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    I have Orbx Netherlands, great but only Masstricht and Eindhoven have full auto land ie loc and glideslope but not any runway at Schipol , what gives??

    Please make sure your controllers are calibrated correctly.

    During the approach, depending on weather or not it is an ILS approach, the autopilot will disengage if it is unable to do a fully automatic landing.

    If you have no ILS signal strength an automatic landing is not possible. It would be possible in the sim but we simulate the real world aircraft behavior here.

    it will do it after takeoff at any time , or when flying at cruz or landing

    when flying ,particularly approach . My autopilot will continually switch off and needs to be swithed on all the time B747 and A320

    Selected KLM 747 on runway 34 Amsterdam International air port , destination JFK New York . Takeoff fantastic , great scenery Via ORBX pass over Dutch coast and flightpath takes you over UK and Ireland . Not a lot to see but by this time you are at CRZ FL340 but coastline and cloud well defined. stop flight here and use location feature to continue flight just off the coast of Newfoundland Canada then great scenery via IPACS all the way past the skyscapers of long island to perfect ILS landing at JFK . Plane flies well and looks great , you can see that there will be a lot of functionality to come and looks as good as my PMDG Queen of the Skies . I cant wait until I can load my own Flight data and track the flight , but for now its great .:):):):)

    from top ,arrival NY bottom Leaving Amsterdam

    yes forgot to mention magenta diamond for LOC and no diamond for G/S only downward chevron.

    where its at


    rwy 03 LOC and G/S yay

    rwy 21 no LOC noG/S


    rwy 36r, 18, 36, 18r, 06 All have LOC but no G/S


    rwy 03 LOC and G/S yay

    rwy 21 LOC and G/S yay again


    rwy 06 LOC no G/S

    rwy 24 LOC no G/S

    I love my airliners so its a pain especially Amsterdam being the Premier airport for Netherlands.

    3 runways out of 11 functional . Don't mind finding these hiccups but how will they be fixed , a patch perhaps ?

    they work at EHEH though ??????? And at US airfields.

    LOC engages G/S does not turn green but plane seems to glide down under v nav , auto landing comes up .

    three things that I like about Aerofly

    1 everything

    2 everything

    3 everything

    doing a great job guys, we just need to be patient, even the little things take a lot of man hours .

    from little old N.Z

    world cup rugby champs

    americas cup holders

    indy car champs

    see size doesnt matter


    yes definitely using Vulkan fixed issue . worked well on all aircraft without a hitch . tried swapping back and problem reoccurred, back to Vulcan and it went away again.

    is it possible to transfer liveries from other aircraft to the aerofly planes ie majestic dash 8 to aerofly dash 8 and aerosoft A320 to aerofly A320

    in location you can now place the aircraft on the route near the airport set the direction and altitude and press fly . you will need to engage autopilot etc though. works fine for me to do practice landings.

    Hardawre is the latest GE force 1070 ti 8 gb windows 10 running steam 3 terrabyte solid state plus another 3 terrabyte backup hdd, stryx graphics card, intel i7 processor , 1 monitor no scaling .