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    I use the joystick POV HAT for the MOVE left/right/forward/aft Move eyepoint (seat position) assignments since AFS2 nicely accepts them separately.

    Thanks. I have a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and I do the same. RUDDO pedals, VirtualFly TQ6, and Saitek's TPM. All work nice but have to deactivate one of the throttles depending on the plane.

    But the worst is the TQ6, it simply does not work well with AFS2.

    Hi Antoine, I don't even know what FRAPS is.

    Thanks for the welcome to the forum too, appreciate it!

    Thanks J van E, seems pretty confusing, I'll have to re-read it several times to wrap my head around it.

    Also, I don't use Steam, I bought it from Aerosoft as a download and updated it through them. I never really liked Steam but should have bought it from them as now I can't get Utah. I'm downloading the Southwest USA now but it's taken three days so far and have Colorado, all from Aerosoft. But they don't have Utah so unless I buy it again but from Steam I'm out of luck.

    Hi Ray, I did that with Steam, if I didn't buy it from Steam it won't let me download the DLC.

    Ah, CTRL + F1! Very good, thanks, I couldn't find that anywhere.

    Thanks for the button clarification!

    Thanks for the advice for the 1-5 keys!

    Thanks about the controllers too!

    I see, so it'll have to be JPEG's.

    I'd have to take a screenshot of what I was asking about the Views setting in Settings. I'm not on the PC right now, I was talking about the Views in Settings. From top to bottom, I wish I could list them right now. I wasn't talking about resolution, I need to know about the Views menu.

    Thanks a LOT for your help, I really appreciate it!

    Thanks! Ok, here goes as I created a document with questions.

    Thanks to Aerosoft I now have Colorado and the Southwest, but is there a way to get Utah as I should have bought it from Steam.

    How do I see frame rates? I don’t see it on my 50” monitor nor do I see it in the settings screen.

    In the settings screen I see two buttons on each side that say press, I know from reading the WiKi manual that they’re for key bindings but why two of them on each side? Will they conflict?

    Sometimes as I switch between views I can no longer get the left seat view. How do I get it back?

    Can I use the TQ6 and the Saitek TPM a the same time or will they conflict with one another? Or is it better to deselect one or another before setting up a flight?

    Is it possible to take screenshots in JPEG format instead of BMP?

    I don’t understand the views screen in settings. What is the difference between them all?

    Hello, I just bought AFS2 from Aerosoft yesterday, installed the latest update, and I have some questions.

    I'll start with a major one.

    AFS2 sees my VirtualFly TQ6 yet no matter how I try to set it up in the settings screen when I use it on the A320 or any other jet something very strange happens. I have to keep the physical TQ6 lever in the reverse position just to have the engines run in Idle. If I move it the tiniest bit out of the reverse detent position it goes full max throttle and actually bounces the cockpit throttles again the full stops. So I can't use it for reverse or even flying. I calibrated it in Windows 10 and AFS2. Does anyone else have the VirtualFly TQ6?

    Thanks, more questions later if you don't mind as I'm brand new to this program. It's so silky smooth and crystal clear.