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    Thank you for all the input. Appreciate it!

    Purchased the steel series Nimbus control as recommended.

    Still having issues with being able to contol sensitivity of the roll and elevation. I have moved the settings to both low and high sensitivity. Still very hard to control. Not sure if a glitch. I admit I am new, but it is sure difficult to control!

    Also, after the controller connects, the on screen controls change. It no longer gives the option to use the co-pilot. At least not with the Cesna or King Air C90. There does not seem to be controller button to bring it up and the iPad screen does not give the option like when in “tilt” mode.

    There is also no way to configure to buttons on the controller and the current documentation does not show for Apple iPad/phone.

    New to flight sim and Aerofly.

    Just downloaded the FS 2019.

    I have found that the “tilting” control of the app on my iPad 10.5 pro to be overly sensitive, especially in the flight lessons. I did find a sensitivity adjust and have it set to low.

    1. What is considered the ideal holding position?The screen says level, but no matter how I hold it, it is wildly sensitive, especially in the training lessons. Perhaps a glitch?

    2. Will a wireless controller work? If so, any recommendations? Little to no documentation on this for mobile.

    I have started to use the “analog” control and it does work somewhat better, but would like to use the tilt, only if I can figure it out/ have better control.

    I think the FS 2019 is pretty nice, but as a newbie, there is a lack of documentation for mobile use.