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    Hi there,

    what we have already seen shows that we can look forward to a fantastic real scenerie. :)

    From reading this forum I have two impressions:

    • A user group prefers to have something new quickly, without having to "go down in the air".
    • Another group of users likes to delve into their favourite area and always finds new things there.

    In the real world this is comparable.

    In order to take both into account, I suggest to proceed on two tracks:

    1. As dokado and AOB already suggest, there should be a concise manual, which basically deals with the installation and then the most important points.
    2. And then there should be small stories from the area at more or less regular intervals, as it was started by Kenneth for example and continued by TomSimMuc and Jetjockey10. Here everyone can tell from his or her own real experiences.

    I think the second part is especially useful for all scenarios if they were and are developed for the community free of charge and contain a lot of detailed work. Here it is worthwhile from my point of view to invite again and again to small flights and discover details. I compare this with the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg, where it is also worthwhile to go there again and again and then concentrate on one area each, such as the USA or Switzerland.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    Ok sorry if I assaulted in any way just wanted to know something I expressed wrong. That was not my intention I see another use talk into this and I just wanted to get suggestion.;(

    Writing in capital letters is interpreted on the Internet more as shouting or yelling.

    => If you use upper and lower case letters normally, you just come across better.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    The topic Night and Lights has been posted x times in the meantime, so that from my point of view there is no need to create a new thread every time.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    Do you have a solution that no automatic planes come when my own plane is rolling on the runway or is taking off or landing? Because in principle there is no difference between automatic airplanes and automatic cars on the road across the runway. Both must not happen if I want to taxi, take off or land.

    One solution could be, for example, that there is always a 5-minute time span after a yellow plane on the runway. This does not solve the problem of recognizing this during an approach, but for taxiing or take-off it would be a solution.

    It is a question of free time slots.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    It's been a while since I've looked for the cause. During "automatic cultivation" buildings became such high towers, if an object was entered as "tower" in the underlying OSM map, because it was e.g. an airport tower or observation tower of e.g. 10 - 20 m height. I did not pursue this any further due to time reasons.

    Tschüss l Michael (III)

    Langsam stelle ich mir die Frage ob ich noch weiter in Aerofly FS 2 investieren soll?!?!

    Eigentlich Schade, ich bin von anfang an dabei und ich Schätze die Arbeit sehr die IPACS gemacht hat,aber es kommt nix mehr ob von ORBX oder Ipacs.;(

    Tja, das ist sicher ein Frage der Ansprüche an einen Flugsimulator.

    Ich habe derzeit auf meinem Mac 58 verschieden Flugzeuge und 44 Länder mit Szenarien unterschiedlichster Qualität. Auf stehen aktuell 3.023 Airports in 183 Länder zur Verfügung (auch unterschiedlichster Qualität) und es sind bereits neue tolle Projekte in Arbeit wie z.B. neue komplexe Szenerien wie OAHU oder neue Flugzeuge wie die CH53E. Selbst wenn jetzt nichts mehr kommen würde, hätte ich für den Rest meines Lebens ausreichend Spaß und Möglichkeiten, jeden Tag etwas Neues zu entdecken.

    Das ist ist nun kein Appell, dass nichts mehr geschieht, sondern ein Hinweis, wie viel zur Verfügung steht.


    Well, that's certainly a question of what a flight simulator should be.

    I currently have 58 different planes and 44 countries with scenarios of varying quality on my Mac. On there are currently 3,023 airports in 183 countries available (also of different quality) and there are already great new projects in the works, such as new complex sceneries like OAHU or new aircraft like the CH53E. Even if nothing would come up now, I would have enough fun and possibilities to discover something new every day for the rest of my life.

    Now this is not an appeal that nothing will happen anymore, but an indication how much is available.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    I'd be happy to check the original files. Did you download both files?

    I suspect the problem is with the carrier and the tanker and there are solutions.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    Moin Little Wing ,

    mit der Sprache mache ich es so, dass ich entweder mich ein wenig anstrenge und in Englisch lese oder einen Übersetzer (z.B. nutze; und bei meinem Browser habe ich einen Übersetzer ergänzt.

