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    We will probably have to cut down a few trees (which is also possible with the artificial surfaces in the FS AirportCreationTool). :)

    The trees are felled, the hangar is built, the caravan stands next to it and a UL is parked.😅

    Unfortunately, I can't completely hide the grass runway because I have to leave a 1m strip so that the objects are displayed.

    The Image files of the channel Isles look superb in AF4. Any chance we could have some airports for these, that work in AF4 as well?

    KR Matt

    Of course, the airfields EGJA, EGJB, EGJJ and possibly some smaller ones can also be created quickly for the Channel Islands with the FS AirportCreationTool. This could even happen in the next few days.

    In the TAP file there is the possibility to manually enter the data from the tower to enable the tower view :) :

            <[vector2_float64]    [tower_position]    [0.000000 0.000000]>
            <[float64]            [tower_height]      [0.0]>
            <[float64]            [tower_view_height] [0.0]>
            <[float64]            [tower_heading]     [000.0]>

    Unfortunately, the manual data is deleted during import into FS AirportCreationTool or subsequent export. :(


    Is it planned to enable this data directly in FS AirportControlTool? :/

    What is the trick to get FS2 TOC files to work in FS4?



    The basic principle is simple and can already be seen by me at various airfields:

    - Create FS4 files as main files with the correct ICAO code.

    - Create FS2 files as secondary files with a different non-ICAO code and add WAD file

    However, there are then sometimes unpleasant parallel effects and error messages which should be avoided and which can also be avoided.

    I will write a FAQ on this, that will be the best thing.

    General question on static aircraft from someone who knows nothing about airport creation, are there static F/A 18 aircraft models provided by IPACS that could be used for US Navy airfields like KNID China Lake, CA? Asking because my understanding is that the F/A18 is copywrite protected somehow?

    FS4 provides in the xref folder:

    - F15 USAF

    - F18 NAS

    I also position both machines on my airfields.

    There are various methods to include objects of all kinds for FS4:

    - In the FS AirportCreationTool, all xref objects that exist in FS4 (and also FSCloudPort) can currently be directly integrated.

    - Other user-created objects can be included in the FS AirportCreationTool if they are converted from FS4-compatible sgi files.

    - Independently of this, trees can also be created as cultivations for FS4 and saved in the "cultivation" folder, as has already been done.

    - With a little trick, FS2 TOC files can also be displayed in parallel with the FS4 files

    - And in some areas there are already automatic cultivations with trees and buildings from FS4.

    Moin to the community,

    I had problems with the conversion of TAP files the last days and so I used the time to create helicopter training areas around Fort Novosel (former Fort Rucker) in Alabama/USA. 8)

    Unfortunately I am not proficient in creating images, therefore:

    • I would be glad if someone could create this area (see BLUE rectangle) as images from time to time.

    South of it there is already an area at the coast of Florida/USA with good images.🤔

    It will be optimal, if there will be a cultivation for this area in FS4.🤔

    Thanks for the links, then I can continue to create Seaplane Bases (Tip: in FS_ACT, I choose grass as the "natural" runway material and set the width to 0 m). I had forgotten that we already have seaplanes in FS4. For FS2 there are a few more beautiful seaplanes from krzysk . :)

    As of now, it is also worthwhile to explore the Quatam River area with the FS4. :):

    Unfortunately, seaplanes are still missing in FS4. :( But with helicopters and small manoeuvrable aircraft it is also a lot of fun. :) Be careful, not every landing site is safe :/ , there is a wreck somewhere on the runway ^^ and a grizzly is also on the way :P .

    Thanks to IPACS for the TAP files, which make it possible to build airfields outside the FS AirportCreationTool, and to ZoSoChile for his FS2 scenery and the adaptations for FS4.😄


    I have an tip for the site Aerofly FS Airport Creation Tool (Tips & Tricks)

    There is a way to use runways technically without displaying them visually as artificial runways. This can be desirable if the images of an airfield are so beautiful that an artificial runway would interfere. Examples include grass runways and all runways on snow and water.

    If a runway should not be visible, then the runway width must be set to 0 m. A choice of material is still necessary in this case, but is irrelevant.

    admin and Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Is this the reason why there are duplicate airfields in FS4 in the original FS4 database?