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    I think that the autopilot is working on all the planes that has an autopilot modelled. And yes you turn try the knob and the value changes in your virtual cockpit. The display on the hardware is not working in Aerofly though. Not sure if that's Aerofly fault or that it's broken. I think maybe it's working in xplane but I fly in VR so I don't care😉

    It's a very good question. I have all three panels and they are all supported by Aerofly. It shows up in the controller settings the way it should. But all the features doesn't always work in all the planes. Flaps, gear, radios and autopilot usually work. I guess it depends on what's modeled in the plane you're flying

    Since we can't recreate this problem we need specific things from those who are having the problem so that we can try to find the problem. And yes, using a 'development' DK2 can make a big difference. We all have Rift S's to test with and see none of these problems. The question is what is different between our configuration and what is theirs. Keep in mind that the OP changed the title three times already which makes it very difficult to pinpoint what the problem really is.

    Well I appreciate that it's finally being looked into. There's a theory that it's a Nvidia driver problem. Hope you can figure it out. Thank you

    Your issue may solely be that you are using a very old HMU (Oculus Rift DK2)

    Let us take a look at this internally and we will get back to you with an answer.

    Don't think that age got anything to do with it since I'm using Rift S

    This problem have been going on for some time.

    There is another thread about it so there is many others having this issue

    Black screen in VR (Vulcan)

    i7-7700 CPU

    GTX 1080 ti

    16 GB RAM


    Oculus Rift S


    Can you please provide us with your TM log?

    I actually seen this happen as well but after a Steam update the problem went away. If it's still happening to you guys then we need to look to see what the problem is.

    You are right. That problem is apparently fixed. My bad. I just didn't notice because I thought that the problem was connected to the fact that Vulkan doesn't work with Oculus and it still don't 😢

    Please explain the process that you do to get the error. Are you running the latest version of Aerofly FS2 and Steam?

    There is not much of a process. Just open the game with Oculus and Steam says that Aerofly doesn't support the current headset. Press ok and it starts anyway but with Vulkan enabled the screen in the Oculus goes black. Aerofly, steam and graphic card are updated to latest version

    The Geiranger fjord is one of the most beautiful places in Norway. There is always a cruise ship or two there. Maybe someone who knows how to it will put one there... :P Thank you for this :thumbup:

    Did a quick flight and it looks absolutely marvelous! This can't be part of the poor quality you was talking about? Loved it! Hopefully someone's willing to make some culvation too. Thank you, Hartman

    To emphasize: I am considering uploading South Norway. But I'm not going to fix all the ortho errors (water / clouds). The cost / benefit is not realistic in my lifetime. So my fellow flight simmers - based on these preconditions - do you think there is interest in this South Norway project?

    I can only answer for myself and I'm VERY interested. Bad quality scenery is always better than no scenery:thumbup:

    I'll just wait for the movie:P

    A local lady that died a few months ago wanted Mary and me to write a book about our lives. She had known me since the Apollo days and wrote articles for our local hometown weekly paper most of her life. We declined with the reason that most folks would consider it fiction.



    Does it work if you start it with Steam VR? If it does you're having the same problem as me. Goes black when I start with Oculus and works fine with Steam VR. It also work with OpenGL in both cases. Doesn't matter if I'm in beta or not.

    I was thinking it was a Nvidia driver problem since no one else are saying anything. Guess I'm not the only one with an Oculus...

    Thanks Argivo! It's wonderful. Been flying all day! Now after finding out what condition levers are I'll be flying some more😀

    I just have one question. Is the light with battery and generator 1&2 supposed to be red? It won't turn of. I just presumed red is danger...? I saw your video and it's the same there