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    Hi Michael,

    But you just need that for the flaps, gear and possibly the throttle, right? I mean there would be no point in having a controller for elevator, rudder and aileron and then still have them on screen

    I control with the controller the elevator, aileron, rudder, flaps, power, gear and view. The additional visible control elements on the screen do not bother me. It is important for me to be able to operate the copilot via the screen.

    Bye, Michael

    I use this workaround:

    - First I select the aircraft, the take-off location and if necessary the navigation and then I start the flight without an external controller.

    - If the simulation is running I start the external controller which then connects to the running simulation.

    => So I have both the external controller and the screen available for the inputs.

    Unfortunately you have to do this with every new click on Start - but I like to have both parallel.

    Bye, Michael

    the same in english:

    Good morning, everyone,

    I have been driving on x-plane for several years with the x-box 360 on both Mac and Windows.

    So I'm brand new on aerofly. I bought the application on DVD from aerosim at the friedrichshafen show 15 days ago

    I have assigned the keys I usually use on x-plane to the same functions on aerofly. everything is ok except the joystick for roll and pitch.

    I checked the movements of this joystick in the application settings and also from an external view to make sure that a movement of the joystick to turn left, for example, corresponds to the movements of the right fins.

    The problem is that the movements of this joystick do not change the heading of the aircraft but the view of the outside of the aircraft from the cockpit. It's as if I programmed this joystick to allow me to see the landscape to my left, to my right, up or down...

    I have three x-box 360 and the result is always the same.

    If you could provide me with a lead, I thank you in advance.


    I must be very stupid but I can't locate a reload option on the controls menu... Where is it?

    And does anyone know already where that tutorial is?

    Yes, I think here:

    Developer option

    Backup the main.mcf before manually editing it!

    Almost at the very bottom of the main.mcf there is an option to enable the developer mode for Aerofly FS 2. Setting the Enabled flag to true will add developer cameras to the Aerofly FS 2 and enable other developer features.

            <[settings_developer][developer_settings][]            <[bool][Enabled][true]>        >

    Probably one of the most useful feature of the developer mode is the possibility to quickly reload an aircraft while the simulator is running. Using this feature during aircraft development allows you to quickly modify the TMD description file and immediately see the results. You can assign a custom key in the controller menu.

    Bye, Michael

    I use AFS2 on a MacBookPro 15-inch 2018.

    I save AddOns below

    /Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/...

    ... aircraft

    ... scenery/places

    From all airplanes (including reprints) and most sceneries can be stored there.

    But I also failed with ORBX, according to the description a Windows operating system is required.

    Tschüss, Michael

    Ich mache es so: Mein Verständnis von Englisch ist relativ brauchbar, mein sprechen und schreiben etwas holpriger. Deshalb verschiebe ich im Zweifelsfall den Text per Copy&Paste in die Übersetzung-Software Teilweise kommen da dann auch noch Schmunzelt raus. Und zur Demo mache ich das mit diesen Text nun auch.

    I do it this way: My understanding of English is relatively usable, my speaking and writing a little bumpier. Therefore, if in doubt, I copy and paste the text into the translation software Sometimes I even get a smile out of it. And as a demo I do the same with this text.:)

    Tschüss, Michael

    By chance I just discovered that the co-pilot also works with the STEELSERIES NIMBUS if you start aerofly 2019 and then switch on the NIMBUS. This works until you leave the flight.

    As long as all control elements on the screen are operable, including the brake after landing.