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    Ok, i found what's happening with cold & dark:

    If you place the plane in a runway header, it's loaded in the "takeoff" state.

    Instead, placing it at any other location in the airport, the plane is loaded on cold & dark.

    Not all airports have spots outside of the runway headers. Just find one of them and try.

    Investigating the plane files (at C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\aircraft\Duchess76), there are three .tmd files: "duchess76_clean.tmd", "duchess76_landing.tmd" and "duchess76_takeoff.tmd". I assume a different file is loaded depending where you place the plane.

    I guess you would overwritte "duchess76_takeoff.tmd" with "duchess76_clean.tmd" (make a backup before), to force the dark & cold state in all conditions.

    Not a configuration tool, but until they improve it, i'm happy with that.

    Hi, i'm searching for the most convenient way to speedup the time on long flies.

    A quick way is to move the plane directly on the map, using "Location". But that resets the plane to its default state, initializing radio settings, etc.

    Is there some alternative ?



    I've puchased Aerofly FS2 recently, and i'm very pleased with it.

    But i find some minor downsides as this, which i guess it would be fixed easily.

    Please, add an ICAO selector to the map.

    Thanks !