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    I would be curious to now what are the problems with this because they already have a template that they used to make the already existing liveries. I guess their is work to do to make it compatible with the large public softwares

    I know that the A380 is on the to do list of IPACS (correct me if I'm wrong) because it is already available on the mobile version so the 3d model and the flight model are already done so it will come one day

    Hi there!

    I only fly the A320 and one thing is very frustrating, the sound. Even though the vibration sound due to high RPM is perfect but the general sound of the engines isn't very realistic, It seems like we only hear hot air blowing through the cockpit. So is their anyone who made a custom soundpack?

    I agree, I love the way IPACS sees the simularor, however, I don't think that a helicopter is a priority when we still don't have working lights on already existing aircraft.

    And regarding the ILS problem, Amsterdal Shipol has the exact same problem, no ILS working

    Hi, i've got the X56 wich is nearly the exact same, I recommend you to set landing gears on SW2, Flaps up on SW 3 , Flaps down on SW4, Nose wheel searing on F and Wheel brakes on G (the last two are very useful on airliners) On the stick side, I use the PDV for the view, H1 for the Trim and A to disengage the autopilot.

    Hope this is helpful, let me know if you need more details ;)

    If you wan't a very good Spitfire, Download DCS World and buy the Spitfire, The simulator is free and Spitfire cost around 40€. If you wan't a full experience, you can buy the 1944 Normandy scenary, it cost around 40€ aswell

    I've got a Delan clip so I use Facetracknoir, it works perfectly on DCS World but i've never managed to make it work on AFS2. I've made two posts on this forum about this problem, never had any answer. So no, I don't recommend FaceTrackNorIr for Aerfoly

    (BTW: The delan clip bundle witch contain the face tracking device and the PS3 camera already modified cost only 40£ so it's a very good deal, I highly recommend it)

    Hi, I'm a huge fan lf realism and immersion so I bought a delan clip track ir wich is just a simple bundle with 3 infrared leds perfectly mounted. It works absolutely perfectly with DCS but I can't make it work with Aerofly, even though it detect it in the controller options. Any Ideas? (BTW: I use FaceTrackNoIr)