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    Just to congratulate you guys on the nice work you guys have done with the update8), you truly have listened to us about the live cockpits and really this is the best mobile sim you could ever get. I mean ever. It’s not that expansive and as far as I know, there are more working switches than the xplane 10 mobile app! And a bonus all the aircraft are free! Plus if you check swiss 001 youtube he really likes it and he says it’s better than IF and he also said get it

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!^^:D

    Speedbird 711

    Probably because XP has been worked on since 1995...? ;) How varied and fully functional do you think the AFS2 planes will be in 2040? ;)

    I myself don't care for new aircrafts every few months: I rather have one or two aircrafts I like fully functional. That's all I desire. Ever since I got AFS2 I've been flying two to three of it's planes: some of them I never ever even tried. Give me a fully functional Q400 and C172 (though I prefer a low wing Piper) and you won't hear me talk about new planes at all anymore. ;)

    And btw I would never never ever ever choose a flightsim based on price...! Unless you are a very casual pilot you should pick a sim on what it offers and if you like that or not.

    thanks for the advice and the detailed explanation. Since I’m a kid and don’t earn money, I can’t really do anything about the price, so I go with the best option. Since I am like an aviation geek at school and have flown light aircraft before I technically know how to fly, and do all the procedures, I also have tried infinite flight, but that costed too much over time, and since then I have sticked with aerofly

    I know you devopers are working really hard on newer aircraft, keep up the good work. But I’m sure lots of us using aerofly would prefer more comercial aircraft, and I can see that the devolpment of these aircraft takes time, I was wondering how X-plane has these variety of aircraft options with full live cockpits. The reason why I chose aerofly over X-plane is because of the price. X-plane can get a bit too pricey. All I’m saying is we would all adore more airplanes,

    Thanks, speedbird 711

    Hey, developers out there, Is there a possible way to add a multiplayer, because infinite flight and x-plane have these features and thus would make aerofly a much better simulator.