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    Is the oge hover correct with this model,according to the real ec 135 pilots who tested? Just curious cause I see it has less power now and oge hover at 7000ft is not alway attainable.

    I Did a few autos with it and it auto rotates beautifully. Was also wondering if anyone knows what the second knob (next to the vent knob) that you turn on the upper panel is for? When you turn it to Max, you get a green message “bleed air" come up on the display? Vortex ring also seems to be simulated very well. Really loving this EC 135. It is now my favourite favourite (any sim)

    OMG!! Ipacs you nailed it!

    I can now do wing overs in the EC135,

    The blade flap sounds orgasmic, I swear I can even hear the air vent subtly when you turn it up! The sounds are awesome the attention to detail just breathtaking and the flight model is beautiful. I love it! Thank you, and keep up the amazing work, you guys are wonderful.

    Wow wow wow, that new helicopter is SUBLIME!!!!! Sorry I'm late but I don't use the Sim much in Summer time, I mean our SHORT summer.
    Bravo again!!!

    It's a beauty isn't it ? I don't think iv loved any other helicopter in any sim as much as im loving this EC135 (even though its not perfect yet and is still being worked on) in it's current state it is still a masterpiece. and it really shows off what a terrific simulator Aerofly FS2 is under the hood. IPACS should take a bow.

    Hi Greg

    when flying slower than 30 knts your decent must not exceed 300 ft per minute. By following that rule you will avoid getting into vortex ring state, you will feel the helicopter start to vibrate which is the first sign that you are entering the state, and to get out of the state you just need to move your cyclic forward (any direction will do) but forward is the most natural reaction as you can then transition out of it, having said that a lot of the sims over exagerate vortex ring state, its not really that easy to get into. When you do your training your instructor will take you into vortex ring state so that you are familiar with the vibration and know what to do, he will try do this at quite a high altitude, and guaranteed he will need a few attempts to purposely put the aircraft into vortex ring, its not something that happens all the time, the conditions need to be right, since I always fly in the sim as I would in real life ie always fly the machine with in its limits, and I naturally always adhere to the 30knts, 300ft/m rule, its second nature, I don't really care if its simulated in a sim. and since the conditions for vortex ring state are very variable I don't think any sim can simulate it accurately, and the only time I judge a sim on their implementation of vortex ring state is when they over exagerate it. Basically what I'm saying is a sim shouldn't be judged on its implementation of a state that you are trained to never get into, much like crashing😊

    I use flightlink professional cyclic, collective and pedals with aerofly fs 2, I have around 500 real life flight hours in R22s and R44s, iv also been an avid flight simmer since the 80s, I have x-plane 11, DCS, flyinside. Plus loads of payware helicopters for x-plane) And in my humble opinion there is no better or more realistic flight model of an R22 than the one you will find in aerofly fs 2. Also the ec 132 albeit still in beta, is my most enjoyable helicopter to fly across all the sims, DCS huey and DCS mi 8 come in a close third and forth, and behind those maybe the dream foil 407 for x-plane In 5th place. But aerofly fs 2 takes top position hands down, add to that the amazing VR experience, and it's a no brainer, every helicopter flight sim enthusiast should have aerofly fs 2.

    Struggling to control the new beauty using my ancient black widow joystick. It was set up fine for the R22 but does not work too well now with the EC 135. In particular the tail rotor control mapped to the rudder does not allow me to stop the machine spinning. Anyone got any tips on setting this up right? Many thanks. Paul

    Make sure expert mode is selected, I had the same issue when it started up first and by default the Prof mode wasn't selected

    Well, 12 hours of flight time on the new ec135 since it was released in Alpha, and this aircraft is just amazing,(I can't get enough of it) it is by far my favourite helo in any sim and by quite a long shot. Really enjoying cross country flights with it, Unfortunately I have no real life time in this airframe, but I like the model that ipacs produced, it feels like I envesaged a fenstron to feel like, 😊, well done ipacs and thank you once again. Looking forward to our journey through your road map ahead, may aerofly go from strength to strength.

    R22 cold and dark Great, (so happy about this)

    but then when starting up and flying to another location, land, shutdown back to cold and dark.

    exit the sim, when you start the sim again and click start to continue your flight the R22 is running again. and the cold and dark start is not remembered.

    Hoping that the R22 gets the cold and dark start.

    Since the startup is simulated so well it would be great not having to shut it down first each time we want to start it up.

    Next on the wish list, is working fuel system and working carbheat for the R22 and hoping that the new helo also has a working fuel system. The R22 is such a masterpiece, with cold and dark start and working fuel system and carbheat it will be untouchable, and hands down the best helicopter produced in any sim. Thanks for the notice on the update Ipacs, really really excited.

    Due to the spring in my cyclic, it really gets uncomfortable on long flights, don't know if the majority suffer the same as I do, but it would be so nice if the developers consider adding a force trim option for the R22. One where you click a button then center your cyclic and it remains in the cyclic forward position, and another button to cancel. I know the real R22 doesn't have such a trim, but it would be a welcomed option to have for those of us that have springs in our cyclics.