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    The addition of the R22 is awesome and well done. For years a lot of us have been pointing to one particular helicopter as the best in the simulator, now, for me, this one has the most going for it as far as realism. So great that you put all the work into it to simulate all the different stages of flight AND gave us easy mode for when I feel lazy! I do think it is a bit to unstable in a hover as there is no seat-of-the pants to compensate. When I flew the real thing I was amazed how much easier it was then sim versions. Unfortunately it just makes me long for more helicopters in FS2. Getting less and less interesting to use p3d.

    Thanks for creating this new platform so I can buy everything over once again!:):P

    Jozeff, HoverControl shut down. I am writing a little piece with a former staff-member about it. It's a real shame... My passion with helicopters comes from the time I spent hours at HC's forums, learning with everyone there.

    HeliSimmer would not exist if not for HoverControl.

    Thanks Sergio and Chris, really great piece on hovercontrol. Spent many hours there and remember Chris being very helpful many years ago when I did my CP at HC. Made Sim helos much more enjoyable. Thanks for all the work you are doing to continue that with HeliSimmer.