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    thanks ZoSoChile and Nabeel for your reply.

    it's about modeling huge amounts of OSM data. I understand that the libraries that transform OSM data into cultivation of AFS2 are unfortunately very poor .... having only rectangular elements available ....... are there also cylindrical elements?!? Modifying in a timely manner with the excellent editor of Nabeel seems to me a truly colossal job !!
    In XPLANE the World-model library is very powerful and generates rich and photorealistic scenarios ..... maybe AFS2 has to grow again ....

    I'm trying to make cultivation .... without success. I used:

    1) OSM data from Openstreet Map

    2) the Scenproc ver2 software

    3) the SPC file of crispy136

    4) the TSC file that I attach

    5) the building_textures folder found in all cultivations distributed on the Internet (

    The results are really poor.

    Is there a way to change the shape of the Europe style roofs to the USA style? (Staten Island-New York)

    Is there a way to personalize the textures of the houses?

    I attach image google map of the same area and FS2 screenshots

    This is the link to Openstreetmap area.


    Sorry but I can not find the information anywhere.... is it possible to have a template for the TSC file?

    This is the skeleton of the directory that contains the scenario:

    Cultivation Directory

    --building_textures directory





    I think you mean the low res textures due to low res satellite images. The buildings and landclass are fantastic and yes, I also hope to see more High Res. Sat images in the future...:)

    Aerofly FS2 is great! Absolutely amazing!!

    For the ground textures there is still work to be done, now I try with Aeroscenery to realize ground texture with higher resolution ...... someone tried? Tips?

    The scenery of New York is very very beautiful!!
    However, when flying at low altitude (around 800-1000ft) the texture quality is poor. I wanted to know if you are planning to increase the quality of the textures, I also wanted to know if you ever updated the New York scenary .... Thanks

    TomB what is the algorithm to know the geographic coordinates of a ttc file? Thank you!