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    I have asked if there was work on this a few months ago.. to recap, I want to make KSEA and KRNT for the community at some point. I cannot afford 3dxmax or whatever 3d software was being used in the tutorial. To my recollection, there was talk on someone working on a blender tutorial for this? Or at least a plugin? I get that there is a bunch of stuff going on with the upcoming update, but it would be cool for peeps like me to contribute by making airports... without having to spend so much money on software. :D Any insight would be appreciated thanks.

    yo no one is gonna reply to this because "plane request" has been asked so many times. To keep things shot, Devs are busy at doing things "behind the scenes" to deliver us a great sim.

    I like the idea of adding those but I don't think it's on the top of their priority. Unless I am wrong, then please correct me lol :D

    So I followed the tutorial from the SDK website provided. I created a test livery for the lr45 and it wouldn't load. The preview is 100% correct but ingame it would spawn the default livery.

    I get a weird warning in the LOGS but not sure what it means. The file structure seems to be correct.

    this PC>Documents>Aerofly FS 2>aircraft>lj45>velocitydrivers (the name of livery) and here is where the paint is placed.

    Yes I did the BMP to 24 BIT and did the Aircraft Conversion thing.

    In the file are learjet_exterior_001/002_color.ttx, preview.ttx and repaint.tmr

    Would you rather have more regions to fly to or have easy jet?

    The file size for the liveries aren’t just based of colors but resolution. You have to have the resolution high enough to see the details on the fuselage or else you’d have a white tube with orange letters, and then we would have people complain about the lack of details on the fuselage. Like wanting more lines on the wings. I guess you could replace a livery for another? Infinite flight is able to have so many planes because everything is streamed and cashed. Aerofly doesn’t so the user has to download all the files, textures, sounds, etc.

    So I’d just accept the fact that smartphones aren’t really meant for advanced flight sims due to the storage and processor power capability.

    The base game for the pc is over 150 GB and the fact they were able to shrink it down to 4 GB and keep many details is like amazing. If you want easyjet and more stuff go switch to PC.

    OK i understood the spoilers and that they need to be more steep.

    I compared your footage for the rudders to the game and they are identical, it might be your sensitivity but IDK.

    go to [steam etc]/Aerofly FS 2/aircraft/a320 and go to the a320.tmd

    copy this:

    you will replace and paste the lines between "//spoilers" and "//airbrakes and spoilers end" (without the ")

    Good luck.