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    Unfortunately now I'm finding myself flying DCS huey more than Aeroflys R22 because the new flight model is just not as enjoyable as the previous one.

    Exactly me the same. I'm missing the previous version of the R22's Expert Mode a lot !!! ; it felt so real, just right.

    Before its changes the AFS2 Robinson was one of my favourite helicopters to fly in sim. For now (changed Expert Mode) it has become only my third choice, and I prefer other sims to fly helicopters again - like the time before IPACS published the R22.


    "... this model requires almost zero left pedal and zero stabelization, you can just pop in to the air without hardly any correction. the previous model was spot on in this regard.

    how real pilots are saying that it is more accurate now is beyond me!

    Maybe there is still an undetected bug below the surface which has prevented a correct update of the R22's Expert Mode among various users of AFS2. Which could have led to different results in how the updated Robinson behaves during Expert Mode.

    This would explain why some users call the changes "slight" and others - like me - "serious", regarding this " issue of stabilization ", especially during take off/landing.

    And yes, I know how to activate the Expert Mode; and I still know when it's in ON/OFF position, have checked in hundred times.

    Well, I agree with the thread-creator.

    Current profi mode of the R22 has become almost unenjoyable, at least for me.

    Why? Too easy to fly, almost no difference to easy mode.

    The previous profi mode was literally a true MASTERPIECE of IPACS - it was challanging but well to fly with additional hardware, like a seperate collective stick and pedals of course.

    It felt vivid, dynamic and almost like airborne, although just sitting in front of a PC with TrackIR.

    I've tried almost every advanced helicopter simulation among various publishers (FSX, P3D,XPlane, DCS, AFS2) exempted Dodosim's Bell - but IPACS's Robinson was unique, shiny, special, serious business , it was outstanding.

    Now it has changed to something like good but not exceptional furthermore - one more R22 among other Robinson renditions, almost comparable to that one of FSX.

    And I don't agree with Sergio Costas article: It has not changed "slightly" , it has changed serious - and not for good so far.

    Okay, I understand. Thank's a lot for your explanation, and thank you for being not so "tight-lipped" as IPACS seem used to be.



    Thanks for the post. We can expect a full makeover with easy to read gauges from the 1940s for the main flying panel. Using the attached image as a possible layout for the Duck.



    Look at this, what a schnoz :D !

    But what I really don't understand, or maybe I've missed something: Why developing amphibious-/seaplanes, although AFS2 doesn't offer dynamic water, but only a water mask?

    Or will IPACS come up with a new water rendition in close fututre? Do you know something we don't know ?

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