first), definitely went into the sim after this and it was working.... then UK and finally Switzerland, and that is when I noticed the problem. Europe seems to be the problem.

    My guess based on what others are saying is the problem is the UK pack. Have moved to ipad now for everything, work and gaming, and I must say that this simulator (the helicopters) is really amazing. I think I fell in love with this sim after 5 minutes when I saw a military jet fighter take off near my starting parking location.

    Same problem. IPAD PRO IOS13.7 (its an old ipad 2017 and don't want ios14).

    I downloaded every scenery available and afterwards the entire West Coast of USA is not only not visible on the map anymore (only Salt lake city and Colorado showing now and Florida, UK, Switzerland) but if I put in location search KSFO or KLAX it won't even recognise a West Coast airport any more. Have uninstalled and reinstalled app and its back to normal again, but don't know which add on scenery is the problem. People here say its the UK scenery?

    Bit confused as to why there is an extra scenery for West Coast which includes Salt lake city and Colorado? and there is a amother scenery for Salt lake city and Colorado on their own? Seems like a double-up?

    Its a great game and am keen to get the extra sceneries - pls advise.


    I haven't got Aerofly fs2 yet, but in FSX (my R22 sim to date) the heli flight models are too stable for me. Each to his own I guess. If you find the flight model hard enough for you then good for you. Maybe I will like the model AFS2 have done as is? It was just a tip for those who want to make it harder.

    A trick I discovered by accident is to "unbalance" your PC controller slightly. In the controller settings - set up (I forget the correct term used) when it asks you to centre the controls, have them slightly off-centre. It makes the heli want to wander all the time and extra hard to control. Not knowing where the off-set is helps as well (happened to me with a new controller which I did not properly set up and I did not know the offset). Was impressed with the effect. Add some crosswind and you will struggle. I do not have Aerofly 2 yet. To get soon. Was waiting for the R22 release. If they/or someone adds blade slap it will be great.

    A tip I recommend. Discovered this by accident with an old controller. Go into controller settings/setup microsoft wizard and when it asks you to centre the controller, put it slightly off-center. When you take a heli up, it will be much harder to control and will wander around. I have done this with FSX and the R22 and am pleased with the results.

    I had an older control which was not balanced properly and I was really impressed with the FSX heli flight modelling until I centred it with the wizard, and had to unbalance it again. Between that and wind effects in FSX its a challenge to fly.

    Yes fair points about online flying and Vatsim and ATC. It is very hard. About ingame ATC, my preference is text, though I understand others dont share my love for text. I like text because it feels more real to me ingame. You don't have to worry about accents and different peoples voices around the world. Every ATC I have heard in a sim sounds robotic which is OK for ATIS, but doesn't sound right for ATC. With a clever shortcut menu you could get set phraseology and only need to press one key on the keyboard. It works because in real ATC they use set phraseology as well. My first flight in Vatsim, with that sound chime and the text box at the top of the screen was a great sim experience for me. That chime sound would scare the hell out of me - OMG I have to do something now! Yes to get the most out of Vatsim you really need to start small. One airport, one light GA plane and invest alot of time learning - not for the casual gamer. I agree that for alot of people that is not a fun experience. I am also not a big online multiplayer fan - I like solo play, so I get all of your points. Its the reason I currently prefer using the website for my flying, either as background chatter or trying to recreate a real flight.

    J van E, yes I understand the desire for ingame ATC. My views are just mine, and I don't speak for the community. I expect almost everyone wants it. I am a black-sheep in that regard.. best wishes and hope you get your ATC. :)

    Dear developer, question about gates at airports. Every few years I notice a major improvement in simulation and now it is gate numbers, including markings on taxiways and aprons. Zurich LSZH is a work of art and true to life. It has become my base to fly from now. I recreate live flights on in realtime, and the gate numbers at LSZH are really great.

    Are there any other airports with gate numbers, and plans to make more? I will be upgrading to Aerofly FS2 soon, so am interested to know. Seems that KJFK has gate numbers but no markings on the ground?

    I appreciate you have a list of to do items and this may not be a priority.

    RE: ATC

    On another topic, with regard to adding ATC, personally I would just implement CPDLC comms and automated verbal ATIS, and maybe expand the text data-link to include ground/tower etc... I think that vatsim and others are probably a better way to go for verbal ATC. I think that human voice ATC will become redundant once full automation takes over in the future. I have discussed pilot-less civilian flight with many people, and the reason I believe it will happen eventually, is because the most dangerous part of aviation right now are the pilots and controllers, as much as they try not to be. Our ATC is a 1950's obsolete system and a disaster waiting to happen, and honest pilots will admit that human error is a significant problem. Recreational flying is another matter altogether, no problem there. My comments refer only to civilian airliners with PAX and cargo. My opinion is that accidents will always happen, but once the computers take over there will be fewer accidents. I have spoken to people in the industry who are convinced that such a thing will not happen in our life time and don't believe in "safe" 100% automated flight. I dont agree with them.