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    Hey people, long while since I posted, I thought I locked my self out of the forum, but it seems like I am still logged in on the cellphone :)

    E: Locheed C-130 type of aircraft, seems like a military cargo-supply-plane paratrooper /gunship ?

    A: DHC-300 Twin Otter (Could not.. be King Air, because of the high wing design)

    C: F18 Hornet ?

    D: BAE Hawk? Harrier or F-5/T-38

    B : Orion P3 ?

    Hope this helps, :)

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    ah I see, so it will only work in Switzerland area then I guess ?? :/

    but thanks anyway Antoine :thumbup::):)

    I never had Switzerland Pro photoscenery for FSX ?( Also I never used FSET or FS Tile-Proxy.. I have heard about them and read some in the forums many years ago..

    I only had Megascenery California and Pacific Northwest(Seattle area) for photoreal scenery. ;) and some small freeware areas in Norway near airports..

    BUT I do have it in Aerofly FS 2 though ;)^^^^ The IPACS version! And I love it! ^^

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    Rune ENHD

    Hi, yep I think you misunderstood, "or that I did not word myself correctly (English is not my first language(Norwegian is)" :)
    Yes the "ortho picture" as a painted picture derived from "the real photo", "BUT computer painted(from a advanced algorithm/programming by IPACS (but just on the developer side... the users we get "the ready made" textures.... from IPACS)"

    Then it should be able to show "sharper" than some orthophotos ? :/ and It would then be possible to fake colours (winter/Autumn/summer) when it is a "texture-picture"? :/ I might be wrong though, but there are limitations to this way AFS2 does it right now.. I think.. worldwide coverage and seasons support are the two that crosses my mind.. ?(

    Well sort of "true earth" (painted) picture from the orthos-picture... but computer generated not (hand painted, as that would literally take years..) I hope that does make sense ? ;)
    as you said this was brain storming, that is not always too easy to put into words... :/


    I found a way to put "long lat" into FSET,from "my airport ENHD" webpages/wiki

    and clicked display button,

    But then i get a error at the bottom of FEST, Indicating a misding server or somthing like that.. or out of service can not continue somrhing along those lines,

    Sooo.. I can still not continue..:rolleyes:

    Please help,

    Thanks in Advance

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    Cinema 4D Studio R20 3-Month Short-Term License

    Let's chip in/crowdfund to make nichod a possibility to buy Cinema 4D, we will benefit everyone like we have,

    I'm willing to chip in 20$ - Rune ENHD

    will anyone else want to join?

    hopefully IPACS can join us with 20$ pr team-member also ? :)

    Really hope so, we really need nichod's fantastic talent's in this community, and his Aeroscenery/airport generation tools is quite an impressive achievement..

    Hi, i was looking on the wiki 3DS Max tutorial, and it mentioned "as a place to get coordinates" to use for generating a FSET image to use in the airport ground background so you can build "a correct sized, airport/objects and have them placed correctly " in the AFS-2 world map.
    But sadly the webpage mentions, that it "closed down" on the 15th. of September...!? :(

    So how do we get that tutorial going when I don't know the coordinates for the area ..?

    IPACS, can you please edit/fix a solution to this problem in the Wiki
    thank you so much.

    Kind regards

    Rune ENHD

    Brainstorming.... (i'm in) :/^^8) I am also quite interested in Seasons(and weather and mesh +water), living in Norway, the changes from seasons are quite different from each other
    I am starting to think only photoreal-scenery will be a bit difficult, how about some automated program routine that will draw and match "a photo" and convert it into (a texture which looks like the photo??) then IPACS could sell those textures to us, and presto, we will have world coverage with nice textures

    We will then have sharper ground textures, but it should be possible to project them still as the photoreal goundcover does right now, and performance would be kept up like now ??
    There are so many smart people in this community and on the IPACS TEAM , that it could/should be a possiblility/opportunity ??

    basically what I'm trying to decribe is "handpainted textures based on exact photos", but with highly automated tools to control it, instead of manually trying to paint it in photoshop, "which would take years".... X/ ?

    TomSimMuc, Great picture! ^^

    There is a lot of details, in this

    And that has to be the best example of static water with beliveable far!!

    Great work.

    Now imagine that we could get this kind of of real 3D breaking wawes along the coast hopefully whitin a year ? :D8)

    Can you please explain this process ? Was this with Aeroscenery program ?

    You guys say 1 download, Aeroscenery generates a lot of files I guess I need to use the geoconverted-TCS folder

    but how are you putting the folder/s structure? Inside Aerofly "Images"??

    Do you end up with several folders of Hawaii ? Seems that If you try to put everything inside same folder, you will get duplicate filnames, and some end up overwritten, so I make my areas with "Airport name" -North , Airport name -South etc..

    Has anybody tried "Norge i bilder"(Statens kartverk) for Norwegian ortho scenery ??

    Theses provide very high quality ,if it is somehow downloadable? Also I am fed up with low resolution MESH it is way too flat in Norway, how can I improve it ?

    Thanks in advance ! :)

    Holly cow :huh:, I think that Switzerland is such a great effort from IPACS!

    BTW great video comparison! 8)

    using our freeware method with Orthofotos, we really realize "how good the photos must be" for that great immersion factor in AFS-2.

