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    The ch53 will certainly be a challenge! Looking forward to it.

    I now have my voiceattack profile done for all the checklists. I made a complete startup video, which will finish uploading in a couple of hours. With my checklists I can start up in under 10 mins. I don't think it's cheating toooo much :) Let me know the bits I've done wrong!

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    If you look at the real throttle the detent peg (just seen on the left one) on the ECL is at the front, so when the ECL is closed for instance the detent that you see is actually away from where ECL centre is giving the illusion that detent is in the wrong place. These detents are adjustable to help set the engines up. what you see at the ground idle detent is actually a range the lever can be in.

    When I first made the Lynx the ECL movement was mostly full travel but as development continued the engines changed quite a bit. The is zero information on the engines and how to set them up, it was lots of trial and lots of error. Thankfully as an ex aircraft tech I understood what should be happening but it didn't always work out that way.

    Over time I sort of perfected them but the correlation between what you see and what the dynamics system is doing has sort of got out of sync slightly. As a result of weeks of engine setup the ground idle also moved towards the cut off, it's a very fine line between the engine working and it blowing up. The real EGT is somewhere over 1400 degrees, but by some smoke and mirrors I make it appear everything is fine. We have to remember quite a lot I did on the Lynx pushed the sim to places it didn't like going. No1 engine uses an actuated freewheel (ACC/MAIN drive switch), No2 engine a standard freewheel. FS2 doesn't have an actuated freewheel so Jan and I had to get creative . The Lynx was, and still is, very much experimental.

    When you push the ECL's forward as far as they can go the engines should read 95%, as long as that is happening the underlying system is working fine. 100% engine is only attainable when you move the SSL to max. Another bit of creative TMD work I had to come up with and then we throw the Torque matching into the mix and it gets entertaining

    Wait till the CH53E see's the light of day...a TMD nightmare :S

    Thanks Larry,

    My last post with the RL photo was posted at the same time as your earlier reply so please ignore it. From your description then I can assume ground idle is roughly half of travel, and flight idle is where the 'ground idle' text is, with full being at full travel. That will do me fine!

    I fully appreciate that it was a complete nightmare adapting the complex Lynx model to work in the relatively 'uncomplex' FS2 environment and hat's off to you sir for that. If you do update the graphics it might be worth changing the text of the GND IDLE - it was that which caused the confusion for me in the first place.

    Thanks again for your efforts and answering my questions. Much appreciated.



    Me again :o

    I'm getting up to speed with my engine start checklist (and making videos on the journey) but something is confusing me. Relating to the ECLs, you speak of Off, Ground Idle, Flight idle and 100%/Full. What is confusing me is that the ground idle mark on the throttle quadrant is almost in the full position, so where is flight idle? In other heli sims, ground idle is around 60% of level travel and flight idle is around 90%. Further investigation on t'net for Lynx throttle quadrants (maybe I will add one to my simpit if it could be mapped) shows a photo of a quadrant with ground idle at mid position. Is this a different variant or is it a text mix-up in the sim?

    Edit: I've just gone back in the sim, and compared the RL throttle to the sim one. When I look around the front of the unit (and bash my RL head against my RL monitor) I see that the lever travel is further than the lever is travelling, if you get my drift. It is stopping at the ground idle detent and not going any further. How do I get it past the detent and to full travel please? I've tried shouting at it and it's not working.



    Thanks for the comments Larry. I tried pushing the lane light buttons at the time but they did not illuminate, due to messing something up earlier in the sequence, and I was overcome by 'new toy' syndrome which meant I just had to get airborne. I now have my voiceattack profile finished so I can spend some quality time polishing the sequence without constantly peeking at the (otherwise excellent) manual.

    Hi John

    Unfortunately the mouse pointer is not shown when I do a screen recording so I get exactly what you mean. I am going to have a look at a way around this. I have tried to use the VR manipulators (green hands) but the way they click switches and grab handles is very hit and miss. When I find a way to make a good recording I will try to put together a complete startup video.



    Thanks Nexus, I'm sure that will help, although I've never used voiceattack personally. The main thing that confuses me about your video is that it can be tricky to see just what's happening, as there is no visual indication as to which switch you are operating. If anyone out there has the inclination/capability to do a video startup tutorial that shows which button is which I'm sure that would benefit many people. It's not something covered in any youtube videos that I can find, unlike say an R22, so it's a tricky procedure to learn.

    I've been trying to run through the list in 2D, flicking backwards and forwards between the manual and AFS2, but some of the buttons are obscured and the mouse look spins round when you look at the overhead panel if you aren't careful, so I've been going dizzy this afternoon.

    It's bound to take time to learn but that's half the fun.

    For people (especially, but not limited to VR) struggling with the comprehensive checklists, I've created a voiceattack profile which covers all of the lists. Here's a quick video of a small proportion of the startup. Let me know if you want the profile. It's taken me a few hours to write so donations to the associated retired servicemen's charity would be welcomed. I'll add a link to the profile in my Google drive folder if anyone wants it.

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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the prompt and detailed reply. The COL. REL. button makes perfect sense now thankyou. I will indeed bind it to the Bar Alt function. I will bind the rocker switch to the heading hold, since it has no function. I really hoped that you would tell me what the rocker is for, but if you don't know than I guess no-one will!

    Thanks again for producing this module. I would guess that there have been many frustrations on the way but you have produced something very special.



    Oh, and +1 with the 'throttle' lever mapping, though I would guess that this is a restriction with FS2.


    Many thanks for your excellent work here. My simpit has been waiting a long time for the moment a high fidelity Lynx model was available. I never thought it would be FS2 but I'm glad it is!

    One question about the collective if I may; There is a thumb-button marked 'COL.REL.' I have taken it that the collective position is electrically locked until the thumb button is pressed. I have made mine work this way with an electrical solenoid.

    I hope to get this installed now and straight to RTFM.



    Edit: Now I'm RTFM is see that it is the release for the BAR ALT. There is a redundant switch in there so I'll probably wire it through the interface so that I can map it.

    I was hoping to use the idle detent in my Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle for the idle detent on the Lynx but unfortunately the analogue range stops before the detent. The detent position actually activates two digital buttons.