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    I know why it’s tilted I was just wondering why Boeing and Airbus tilt different ways

    That's not an Airbus/Boeing thing. On the 767 the bogies are tilted the opposite way than on the 777.

    The same goes for the A330/A350.

    Speaking from RW experience; Greasing an aircraft on which has the bogies tilted the A350/767 way is way more difficult than on an A330 or a 777.

    On the other hand and way more important, with the A350/767 way the aircraft doesn't tend to bounce on landing and spoiler extension usually happens noticeable faster.

    Another important point is the lack of centering of a virtual yoke. How do you determine the center position? How do you trim if you have don't have an off-center force?

    Furthermore, if a speed limit exists, it's only valid for the application of reverse thrust. For idle reverse there's no limit in any case and on many jets it can be observed that idle reverse is being used to control the taxi speed.

    The reversers are only used to about 70kts. Below that speed it would not be safe to operate them and therefore they are not used when you pull the throttle slider back into the brake area.

    But that's not like IRL. E.g. Airbus specifically states that maximum reverse thrust can be used until coming to a full stop in case of e.g. a rejected takeoff.

    Furthermore a powerback would not be possible if there would be a speed limit for activation.

    It's a trade off between number of frames stored per second and total length of the replay.

    The way too low fps are IMO a major drawback of the replay function. This results in jerky movements e.g. during rapid aircraft movement and it's especially noticeable during less-than-perfect landings.

    There's something else and rather strange going on with the flaps.

    Even with the flaps selected up, they don't fully retract below 500-600kts and below 100kts they retract on their own.....

    edit: just 'upgraded' from the release to the beta version and the problem is even 'worse' now (I'm 95% sure). In the beta the aileron droop is also active with the 'maneuvering' flaps, in the release version only the flaps are extending/retracting in the 'maneuvering mode.

    That's apparently not a bug in the speedbrake/spoiler system, but in the throttle system since it is impossible to select anything lower than idle in flight.

    Why the spoiler are connected to the wheelbrakes at this low speed..I don't know

    I don't understand that request. You can't go below idle in flight (and you shouldn't on ground during taxiing either)

    Since I'm unable to find the correct VC control or anything in the wiki; is there a way to adjust the HUD brightness in these planes like in the MB339 ?

    Speaking of the F-15; Are there any plans to correct the primary and secondary flight controls?

    1. Please remove the aileron droop with flap extension.

    2. Please correct flap relief function since it activates way too early. It starts to retract the flaps at 170kts....instead of 250kts.

    When selected down, the flaps should start to extend again at 240kts.

    I love the F-15 but in external view with the drooped ailerons she looks really very weird.

    Thanx in advance :)

    And the Aerofly F/A-18 doesn't get sucked down to the ground at very low altitude. The Aerofly graphics engine is miles above DCS, especially since the latest version in DCS where every cockpit is super shiny....

    And also rather important, in Aerofly you have a working replay feature ;)

    A little question, why dont you play DCS with the f18 module?

    I mean it is the most realistic f18 you will get in a sim and you can perform realistic with it?

    Although the DCS F/A-18 has more realistic avionics etc. the Aerofly version is much more immersive (mainly due to the better graphics) and more fun to fly IMO.