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    Thanks for your quick reply Jeff,

    I tried it right away, but unfortunately it did not fix my problem.

    I just assigned the rudder axis to my old joystick (CH fighterstick), and the problem is gone.

    Is it possible there is a compatibility problem with the VKB-T-Rudder?

    I have a problem with my hardware rudder controls in combination with Aerofly 2.

    I use the VKB T-Rudder Mk II as hardware rudder/tailrotor controls. I have been flying the R22 in Aerofly 2 without any problems when it just came out. Haven't flown for a few weeks, and all of a sudden the last time I fired up the sim I have a problem where the ruddercontrol has a sudden offset to the right, which makes flying impossible.

    While my hardware pedals are in a neutral position; in the sim there is about a 50% right pedal input.

    I have recalibrated my controls in windows; and I don't have this problem in other sims (I mainly fly X-plane and DCS).

    In aerofly I have reconfigured and calibrated all controls too, but the problem persists.

    Does anyone have a good idea?



    As you feed in more power and collective to lift off, the helicopter will be twisted more around the rotor mast so you need to add more left torque pedal. Try to get a book on helicopters, see what your library has.

    That is not my problem... I have been sim-flying helicopters in all the major sims (mainly X-Plane and DCS) for years... Since the release of the R22 in Aerofly I have been flying it without any problems in profi mode, and it changed all of a sudden the last time i fired up the sim. My question is if this behaviour is caused by an update or installing third party scenery, because i cant find any problems with my hardware

    Is it possible that the Aerofly R22 has a small bug recently? Because I was flying on profi mode without any problems until a month ago. Tonight I had the same problem as Frui! I have calibrated my hardware in windows and in Aerofly (I use VKB pedals); I see the pedals moving in the cockpit, and I am able to control while on the ground. Once I lift off I immediately lose tail rotor control and the R22 turns to the right...

    I have installed some extra ORBX and aerosoft addons... any ideas?