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    Thx and very well done but... there is still a gap in the mentioned Alps region Austria-Italy-Swiss . The west part of LOWI toward the Bodensee is still low-res after the Zugspitse (Imst-Fernpass-Reutte) and toward Italy following the Brenner autobahn and over the stubaital/gletscher to Trentino is also low-res. I hope this will also get fixed and I'm wondering why nobody fixed already the Gap to the East and/or South East after LOWI and following the Inntal.

    My compliments to Schnuffelduffel for all the effort and keep up the good work...

    Haha, yes, I have the same problem. Not with short flights but tonight I made a complete A to Z EDDM to LOWI (P3D) via VATSIM and than you have the headset on for 1,5 hr and in that case I'm using a Make-Up Cleaning Pad (my wife normally use before she's going to sleep) and put that on my nose bridge.

    I'm glad we could help you and wish you lots of happy landings with the Reverb....

    In the SteamVR app you have to set Video at 100% and as soon you start up Aerofly, you can also set under application the resolution at 100%. after that you can set within the Aerofly setup windows (under Virtual Reality) the slider in the range from 1.00 to 2.00 (depending on your system performance) I use 2.00 so I don't have to use any additional AA but it will eat a lot of resources and especially Vram .

    Happy landings...

    Welcome to the club... for trimming your rig and setup I advice you to order for a handful of dimes the fpsVR software tool so you can review while you are flying in the cockpit all the actual data.

    For optimum performance be sure to have the Windows10 1903 version (or updates) installed. There is much improvement for WMR compared to the 1809 version. Set your WMR settings to the highest as possible by 90Hz in windows settings menu (Mixed Reality), Your visual quality at Very High (beta) and resolution 4320x2160.

    Be sure to use the Steam Windows Mixed Reality for Steam Beta version (this one is activating re-projection)

    Regarding to Aerofly, I am using in the SteamVR settings menu, Video at 100% and Application (Aerofly) also 100%

    Happy landings

    Errr. I'm suprised you know where I've been running it, are you using spyware? Maybe you can suggest a high demanding area that I might have missed and I'll give it a try.

    And yes, performance is as good as the Rift on my system.

    Haha, yes, comparing a Rift with a Reverb... You are absolutely right, no difference, same as a car... most have 4 wheels, an engine and a steer, so.... they all coming from A to B. Yeah, right.

    I don't htink you are telling fairy tails at all! What I meant was that it could be the extra processing power of your Titan Xp, rather than the extra VRAM. We don't know how AFS2 allocates and releases memory, but it would make sense to use the largest texture cache that the GPU would permit; there's no way of knowing how much of that cache is being accessed. But going back to my original comments, I tried the Reverb on AFS2, but was dissappointed by the optics, so it was not worth me tinkering too much to get the best performance.

    I was re-writing my answer in the meantime so please take notice of it, Performance is key to get a vibrant clear VR with the Reverb.

    If I could have the inside-out tracking of the Rift S, FOV of the Index and resolution of the Reverb I would be happy! I'd be surprised if AFS2 actually needs 10GB VRAM, as I have it running smoothly on my 90Hz Acer headset (GTX 1080) and the extra VRAM needed for the increased size frame-buffer is nominal. I haven't measured the framerate, but it's certainly fluid. I had thought, after optimising it for the Reverb and going back to the Acer, that it was stuttering a bit. It turned out that I had left my R-22 at high altitutde in the Swiss Alps, where I was flying at full collective and ignoring the over-torque warning, giving it the shakes. Well I think that was the cause anyway and it certainly seemed to stop when I reduced the collective. The fact that you are seeing 10 GB VRAM allocated, does not necessarily mean that it is all being accessed,; there may be some sort of memory management that only clears textures when available memory is running low.

