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    Hello. When there are clouds and I move the head in VR the clouds do weird movements. I can obtain 90fps and the terrain and rest is ok. Clouds change as I move my head. Very strange and not nice at all.

    Please, could you also work a way to avoid Paralell projections in fs2? That way we could use Fixed Foveated Rendering to improve visuals.

    Pimax 5k+ and 2080ti:(

    Hi. I bought Helgoland Scenery and the terrain textures are really simple (low resolution). I am dissapointed with this scenery. I hope to have much better textures. I'm using max settings. Many buildings are very simple too.X/

    There is also a ship in the sea but I can not land on the ship because I go through the ship like a ghost. It doesn't have colliders.

    frui With the idea of sitting still and not have to do much moving around while flying, could you test to see if the Pimax can run Aerofly without the tracking base stations? Perhaps just left and right head movements. I believe I will be getting my headset before the knuckles and base station 2 bundles come out. Knowing if I can temporarily avoid controller and base station purchase would help. I suppose anyone with a regular HTC VIVE could test this, but the Pimax might be different??

    Yes, you can use dcs, fs2 without any controllers and base stations. That is my case. The only issue is than you can get closer or bend sideways. You can look up, down, left and right.

    I can get 90fps in Insbruck and orbix true Netherlands but I can't in New York. My fpsvr says 6.85ms in my gpu and 8,5 in my cpu. My maximun thread is 72%. Why can't I get more than 75-80fps if I am below 11ms?

    Pitool 1, Steam 46 and in game 1.

    In other sceneries I can have in game at 1,35 and get 90fps.

    Many thanks

    I can get over 70 fps in the most demanding scenery with everything maxed out except shadow, so it's very smooth. It will be also fine with weaker CPU and graphic card as the "Brainwarp" smart smoothing is coming very soon.

    I can get 90fps but I could use more SS in steam or in game without parallel projections on. The VR games without that enable runs faster and it is less gpu consuming. In other words, you can have more fps or more SS. For example Asseto corsa doesn't use parallel projections in Pimax 5k+.

    Anyway, in February, fixed foveated rendering is coming to Pimax. This will bring more performance which is great. My brother had Oculus and the difference is quite big: fov and screen door much better in Pimax 5k+

    I have pimax 5k+ and I like them very much. We need pitool color saturation option and foveated rendering to improve. It would be great if FS2 aerofly could allow to run the flight simulator without parallel projections. The performance would be much better.

    I also need more sceneries with better textures, water, traffic...

    If you try to remove traffic and so on from New York in P3D or Xplane you don't get as many frames as in FS2. I have tried it. But we need what you say: traffic, trains, boats, water... life.