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    And the Learjet? Any opinion on how good it is compared to A320 and Q400 ?

    I have to say that I love AFS2 but it is slightly disturbing to see how some planes are incredible and others are, say, not so seriously done. Unless I am completely wrong and I missed something, the F15 has a completely unrealistic rate of climb.

    Honestly, while we all search for the Holy Grail of super high-resolution, my experience says that aerofly is probably the only Sim that could run acceptably at those resolutions .

    Anything else will be reduced to a slideshow , so I'm not sure how good those super hi-rez hmds are really going to be for simulation .

    Perhaps Oculus being a bit more humble with its ambitions , will actually provide the more reasonable compromise .

    Demanding sims, typically IL2, and I guess AFS2 is similar (EDIT: OK, that seems wrong), are generally CPU bounded. Which means that all things being equal, increasing the resolution, which exclusively relies on the GPU, will not significantly decrease the frame rate. What does decrease the frame rate is amount of details, terrain resolution (3d resolution) or viewing distance.

    So better VR resolution is more than welcome.

    The only thing I wonder is should I spend my money updating my CPU to improve my framerate or updating my headset to improve the resolution. Both would be perfect...

    I guess you are using the touch joystick for the collective, not the actual virtual collective lever?

    It's the third time I complain about that so the next time I just shut up, but I am surprised to be the only one who have issue using pedals and left Touch joystick at the same time, especially for R22.

    Almost each time I touch the collective I touch the (virtual) pedals as well which interfere with my (hardware) pedals. For planes it is not a major issue, but for helicopters... it is.

    Frankly I continue using joystick + left Touch for planes, but right now I stick with pure joystick configuration for helicopters. It works pretty fine. Well, I am still not mastering the R22, but it is definitely not mainly a controller issue...

    OK I guess it is a bit late, but this is an easy one.

    I guess the cyclic will be on the right pad, and the collective and the pedals will be on the left pad. Please allow people who own physical pedals to deactivate pedals on the left pad. It is almost impossible to move the x axis without moving the y axis, so this is a just bit annoying for planes, moving the rudder involontarily does not have major consequences, but I guess it will be awful for helicopter if you move the pedal each time you want to change the collective.

    Just a flag somewhere to deactivate pedal control on the pad would be great. Thanks.

    The ILS is now implemented in the MB339, has been added with the last major update.

    You can change the navigation source in the HSI to NAV and then tune in the frequency on your right hand side. Change the course on the HSI and then you should have a working ILS

    Isn't the frequency supposed to be already setup for the landing airport chosen in the navigation interface, just like for other planes? And the frequencies for localizer and glide path are supposed to be setup separately? Because as I said localizer works. Only glide path does not seem to work unless I don't know where to look.

    ILS or route following is not implemented yet in our version of this fighter autopilot.

    I had a similar question about the Mb-339. Is ILS correctly implemented? I can see that direction and horizontal alignement works, but I can't make vertical alignment work, there seems to be a diamond on the dial but it does never move. Do you confirm that it is not implemented? Or did I miss something?

    OK, I got it. I use an old Microsoft For Feedback Pro that I generally do not power, so it does not autocenter when released. Which mean that if I do not center it when I press autopilot, it considers it as "deflected" and disengage the autopilot. So I guess I have either to power it or to pay attention to manually center it when engaging the autopilot. From my first experiments the second options works fine, it does not have to be very precisely centered.

    Anyway, thanks for your help, you gave me some nice pieces of information.

    Thanks a lot for all these explanations. I am still not sure what happened to me, maybe the involuntary use of the go around button, maybe it is an issue with my controls which were registered as moving even though I was not touching them.

    Could you please tell me a little bit more about the go around (toga?) button? The documentation of the Q400 is really not clear about that, I looked on google but what I found was about autothrottle so I am a bit confused about what it is supposed to do in a Q400. Thanks!


    I am learning how to use the autopilot, on the Q400, and I tried the Learjet as well. I am understanding most of it, but I am still facing "AP Disengaged" about a second after I engaged it sometimes without really understanding why. I am clearly not going too fast or too slow or having a pitch or a roll to high, and there are no specific warning on anywhere, and I am not touching the commands. Are there somewhere a list of all the reasons why an autopilot would disengage?

    A more general question, out of curiosity, my understanding is that the autopilot, even as advanced as the one of the Q400, does not control the thrust. It does control the pitch in order to stabilize the speed OR the altitude for a given thrust. Is it a general behavior? Are there any plane where the thrust is controlled by the autopilot?



    I am experimenting with using a full VR Touch setup, without joystick. It is pretty fascinating to be able to interact with the complete cockpit with such liberty.

    However, there is something a little bit wrong with that, I can't assign touch buttons. OK I don't need many commands considering I use virtual hands, but at least VR center, pause and menu are mandatory. Otherwise you need do remove your VR headset and look for your keyboard just to press pause...

    Any idea how to solve that?