    Back to the Reverb, it seems like I am in a minority and I put it down to the fact that I could not get into the sweet-spot. That being said, although I did not notice a huge leap in immersion with AFS2, for some reason The Blue looked aboslutely amazing; it suddenly felt like the water was much clearer. I'll have to give it another go on AFS2 sometime. It's a shame I can't run it on my work system (used for 3D X-ray imaging); i9 9900K, 64GB RAM and Titan RTX, that should do it!

    Yep, you are a un-lucky guy I think. I have VRfps running in the cockpit to check it all in real time. Frame-time of the CPU/GPU, usage and temps and more important, the actual use of CPU Ram AND GPU Vram. It's all in real time and a necessary tool for fine tuning the VR rig in a WMR environment. Is the Reverb perfect? NO... It's still a Scuba Diving Glass looking thru due to the POV and the cable is not a perfect solution.

    The fact that you have minor performance although you have the right hardware, indicates that there is something wrong in your overall setup or your individual headset. BUT, I don't know if you have ORBX TE-The Netherlands for Aerofly? and if so, please try to make a approach at EHAM en come back and write your experience again on a normal 1080. I forgot to mentioned it here before but I also bought and tested for a week a brand new RTX2070-Super with 8Gb VRAM on my new 32Gb i5-9600K rig and I was very disappointed about the performance upgrade in Xplane11-P3dV4 AND Aerofly compared to my old GTX 1060-6Gb card and please keep in mind that the new RTX2070-Super is as fast as the older 1080ti... (but still lacking the extra 3Gb Vram) after ventilating my disappointment, a guy contacted me and was giving the tip of the Titan.

    Let's be clear about it, I am not advocating the Reverb but only communicating MY experience with my first steps in VR with the Samsung Odyssey in the beginning and comparable with the other headset's of that moment and was a nothing burger for me but the newer and much better Reverb will keep me in VR land. I am not pleased with low resolutions and stutters all over the place due to minor hardware or other things and I am definitely NOT saying or stating that the combo Aerofly/Reverb is only good working above 10Gb Vram. The most sceneries for example Switzerland you mentioned is only using approx 6 Gb of Vram but to let Aerolfy VR shine in all the potential glory with these combo, a 1080 is the absolute minimum and by the way... that's also stated in the specs of HP. a 1080 GPU is recommanded....

    Just my 2 cents....

    I've been running it for a couple of months on a standard GTX1080, not a TI. Performance is absolutely fine and every bit as good as the Rift was.

    That's good for you but you are not running it's full capacity in high demanding area's. As I wrote but you forgot to quote... You can run fine on 60Hz and/or a 90hz re-projecting to 45fps. If that's satisfying for you... Great but you are also wrote, It's as good as the rift was.... Really ?/! Please keep apples by apples.

    Ok, I will give my 2 cents on the VR/Reverb experience. 6 months ago I bought a used Samsung Odyssey 1.0 for a try out after my son came with a Samsung Gear version with his Phone in it as GPU. The impression was nice but the resolution to weak and within in minute I felt motion sickness. I was used to fly FSX and later P3dV4 in 3dVision stereo and Track-IR and was impressed by VR but sold the Odyssey after a couple of days. The immersion factor was there only for 24 hour and very quick there was the motion sickness back and the overall resolution was not satisfying compared to the 3D experience with 3DVision. As soon I collected the info on the new coming Reverb, I ordered one with the idea of returning the unit when not satisfying and guess what... It's still here.

