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    Yes, I am aware of that. This calls for a good set of options to pick from, plus good default settings for those that do not want to fumble with settings. Add a bit of auto-detection and everybody will be happy.

    Thanks for taking care to answer this in this complete form. I did not know many of the actions you mention here.

    You seem to worry that a user accidentally clicks something instead of zooming. Currently, there is only confusion: The user wants to look around but accidentally pulls something (Airbus?), Using the right mouse button plus the wheel for zooming would add another confusion when the user points to a lever that can move multiple levers (multi-engine levers?).

    So either (a) you disable zooming, or (b) you use the middle mouse button or another trigger button, or (c) you live with two possible user errors. (a) is not good. (b) is only good if the user can map the middle mouse button to a thumb button. (c) I think is feasible, but maybe should be an option. Zooming without any click is not good, because the user will too often accidentally zoom which is annoying especially with today's easy spinning mouse wheels.

    By the way, I also think that the reset of the current view should then also reset the zoom.

    Thanks for listening, yours, Paul.

    Yes, I mean I would like to zoom with mouse key pressed down. In the same way that I can look around. On my mouse, I can use a thumb key for the right mouse key, that makes it even more comfortable.

    I understand that it is not possible to zoom with the mouse wheel. You want to keep that for turning knobs.

    However, why not zoom with the mouse and right mouse button? I had the same discussion with Laminar Research, and they never considered this option. I mean, it is quite simple: You look around with the right mouse button, you zoom with it. If you want to turn something you let the button go.

    Moreover, I can set an axis for zooming in FS2. But it also does not zoom in the cockpit.

    Yours, Paul.

    My trick is to use the horizon. The problem is that you easily lose the orientation on the current attitude of the helicopter in a simulator, especially in non-VR. Thus you get surprised that the aircraft is floating away. You then try to stop this movement but only make things worse. So I look outside keeping the main focus on the horizon and the aim I want to fly to, e.g. a helipad, at the same time. Steering must be subconscious.

    I actually do not know how to learn that in this sim besides trying and trying. Instructors do it by giving you one control only at a time. Thus you can program that into your subconscious mind until you do not have to think about it. The non-pro mode makes it too easy, but maybe a first help. I would like to see some modes in between.