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    Thank you for sharing.

    After NLR motion platforms come alive, I'm testing settings for Odyssey+. Can you share the other graphic settings?. I run in Vulcan with High Quality anti-alasing mode. In general, can you take screenshots and share graphic settings and graphics quality?. Does the cloud density affect VR performance?.

    Currently, I test on a set with GTX 1080 ti with i7 8086k @ 5.0 GHz


    I would like to speak in this discussion as the owner of the Aerofly FS 2 commercial license. First of all, big thanks go to the developers for making the game available on the STEAM platform for commercial use.

    I've chosen Aerofly FS 2 because it was listed, as one of the few games, on the list of games supported by motion platform (NLR V3). I selected the components of the simulator (motion platform, cockpit, UHD Curved 21: 9 screen monitor, X-56 HOTAS, VR goggles) to be compatible with the game. I bought the license at the beginning of November, having already purchased the equipment, when the game was still supported by motion platform.

    I am currently looking for other games to somehow utilize the purchased equipment, especially the motion platforms. It is a bit difficult considering the selection of individual elements of my simulator. I do not plan to continue using Aerofly FS 2 without a mobile platform.

    It will be a pity if the game is not supported by at least one of motion systems. At the occasion of the presentation at various events or simply in the games room, a lot of people can get to know the game or even learn about its existence.

    I hope that what I have written will contribute to the restoration of the game in particular on the NLR V3 motion platform.

    Gifts for the Christmas tree have long been unpacked. My motion system is still like an ordinary chair since the R22 update.

    Honestly, I appreciate the IPACS team for all the hard work involved in the Aerofly FS2 project.

    The owners of mobile platforms are a minority, but the solution to the problem would be great in the new year.

    I am asking for understanding, I bought NLR V3 and Logitech X56 H.O.T.A.S only for Aerofly FS2. In combination with VR goggles and a top computer set, it gives an unforgettable experience. When one part is missing the whole project does not make sense.

    Hello to all forum members,

    In the beginning I would like to point out that I do not have any experience in configuring Aerofly 2, especially in the VR environment.

    I would like to ask you for help in configuring both STEAM and the game itself.

    What in your opinion should be the basic settings for my rig?

    A rig that I have been building for some time:

    i7 8086k delidded OC all cores at 5.0 Ghz with water cooling; Z370 AORUS Gaming 7; 16 Gb 3200 Cl 16; Palit RTX 2080 ti Dual; and HTC Vive with Deluxe Audio Strap (not the pro version)

    Thank you in advance for your help.