    I was blowing away with the sharpness of the Reverb and due to the 90hz and very high frame rates there is no motion sickness at all. I have al the sims you can imagine and only Aerofly and Flyinside (the latest 6.0 runs also super with the Reverb) are optimized for flight simulation in VR and now I understand the importance of this factor and Aerofly is the top player now in this field and far ahead of the rest but please don't forget, the Reverb is a truly 4K resolution and with highest horizontal settings (3840 standard 4K vs 4320 Reverb VR) there is a demand for a beefy GPU for the best results. I was running Aerofly on my old i7-2600K with a 1060 6Gb very nice and after replacement of the Sandy Bridge with a modern i5-9600K there was only a minor improvement in Aerofly but after collecting a water cooled Titan XP with 12Gb Vram and near 2080ti performance I was suddenly running on 90Hz with a steady 90fps in both VR sims and Aerofly transformed in all her glory so please, don't underestimate the fact that high demanding sceneries as ORBX True Earth The Netherlands are using 10Gb of Vram so you can imagine what the consequences are with a under powered GPU in combo with the Reverb... It's running nice, yes... on 60Hz and sometimes on 90Hz with a re-projection to 45fps but compared to 90/90.... Oh, boy...

    Long story short, The Reverb is at these moment the best choice for passive/sitting VR due to the above 4K resolution but be aware that you need a very fast GPU and a minimal of 10Gb Vram. Only the 1080ti and 2080ti have 11Gb and the Titan's 12 or 24Gb. As soon as your system is running out of Vram your performance is dropping dramatically. Outside the scope of these topic but worthwhile to know... Also Xplane11 is using +/- 10Gb Vram in demanding sceneries but still not flyable on my system due to the lack of optimizing for VR and the poor CPU/Cores spreading and bottlenecking my GPU dramatically. P3Dv4 can handle it all much better but is still very, very minor to Aerofly and Flyinside when you have the luxury of a beefy GPU and now I understand why they asking ridiculous prices for second hand 1080ti cards.

    I only can hope that IPACS can go full throttle ahead with development for a more "living world" and functionality and also very important, that we are not bounded by small High-Res scenery areas, made by Aerofly enthusiasts.

    Happy landings...

    I was able to do a Touch&Go coming from the north on EHEH but saw that my fps dropped heavily with 30fps in the Eindhoven area and normally seen in heavy populated areas as Amsterdam and Rotterdam and my Vram usage was about 8Gb so I can imagine that a system with lower amount of Vram comes in problems. This was on my Reverb so the very high Vram usage is because of the 4K resolution.

    I have a similar problem but with, so I figured out after a while, EHBD. After flying without problems for a long, long time I suddenly got massive stutters and a CTD when approaching EHBD* from the north. In the end the only solution was to manually remove the airport completely from the scenery. After a while I had a similar problem with an airport in the north a few times but that one didn't happen again after a while... fingers crossed.

    Somehow some objects included with TE NE seem to cause memory problems (the problem occurs when the objects are being loaded into memory, so IPACS told me after checking my log) and it also seems to depend on where you are approaching the problem area from. Very odd.

    (*Actually, the problem with EHBD always occured when I tried to approach EHEH from the north: EHBD lies below EHEH but is being loaded in memory before you reach EHEH at which time the massive stutters occur and the CTD.)

    Ok, I will try to duplicated the Northern Approach to EHEH and see if Budel is causing problems (I'm a real life Dutch pilot so know the way over there in the Eindhoven area) and let you know tonight. Please try to duplicate also my problem in the Leeuwarden/Dokkum area.

    After take0ff at RW 05 (EHLW) flying runway heading to Dokkum I receive a massive stutter overhead Dokkum and short after that by approaching the inland Lake there comes a CTD,

    I made a complete new and fresh install of Aerofly AND TE Netherlands to rule out interference from other sceneries and tried different default planes but the problem stays the same. It doesn't matter in 2D or VR.

    Normally I have in VR my VRfps active to monitor and I have a steady 90fps by 90hz with a GPU Frame time of 0,5Ms and CPU Frame time of 5,5Ms. When the first spike comes in at Dokkum my CPU frame time spikes to 75 Ms resulting in a massive stutter and shortly after that overhead the lake comes the CTD.

    Doing the same in OpenGL the problems occur at the same points but there is no CTD but the system stay stuttering until 20 miles North-East further from that point.

