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    Currently we have a different approach to these items. First off, saving a flight isn't available just yet but Aerofly will resume where you left off before you closed Aerofly. As for starting at the gate, you can choose from various locations at each airport or you can even add your own parking locations by adding them to the airport TSC file. And entering slew mode we have a developer mode camera that will allow you to position yourself at different camera angles, this is mostly used for making and modifying scenery for now.

    Each of these items will be changed in future updates so they are all currently only as preliminary in Aerofly.

    To learn more about Aerofly and current features you should check out our official wiki site HERE

    Hi Jeff, I’m new and getting things “off the ground” so to speak. I am very interested in the part about adding your own parking locations at the airport TSC file. Is there a tutorial on that? In FS you added a line to the aircraft .cfg file to designate it as a heavy for the ATC. I assume this is a similar procedure?



    Good morning. I’m brand new to FS2 and am setting up my X 55 Rhino HOTAS. Does anyone have the same controller and would settings would you recommend? What functions did you assign to which switches, buttons, etc? Thanks in advance!!

    So sorry if this has been addressed earlier, I did a search and didn’t come up with anything pertinent. (It might be user error)

    I just purchased FS2 via steam and is a 7 or 8 hour download time typical??? Is there a download manager I may have missed somewhere on Steam?

    Many Thanks