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    Hello dear babar66 , I don’t know exactly what problems you’re having but take a look at the recent navigation tutorial and follow the departure and arrival steps select the types of departure and arrival at airports this can help and improve.



    Thanks Lucas, First of all I certainly not say that FS2 is faulty, I am aware that my knowledge, or the lack of, can be responsible. I will try to do one short fly following tuto and will sum-up some of the issue I noticed even having some screenshots.

    I have one question, How can I choice the ALT when making a flight plan??? Thanks will re-post soon.

    Hello everyone, I have to say that I also have many issues with navigation but very difficult to explain in writing, especially as I am not really fluently in English. Developers please, is there any chance to tell us if you meet the same trouble? Already tried with A320, 777 and don't understand what happen, may be I am doing something wrong. Thanks.

    The NAV mode in the B58 follows the CDI needle. You have to tune a VOR to be able to use it, it doesn't have a GPS on board that would allow you to follow the flight plan. That is identical to before the update.

    Si vous le permettez je vais aussi parler en francais.....cela m'est plus facile.

    B58 : En effet NAV fonctionne après avoir actionné VOR1 et affiché la fréquence VOR concernée. Ceci étant j'ai plusieurs questions :

    1) Aucune databse des fréquences VOR, VOR/ILS, n'est disponible directement par le logiciel ?

    2) Il faut donc préparer ces informations avant de démarrer le vol car pendant, on ne peut sortir temporairement de FS2 par action de la touche Windows.

    Cette dernière est totalemnt ignorée de FS2.

    3) Vous dites que "B58 follows the CDI needle" et que c'était comme cela avant la mise a jour. Personnelement je ne me souviens pas de cela. J'ai en mémoire le fait que chaque vol démarrait de manière automatique apres avoir actionné l'AP. Mais j'ai peut-être la mémoire qui flanche........?

    4) Le NAV du Cesna 172 ne fonctionne pas; NAV/GPS est inop.

    Merci de votre attention, j'attends vos commentaires avec plaisir.


    After a while waiting and nothing to solve the navigation problem I wanted to come here in search of a way to return the last version of Aerofly on Steam can someone help me with this link or something?:?::?:

    It's going to be a month and it looks like I'm expecting an update in 2-5 months as usual.


    In case this can help, uninstall FS2 from Steam. From your computer, delete all remaining files in C: Users/Owner/Document/ Aerofly FS2. Download FS2 again from Steam. I did this and everything is OK now. Let me know.

    Hi Babar,

    I was able to change the altitude normally on autopilot. Did you use the rotary knob for the selection?
    However, I was also unable to make the autopilot follow the navigation inserted in the flight plan (Navigation screen). :(

    Thanks a lot, Yes you're right about ALT knob. But NAV is inop. If you have any question to share with me please do it. I will do the same . Thanks again.:thumbup:

    cristianodesa Hello , I have several questions regarding various issues with navigation behavior with Aerofly FS2. Do you agree to exchange with me your experience and thought ?
    For example, speaking about the Cessna 172SP, I noticed that it was impossible to adjust the Altitude on the AP. It is stuck at 5000f, only VS is functional. And NAV is also not working.

    Do you have the same comment ?

    Thank you for your answer?


    Hello everyone; I also have had a lot of AP's issues like cristianodesa with airliners since the last update from Steam. I finally found a solution by removing the file "main.mcf" and now it's better. Exception is, as said by Heideflieger in the post above, that AP with SID and STAR behaves strangely. As I noticed after take off, SID was correctly followed, but at the junction with the route it didn't take it in account following straight, completely ignoring the route. Seems to me to be that this new and good feature need to be reviewed. Still not criticizing the good job made by FS team, just trying to communicate my experience.

    I also noticed different other strange behavior on AP difficult to indicate everything as it's not the same every time and it will be interesting to know the point of view of FS 2team.

    I would like to add why there is not any ON/OFF button on the FMC.

    Thanks for reading Cheers


    Hi everyone, Is someone can tell me where to find a tutorial regarding the use of the AP for the B747 and B777, i am having some issue regarding this particular points. Thank you for reading. Jacques

    Thanks Jan

    Yes, sorry I meant AP (PA is in French).

    But you certainly are right giving me those reasons, but in my case I don't think that this should be applied to what I noticed. But I will be careful next flight and will let you know.

    Thanks regards


    Good day everyone,I would like to know if you experienced the strange behavior of the PA on 737 who disengage himself during the flight. I noticed the same on the Dash.

    Thanks for your feedback.