    My specs are i5-9600K with 32Gb RAM and a Titan-X with 12Gb Vram so the issue is not hardware underpowered related.:)

    (I can't post these bug/problem in the ORBX TE forum because I have been banned due to the almighty and holy support assistant Mr. Cooper... (problems and bugs are never made by ORBX in the first place8))

    I got a new Reverb for work (Titan RTX) and tried it on my home system to see if it was worth buying one for myself (GTX 1080). Fortunately for my bank balance, I was quite disappointed. It was certainly better than my Acer WMR headset, but I didn't immediately feel like I was using a completely new Sim. The experience was still much the same, albeit clearer in the centre. Colours were better, but I still could not read the instruments in the R22 clearly (didn't have much time to try other aircraft) and the FOV was still small. Chromatic aberration was very noticeable; this may have been more apparent because of the increased resolution. The image was very blurry away from the centre. With TE Netherlands, the 1080 struggled and there was noticeable judder when flying low in built-up areas. This makes me think that we need an improvement in lens design before we will get decent high resolution in VR. Maybe Samsung will crack it with curved displays. I had hoped that the Reverb would be a game-changer, but the Index would probably be the best bet (larger FOV without pushing the required specs too much), if only it had inside-out tracking and a smaller price-tag.

    I have the Reverb also and tested in TE Netherlands with my old rig (Sandy Bridge from 2011 2600K with GTX1060 6Gb) and was working well. Now I have a new rig (i5-9600K and a Titan-X) and it goes Super with a big S so I think you have a setting or setup not correct. In de WMR windows10 setting you must have set your Reverb at Highest image (beta) and be sure to set at 90Hz. I am using the Aerofly Beta version with Vulcan but tried also in the normal GL version. Vulcan is much better but a little unstable with high speed planes like the F18 and F15. 6 months ago I tested a Samsung Odyssey 1.0 and was horrible compared to the Reverb. It;s also important to have the latest Win10 1903 version with updates. Oh, by the way, I found out that approaching EHAM was also a problem with my old rig and also on my new one with a RTX2070-Super 8Gb version... The Titan I have now have no problem BUT... It's using nearly 10Gb Vram in the EHAM area... That's the reason why beefy systems cripple with these combo. Happy landings....

    Is it really worth the trouble to revive 3D vision in the age of VR?

    Yes... I have sold my Samsung Odyssey VR set after 2 weeks and I know there are lot of disappointed users. As long as there is no better VR headset that can produce at least HD on every eye without a screen door effect in Flight simulation I personally will stay on the good old 3DVision. Don't get me wrong... I was impressed with VR for flight simulation and as soon there is a good solution I will buy again a VR set. I have all the flightsims that are on the market today and the best experience for me was indeed in Aerofly and was for me the main reason for buying it but in 2D it's loosing my attention. What I wrote earlier, there are more and more flight simmers stepping aside from VR, Buying a big screen capable of 120Hz and go for the old Stereoscopic 3D. I see more and more people seeking on marketplaces for used 3DVision kits. For programmers it's not a hard deal to adapt also 3Dvision and I regret the decision of IPACS to not implementing it but hé, it's there choice and marketing roadmap.

    Just my 2 cents...

    Finally my good old Nvidia 3Dvision (stereoscopic) shutterglass and 120Hz monitor system is working again in Prepar3DV4.4 and much, much better then in the old FSX versions.

    In X-plane11 there is no native support for 3DVision BUT there is a small workaround with Freeware OpenGL3DVision drivers so put these in the sim root and there you go in full stereo 3D...

    I'v tried the same trick in Aerofly fs2 but no luck...

    In the past there was a fellow simmer who have asked already for 3DVision support in Aerofly fs2 with no luck but I hope the technical guys will look over it again because I have found out that 3DVision is on a Hugh revival since there are 55" TV's with 120Hz support for 3DVision right now and lot of VR users (included myself) are returning to Stereoscopic Nvidia 3DVision due to bad VR experience.