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    Will there be a more complex engine management than in the default AFS 2 aircraft, like realistic mixture, featured in the Duchess? Thanks

    Nabeel, a custom object marker would be completely sufficient. You wouldn't need to know the exact dimensions because it would be the job of the guy who creates the custom model to get the dimensions right. Let's say I'm modeling the church in my home town in Blender: I can get the dimensions of the church with the measuring tools in Google Earth, switch Blender to a metric scale and then model the church exactly to scale. In blender I can place the origin of an object anywhere within the model, so for example I'd place it to the front door of the church in blender and then I'd place the custom object marker in your editor to where the front door would be on the satellite image. That should work, shouldn't it? Considering the orientation of the object, the xref objects also have a origin point and the x, y, and z axis pointing to specific directions. That way an object can be oriented correctly by specifying at which angle for example the x axis should be rotated, correct? The exact same thing can be done in blender and I guess in all the other 3D programs as well. The x, y, and z axis go from the origin that you set for your model and that way the orientation could be defined for a custom object just like for an xref object. If all that is possible it would be a huge step forward to customizing our sceneries.

    Cheers, Fabian

    Ich denke im Moment ist Aerofly einfach noch nicht in einem Entwicklungszustand der komplexe Anflüge mit SIDs, STARs etc. erlaubt, ich nutze es nur zum General Aviation und Hubschrauber fliegen. ILS funktioniert in den USA auf den wenigen Flughäfen die ich getestet habe eigentlich ganz gut. Ich nehme an dass die Aerofly Database Navigationsdaten nur für ihre eigene Standard Szenerie, also westliche USA enthält und der Rest der Welt schlichtweg keine oder nur unvollständige Daten hat. Vermutlich hat IPACS als sie die Datenbank gemacht haben auch nicht damit gerechnet dass externe Entwickler in andern Ländern der Welt Szenerien anbieten. Ich persönlich nutze Aerofly nur wegen der gigantisch guten Performance in VR und der guten Grafik, außerdem gefällt mir die Flugphysik. Aber wer wirklich Airliner nach originalprozeduren fliegen will ist bei AFS 2 glaub ich falsch. Da fehlt noch vieles mehr, wie ATC, AI, Wetter etc. Da braucht man dann halt doch P3D oder Xplane.

    Nabeel, do you think it would be possible to place a custom object with your scenery editor? That is if we have a tmb file for that object that we could select it to be placed in a location instead of a cultivation building? At the moment I need to use model converter X to assign a geolocation to an object which is a little annoying if you have to place multiple instances of a certain model.

    Thanks, Fabian

    I don't know about Aerofly but what you describe can be seen in the FSX based Simulators as well, reason being exactly what you guessed - buildings being positioned on a low res mesh before the higher res mesh loads in. I guess the only workaround would be to change the distance at which the high red meshes is loaded, which would probably decrease performance significantly. I think there's a reason why most simulators ship with an average resolution mesh by default, you have to make a compromise between visual quality, performance and susceptibility to artifacts and visual errors.

    Hi Nick, fantastic work. USGS as a source for orthophotos would be great because it would allow people to share their scenery without copyright infringements like with Google or Bing imagery.

    Could I ask you to have a look at this site if you have the time?…mslayer%26layerid%3D61676

    These are high quality, open source 0.4 m / pixel orthophotos for the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate ( where I live in Germany) provided by the government. Do you think Aeroscenery could somehow download, stitch and geoconvert these files, too?

    Thanks and cheers, Fabian

    Hello! Aerofly fs2 is spectacular, I am from the Dominican Republic and I would like to make it better for aerofly fs2, as it is called the tool that uses nickhod, to start experimenting! I would appreciate it..

    Hello! friends, it is a pleasure to be in this forum for the first time, Aerofly fs2 is spectacular, I am from the Dominican Republic and I would like to do it for scenery for aerofly fs2, as it is called the tool that nickhod uses, to start experimenting! I would appreciate it

    The tool is called aeroscenery and you can download it from here.…y/releases/tag/1.0.0-beta

    You have to download the msi file and install it. There's also a pdf tutorial somewhere on this forum, you'll need to search for aeroscenery tutorial and you'll find it.

    Hello HerveF,

    Thank you for your kind words and helpful tips!

    I have informed myself in advance and downloaded free airplanes and various paintings ...

    Purchase software is coming gradually. The first Scenery will of course be the Switzerland ... I have to have as an old Swiss from pure sense of duty already ...;-)

    If you plan on buying the Switzerland DLC don't forget to also download drassaud's excellent freeware cultivation for Switzerland or the OrbX Freeware. It takes the scenery to a whole new level.

    Some technical questions, just to the see if I'm understanding things correctly:

    The tsc file is telling Aerofly where the center of the cultivation area is, and the size of the area where cultivation should be placed. The toc file tells Aerofly where to place each separate object within the area specified by the tsc file. Is that correct? But what's a tmb file for? And how does aerofly know in which library it needs to look for the objects? The toc file only says xref, not xref_usa or something like that. And do I need to Copy all of the xref library into my addons\scenery\places folder or can they stay where they are?


    I'd like to ask if and how I can access and place objects that are part of of the Aerofly default scenery in my own sceneries? For example, the fantastic Monument Valley has 3D models for cars and buses parked at a viewpoint. I'd like to do something similar for my own scenery. Can I somehow use these objects or do I have to have to create my own?

    We mostly use 1m ortho imagery but better in areas near airports.

    Be careful if you plan on making scenery that is inside of or touching our imagery as it can cause graphical issues and holes within the terrain.

    I'd primarily create scenery for myself so if I break something it's only affecting myself. If I think it's good enough to share I'd first ask some fellow forum members to beta test it. I'm still learning the ins and outs of scenery design, watching tutorials and reading through the threads here on the forum. It will probably take me a few months even for a small scenery area, as my second daughter was just born on Saturday and I'll be occupied with family life for quite a while.

    BTW is there any information about the mesh / terrain height map resolution for Utah? In FSX the standard mesh resolution was 76 m but I guess Aerofly is way better than that.

    It's unbelievable what you guys are doing. The Do27, the Buecker, the Starfighter... It's a great time for Aerofly. Thanks again for all your efforts.