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    Been waiting in anticipation for this and Wow just wow , it Looks friggin Awesome, the cockpit and attention to detail is just breathtaking.

    can't wait to get this masterpiece into the air.

    Thank you Steve.

    Iv also tried to give this new model a chance, but in my opinion its not as real as the previous one. I fly with flightlink professional helicopter controls, collective with twist throttle, floor mounted cyclic and helicopter pedals. I have 180 hours in the real R22 and in my humble opinion the previous model was a much closer redemption of the real R22, it was not at all difficult to fly (if you have the propper controls) it felt just right. My only criticism of it was the exagerated yaw at the end of an auto when you recover by adding throttle, and also the speed could be tweeked a bit, it didn't accelerate after transision quite as much as the real R22, (a working fuel system and carb heat would also be welcomed) but those critisms are minor and I was more than happy to live with them. Unfortunately now I'm finding myself flying DCS huey more than Aeroflys R22 because the new flight model is just not as enjoyable as the previous one.

    simple test , real R22 and previous flight model, when you lift off in the real R22 and the previous flight model you need to apply a little bit of left pedal in anticipation of the rotor torque that will catch you when you pull collective , once you apply left pedal and catch the spin you need to stabelize all other movement with the pedals and cyclic before gently raising the collective to lift off into the air. this model requires almost zero left pedal and zero stabelization, you can just pop in to the air without hardly any correction. the previous model was spot on in this regard.

    how real pilots are saying that it is more accurate now is beyond me!

    Well, the purpose of the beta is to report bugs? this is a BUG. It should get removed and not pushed through to the next stable edition. It's just a tad concerning, that ipacs are not certain what has caused this change in the flight model, as it wasn't purposely changed. Hopefully they find out.

    Absolutley , It's a fun challenge , and also helps you fine tune the skill required for pinnacle landings under low power. You need to time your approach perfectly so that you transition from forward flight directly on to the IGE air cusion provided by the helipad. a steep aproach (15 degree aproach angle) with a well timed flare is essential. and very rewarding when you pull it off.

    Realtime multi-body simulation, e.g. with changes in center of gravity and inertia as you lower or retract the landing gear.

    You can read more about the features on our official aerofly homepage as well

    If you do create a wikipedia page, make sure to link back to the official homepage and wiki pages :)

    Curious, does fuel level have any effect on c of g and performance. IE would a working fuel system on the R22 effect the c of g and performance?

    For me new York runs very smooth, (settings all ultra) my only problem scenery is netherlands true earth, all other orbx sceneries run smoothly.(I have everything that orbx has made for aerofly)

    But with netherlands true earth my humble 970 gTx runs out of memory.

    I only use vulkan.

    Does aerofly put haze in specific areas? Even with high visibility and no clouds some areas always have haze, I haven't flown in these areas in real life so don't know if it's realistic. Just wondering if it's area specific eg LA probabbly does always have haze, does aerofly simulate this regardless of your settings?