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    I am some problems with the geoconvert SDK tool.

    I want to do computation incrementaly ie :

    for example I want to do first part today, then second parts tomorrow ...

    I have do some tests: I use 2 aerial photos which exactly join vertically.

    I have created the two AID files .

    When I converted the two aerial photo within a single run of geoconvert the result is ok within the game.

    But when I decompose the process by running 2 times geoconvert (one for each source image) the result is bad

    because I obtain a large band without my texture between the 2 squares.

    Perhaps if I use source aerial photos matching exactly the tiles of aerofly f2 world the results will be fine ...

    but I have not yet tested because I do not know exactly the size of these tiles ?

    Do you have any hints ?