    I can't get higher than max 2m pr tile or my "quite hefty PC-rig" just crash during Geoconverting in Aeroscenery I improved a little bit with more Ram. I now have 14GB at my disposal, I had some DDR3-Ram laying around so I went from a really fast 6GB set (tripple setup3x2GB) to perhaps a bit slower mixed setup..including a set of 16GB sticks. But my ASUS P6-T Deluxe v2 mainboard only can use 1GB-4GB sticks of of memory for a max of 24GB so it reports only "1" 8GB stick, not the 16GB set, so covering up to 5 out of 6 ram-slots on the mainboard. Also creation time of Geoconverting is 3-4 hours at minimum roughly with "just 1" level 9 large-tile (with default settings choose for me)area of 2m-RES.. =O Before that I could only do 5m res..max of 2 tiles or it WOULD HOG THE cpu 100% and RAM 100%, only reset button on the PC worked... X/ That can STILL happen though with 14GB ram.
    I'm using Bing in Aeroscenry right now, so I got really "green-tinted textures", but google watermarks thier's :/ and sometimes it is just a bit mixed set of textures avaliable for my local regions..

    But I am in NO WAY complaning "about the freeware effort", I'm more baffled over the extreme rig you need to have to process Geo-converting... =O:rolleyes:
    it just HOGS my i7-975 Extreme edition cpu, and WILL NOT let you do anything for hours... AND you "CAN NOT CANCEL" the started operation.. WHY??? 8|8|:rolleyes:||
    Can you please explain what system requirements Geoconvert "NEED" to run effortlessly.. ?? :/ what is it in a chipset I need to look for more MB Cashe memory og Highter sometthing else my chipset has 4 Core and 6 Threads?
    Do I need a SSD for faster processing? do I need a more modern Skylake Intel CPU at minimum? do I need more clockspeed up from the 3.33 GHZ it's allready running ?
    Aeroscenery works FAST.. but the Geoconverting takes ages...

    I really hope that we can get the whole Alps region finished, The Moutain areas in AFS2 really comes to life... I NEVER had such a great experience flying over The Alps before... Also remember this is just 1 32" 2560x1440p screen... ;)
    Hopefully we can get some cultivation also in these areas, with some castles/Monastry's High Mountain Skiing areas as 3D models.
    + Other cool landmarks, how about Railroads/mountain rail-way up in the Mountain areas it seems Switzerland is quite famous for these things in the railroad world.

    Also that main picture of Bucher over Alps is just stunning! ^^

    Hi, over at Avsim forums, there was a smart guy (a professor?) who was working on a solution to the stretched Surround Nvidia view, "some sort of screen optical warping/effect" with a very wide field of view.. Also this provided less stretching in the corners ends with a better zoom focal point. This was so that you could get a better performance "than with 3 seperate windows" (which just kills performance!).

    I'm nut sure if he succeed or not? He at least got Locheed Martin Prepar3D's attention.. We should perhaps get this gentleman to talk to IPACS, about his thinking?? :)8)^^

    Actually I think his username was "denali" his real name is John..
    here is the thread i think ? : :)…ion-correction/

    Nickhod It seems , that users like me "will depend on the smart programs you make" or what others create, I might be able to create airport 3D objects, but the process of finding mesh-data and it's related dowloads and stitching together Phototerrain and relying on 4? programs according to the Wiki is bit too much for my brain, I really wanted to start my West-coast of Norway scenery this weekend, bu I am lost how to proceed, I downloaded

    • Aerofly FS2 simulator - Must be installed (CHECK )
    • Aerofly FS2 SDK Tools package - Download it from: here (CHECK)
    • FS Earth Tiles (FSET) - Download it from: here (CHECK)
    • FSEarthTiles.ini - Download it from: here (CHECK)
    • inf2tfwConverter.exe (Optional) - Download it from here (CHECK?)

    But I actually don't understand "how to use"/ install the files ??? =O;(

    the Gimp/photoshop program (I have some "basic" understanding of these programs)

    I am a CAD designer, so will have to learn from scratch the texturing/modelling/unwrapping in 3DS-MAX 2013
    But I am lost on the other steps to create scenery

    I have only made repaints many years ago.. never made any scenery

    I was hoping to achieve within a few hours a downloaded small island of photoscenerey that I could use the downloaded fscloudport to test from (I have the ENHD airport from cloudport but I want to enhance the area with correcrly modelled terminal and tower and the basic 1-2meter photomesh)

    Go shareware with the program Nickhod ? (or if you want to keep it freeware, at least accept "some" donation/beer(Lager/stout/wine)-money), I will gladly donate Euros If if it will help me grasp the concept of scenery creation in Aerofly FS2..

    I MUST thank all the kind users who have provided me with the steps/links :):):thumbup:

    But how or what to do with them steps/files I downloaded to make scenery.. :?::?:=O


    Kind regards Rune

    Well I have the rotary encoders on the Saitek radio-panel, and I had "a cockpit-panel test-prototype" which had the same vague feel on
    the encoder rotarys I built back in the day...
    But I am certain that I will not settle for anything less than ELMA encoders, Russ Barlow "Air manager" tested different encoders and highly recomended that ELMA thing, closest to real aviation encoders he said (If a old captain says that, I will rely on it, no way to test it myself...though):)

    Great to hear that they work well in AFS-2 :), they looked like they worked well in the video.
    Seems like the Saitek encoders on the radio do not work well in AFS-2 at least in my install of Windows-7 64bit
    Saitek switch panel works though roughly 85% function

    Thanks for your info !:):thumbup:

    Does it matter if I order this…7bd6d88698b21b2

    or this ?…products_id=180

    Will it work with toggle switches also ? in Aerofly FS2 ?? or do I have to wait for Arduino support "for this toggle feature"
    So at least Aerofly support rotarys, and push-button/momentary switches out of the box with this Leo-Bodnar board ?

    Also looking forward to the SS Carbon cub 8) great work btw ^^^^