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    Lost the lights (and worse) when I updated to IOS 12 (Air 2).

    Hope they get around to fixing it now that 2019 is installed, otherwise the previous thanks for your patience and being a loyal customer postings will ever ring hollow.

    (But I do realize that life moves on.)

    A search for the game produced a grayed-out $6.99 button and the message, "This app requires specific features not available on this device."

    Might this be a case of some unknown setting not being activated on my unit, or am I totally out of luck for this update? (In which case I will have to wait to see if the red dots are overcome and the airstrip lights are restored.)

    Thank you.

    Plus I haven't seen runway landing lights since the third week of September.

    Those lights are a great feature, but not being able to land at night is soooooo aggravating.

    Is this happening for all regions? Only affecting night time?

    All regions

    No standard lighting to runways guidance even in daytime.

    Unfortunately I could only capture this in-monochrome due to attachment limitations. The dome shaped lights appear in different colours above a much smaller light located in the centre of the runway.

    That (blinking ) dome thing is the thing, but located around in the vicinity of the control tower off to the side of the runways. All other runway lights non-existent.

    Updated my ipad air 2 to iOS 12. Now get large blinking red and green dots over airports as seen from the sky. Upon approach to the runway, all runway lights are darkened, as are the city lights nearby, so I have abandoned any night landings.

    I tried every display control, and re-installed game a couple times. The blinking dots are still there.:cursing:

    Is there any recourse to suggest?

    Thank you, much.