    Das Erstellen eines Flugplatzes ist nicht schwer, vor allem, wenn man dieses über macht. Wenn Du Dich registriert hast, kannst Du einen Flugplatz erstellen, wenn es den noch nicht gibt. Du kannst aber auch bei einem bereits bestehenden Flugplatz den Ersteller fragen, ob Du mithelfen darfst. Und wenn Du Dich erst einmal nicht an den ersten Schritt traust, dann findet sich sicher auch jemand, Dir einen Flugplatz einzurichten, den Du dann weiter gestalten kannst.

    Bei allen Flugplätzen sollte man aber nur welche anlegen, wenn es diese in echt auch gibt und sie noch nicht angelegt sind. Und wenn für eine Gebiet gute Photos (images) vorliegen, dann blende ich die künstlichen Start- und Landebahnen aus, weil mir das besser gefällt.


    with the language I do it in such a way that I either make a little effort and read in English or use a translator (e.g.; and with my browser I have added a translator.

    Creating an airfield is not difficult, especially if you do it via Once you have registered, you can create an airfield if it does not exist yet. But you can also ask the creator of an already existing airfield if you are allowed to help. And if you don't dare to take the first step, someone will surely find someone to create an airfield for you, which you can then continue to design.

    For all airfields you should only create some if they exist in real life and they are not yet created. And if there are good images for an area, I will hide the artificial runways, because I like it better.


    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    With interest I read again and again contributions that sound similar to:


    they are losing Market Share to FSX, XP, IF, RFS....

    From which source (e.g. market research) can this be deduced?

    I assume that IPACS knows the sales figures of the different channels and therefore consciously decides for itself how open or closed they want to be to us customers.

    Personally, I would also like more openness, but I cannot decide. What I can decide is to turn my back on IPACS. But the information behaviour of IPACS, which is in need of improvement, is not enough for this.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    Moin Lumpii,


    eine Möglichkeit ist es, Dich auf der Seite zu registrieren und dann dort Deinen Flugplatz selber zu bauen. Es ist gar nicht schwer — und keine Sorge, Du kannst auch nichts kaputt machen.

    Zum Lernen bietet sich an, dort mal einen vorhandenen Flugplatz herunter zu laden und zu installieren. Dann siehst Du, wie es andere gemacht haben. Und wenn Du Dir die zentrale tsc-Datei dann auch anschaust, kannst du schnell das System erkennen. Generell hilft dazu auch das Wiki, so ist z.B. hier recht gut der Aufbau beschrieben:…php/sdk:scenery_creation3

    Du kannst Dir auch in eine passende kleine Szenerie suchen, was aber nicht ganz leicht ist.

    Und was auch immer wieder gut funktioniert ist, jemanden höflich zu fragen, ob er einem hilft. Die Hilfsbereitschaft der Gemeinschaft ist vorhanden.


    one possibility is to register on and then build your own airfield there. It is not difficult at all - and don't worry, you can't break anything.

    If you want to learn, you can download and install an existing airfield there. Then you can see how others have done it. And if you look at the central tsc file, you can quickly recognize the system. In general, the Wiki also helps, e.g. here the structure is described quite well:…php/sdk:scenery_creation3

    You can also look for a suitable small scenery in, but this is not so easy.

    And what always works well is to ask someone politely if they can help you. The helpfulness of the community is there.


    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    Moin Antoine,


    a) are AFS2 and DLCs accessible via Steam in your Mac enviroment? or do you need to get them from other servers?

    Basically I can download AFS2 and DLCs from Steam and for a beta version for the Mac I have already done so at the request of IPACS. But I don't like Steam that much, I prefer to get the software from the AppStore, an


    b) in case you use France VFR Paris Ile-de-France scenery, did you install it with the installer or via Steam?

    Unfortunately I don't use the scene „France FS 2 - France VFR - Paris-Ifl-de-Frynce“ not because there is not for a Mac.


    c) how does this scenery run on your system? what are your computer specifications?

    The specification of my computer is now in my signature.

    By, stay healthy

    Michael (III)