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    Maybe I am just very sensitive to "choppiness". I find that I can run at SS 1.3 and be satisfied. If I had never owned the Oculus and seen that I can run that at 2.0 I would probably never have thought I was "disadvantaged" :P.


    arithmetically, the load on Oculus Rift in Steam

    (native * 1.2x / 1.3x SteamVR -> [at 100%]) * 2.0 SS (at AFS2)

    less than Vive Pro

    (native * 1.4x SteamVR -> ([at 90%]) * 1.2 SS (at AFS2).

    The almost 14% extra power, which the Vive Pro needed in the information / setting of Oldar already fits and is plausible ...

    But even with this setting, the presentation in the Vive Pro with the higher native resolution and the lower SDE would have to be clearer and better than in the Rift.

    As a result, the instruments should also be easier to read ...

    That's what I do not understand right now, regardless of whether it's playable with 1.2 or 1.5 SS.

    Greeting André

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    So I've just tried addon "Aerofly FS 2 - Northeastern USA" skyline of New York, because I have when I look 90 ° sideways out of the window sometimes a very slight jerking, but that does not really bother.

    But I still have 100% in Steam and everything on "Ultra" except for shadows.

    With 90% in Steam and 1.4 in AFS2, you have about 84% of my resolution. Should still be well above the Oculus itself and should actually look better.

    What can you achieve with Steam 100% maiximal on SS in AFS2?

    But as I said everything based on Vulcan not in OpenGL.

    Maybe your PC is a bit weaker. You could even compare the benchmark, it does not cost anything on Steam.

    Greeting André

    Hello !

    Oldar, that is really weird ...

    My Rift was only slightly better (SDE) than my Vive.

    The CPU utilization I have not observed, OC have all cores up to 4700 Mhz.

    Vulcan runs with me on the pro "something" better than OpenGL.

    I use AFS2 under SteamVR, I do not have a special setup there ...

    I once had a benchmark for comparison.

    Greeting André


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    I can not confirm the problem with Vive Pro either.

    I have a much better resolution with the Vive Pro and can read the instruments easily and much better than with the normal Vive.

    With the normal Vive I can set up to SS 2.0 and the Vive Pro with its much higher resolution logically only on SS 1.5, but the picture on the Pro is much better and clearer than the Vive.

    With SS1.0, however, the image in the Pro is no longer particularly clear.

    I use Vulcan with graphics setting "Ultra" except the shadow I have on low.

    Fly Cessna 172, Baron 58 and King Air, preferably on ORBX Scenery (Innsbruck and Eagle) Additionally I have the Next Level Motion V3 and Buttkicker running. My PC 8700K and GTX 1080 OC.

    Greeting André