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    We mostly use 1m ortho imagery but better in areas near airports.

    Be careful if you plan on making scenery that is inside of or touching our imagery as it can cause graphical issues and holes within the terrain.

    I'd primarily create scenery for myself so if I break something it's only affecting myself. If I think it's good enough to share I'd first ask some fellow forum members to beta test it. I'm still learning the ins and outs of scenery design, watching tutorials and reading through the threads here on the forum. It will probably take me a few months even for a small scenery area, as my second daughter was just born on Saturday and I'll be occupied with family life for quite a while.

    BTW is there any information about the mesh / terrain height map resolution for Utah? In FSX the standard mesh resolution was 76 m but I guess Aerofly is way better than that.

    It's unbelievable what you guys are doing. The Do27, the Buecker, the Starfighter... It's a great time for Aerofly. Thanks again for all your efforts.

    Thanks, that´s exactly what I was looking for. So the Geo Location is hardcoded into the model before it is converted? I´ll see if that works out well, some buildings and structures need to be placed very exactly, elevation might also be a problem with high definition meshes to avoid floating buildings. In FSX/Prepar3d there was a nice tool called Instant Scenery that let you place your model directly within the simulator and then compiled a .bgl file that you could place into your scenery library. Worked like a charm, but unfortunately it´s no longer available for the latest version of the simulator. If someone could build a tool like that for Aerofly it would make things so much easier.

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    I´m in the process of creating my first own scenery for my home region (Rhine Valley between Freiburg and Speyer). I managed to create the photoreal ground with Aeroscenery and created Cultivation for Freiburg and the surrounding area with the help of Rodeo´s tutorial. I´ll also update EDTF with FSCloudport. So far, so good, everything works fine. Now I wanted to create some custom 3D models for EDTF and the city of Freiburg (mainly some POIs like the Münster, the Martinstor and some others) and also put some VFR reference objects like wind turbines, towers and the like into the scenery. The only modeling tool I am able to use is Sketchup, all others are way over my head and I don´t have enough time to learn them. I created some POIs for Scotland in Prepar3d V2 with Sketchup a few years ago, converted them into the Prepar3d format with MCX and managed to put them into Prepar3d. But I don´t know how to convert and place custom models into Aerofly FS 2? What is the best way to do this?

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    I see your point, the OSM data could definitely need some improvement. I read somewhere how users could add data for regions they´re interested in but forgot how it is done. maybe that should be the first step before importing data into ScenProc.

    Judging from your screenshot, ScenProc also needs to be in the Downloads folder? I usually move programs I tend to use regularly into their own folders, so maybe that is the issue.

    cheers, Fabian

    Sorry, but I still seem to get something wrong. I downloaded some larger osm files (from 167 MB to 1,1 GB uncompressed) and processed it with ScenProc using your script. But no matter which file I process, Scen Proc only takes a few seconds and the resulting .toc file is always exactlz 727 KB big. I then create the .tsc files and enter the appropriate coordinates, put the files in the addon scenery folder like instructed, but the cultivation does not show up. Any ideas?

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    Ok, my bad, I found the mistake. I omitted a bracket in the tsc file where the coordinates are put in. All good now. Thanks again for the great tutorial.

    Ok I'm on Windows 10 so maybe thats the problem, though the folder structure looks quite similar and scen proc doesn't show any error messages. I'll try again tonight and see if I can get some results. Is there a mininum size file that scen proc needs to process? I see that yours is 600 MB big, mine is only 350 KB (just a 10 by 10 km area around Moab, Utah with very few buildings and trees, maybe it doesn't contain enough data to be processed?

    I just tried your tutorial and I seem to make a mistake somewhere. The target folder Cultivation for FS 2 stays empty when I run the script in ScenProc. Where exactly do I have to put the map.osm file?



    Thanks Sylvain. Are you planning any more Sceneries for Aerofly? I think most of us would also buy high quality Payware Addons for our favorite simulator.

    Cheers, Fabian

    I guess that ATC primarily matters to the people who like to fly big Airliners while the necessity of ATC communication is far less for GA flyers. Weather though matters to anyone. I don't even need real worldwide weather, just more options and variety to the existing weather conditions, very much like the custom weather option in FSX or P3D.

    Fantastic work. The autogen really makes Aerofly shine. I'd love to help cultivate more areas, especially in the western US, but I don't know anything about the tools used. Is there a step by step tutorial for the creation of cultivation in AFS 2?

    Now that the R22 has been released, IPACS, could you please tell us what you are currently working on as the next step for Aerofly FS 2?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Of course it drops, I just thought it was a little exaggerated, of course I also only have a few hours of real flying experience with one of the flight instructors of my friend. I still think that AFS 2 has the potential to become one of the best simulators on the market, so I was wondering if anything was planned for a high complex GA Aircraft, maybe also by a third party developer.

    Hi, there seems to be something wrong with ground friction on my AFS 2 setup. When I start a flight at an airport, I can't get the aircraft moving even with full throttle as if it were stuck to the ground. I thought I may had set the parking brake or wheel brake, but that was not the case. Furthermore, when I touched down a beechcraft baron with around 90 knots, it came to a stop after a ground roll of around 50 feet even without using the wheel brakes!?! According to the barons performance data it should have a ground roll after landing of around 1400 feet. So that makes me think there's something wrong with with ground friction on my setup. Any idea what's causing this? Thanks and best regards

    How much real world flying experience do you have? A friend of mine is just doing his PPL in a C172 and one of the things he has to train is how to land the aircraft with the throttle cut to idle while still in the traffic pattern, simulating an engine failure. And the C172 definitely not falls from the sky like a rock, it can float for quite a while in which you can try to return to the airport for an emergency landing. I'm not complaining about AFS 2 at all and I know that they'll do their best to improve it with every update, I just wanted to know if there are plans for high quality Addon GA planes like A2A develops for FSX and Prepar3d

    Hi, I'm completely new to Aerofly FS 2 and I'm really enjoying it. Prepar3d has been my main simulator for some years now and I'll probably continue to use it, but I've been spending a lot of time with Aerofly in the last few days. Now I'm a pure GA flyer, and though the default C172 flies quite nicely, some things are a bit unrealistic : for example, mixture set to full rich always seems to give you the best performance, while in reality it's necessary to lean the mixture above approximately 5000 ft. Also, when cutting the throttle to idle on approach, the aircraft drops like a rock which makes it difficult to perform a nice landing flare. Now I was wondering if you are planning to develop a more complex GA aircraft with realistic flight dynamics and engine management for a future update or as a DLC?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!