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    Are you experienced in flying real world R-22s Autojohn? My helicopter time is very limited and is from many years ago so I would eagerly welcome real world pilot input assistance to get the FS2 R-22 simulation as genuinely authentic as possible.

    I actually called into a R-22 school a few years ago to get some fresh time in, thankfully there was no-one in💰

    Yes, I fly the R22 and R44 regularly at KSTS. I'm still a fairly new helicopter pilot but fresh in those types. The most important thing in my experience with the simulator is to have reasonable physical controls and you need to calibrate them correctly. Do you have some kind of reasonable collective, cyclic and pedals?

    Here's my list:

    - functioning carb heat

    - I've only flown at 2 airports, but there are no windsocks

    - the flare is too weak

    - the yaw when reintroducing throttle at the bottom of an auto is too much

    - The acceleration is a bit off. It picks up at about 21.5 " which is fine, but then won't accelerate to 60 uless you add power.

    I recently purchased Aerofly FS2 for the Robinson R22. Great job on that, by the way! The flight model is quite a bit better than the "alternative"

    I'm struggling a bit with running in VR and perhaps I'm just missing a link to documentation. Is there more documentation than the online manual?

    1. When I launch from Steam in SteamVR mode, it consistently crashes. I can successfully launch in Occulus mode, but would like to try SteamVR as well.
    2. Once I hit play in VR, is there a way to get back to the settings to change weather, time, etc? Going back to the occulus dash hangs my machine.

    Thanks in advance. For future updates, the main improvement I would like to see is sound. The R22 sounds are not very realistic, ground contact sounds are entirely missing (important in skid helis).