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    Very unfair of you - to set such an extremely high standard - especially since it's your first. And free. :!:

    Well said. We have dedicated specialists who produce the models, and then others who do the coding, and then others who do the sounds, and others that do the liveries and so on. For somebody to do all that on their own is quite the achievement and I take my hat off to you!

    Hi everyone,

    Just a heads up for anyone who may have missed it that a service pack for the Duchess 76 is now available. Here's a change log covering what's included:



    - Fixed the contact points for the wheels and the ground

    - Removed glossiness from outside

    - Rear-left door opening animation

    - Added click object for opening the doors from outside (front-left, front-right, rear-left)

    - Added Chocks

    - Added Tie down

    - Added a little reflection on the fuselage


    - Added GNS430 GPS

    - Corrected artificial horizon behaviour

    - Solved VR yoke movement, when holding with right hand

    - Solved issue that primer button triggered twice

    - Fixed control directions

    - Gyro CW/CCW switch direction solve

    - Rudder and aileron trim fixes

    - Updated TMC description

    - Starter switch goes back to both after 3-5 sec

    - Intercom switches are now working

    - Magnetic compass fix

    - The pilot moved back a little bit for better view

    - Removed the registration code from the right metal plate

    - Added control and animation for sun visors

    - Added pilot book to the aircraft with the ability to:

    • Reload the fuel
    • Reload the battery
    • Set the chocks
    • Tie down the aircraft

    - Added VR controls for

    • Yokes
    • Trims
    • Fuel selectors
    • Cowl Flaps
    • Flaps arm
    • Carb heats
    • Sun visors
    • SLV

    - Checked and fixed VR control direction for almost everything

    - DME remaining time is showing the right data

    - In C&D mode the front-left door is slightly opened

    - In the air, the door is closing automatically depending on the aircraft’s speed

    - Updated the brake to not only accept fully pushed or fully released states

    - Transponder object animations are always working

    - Changed the HDG knob outer circle color to fit the others

    - Added one more click spot for the left window


    - Improved engine sound not only depending on the RPM, but the manifold pressure also

    - Improved door sound

    - Improved magneto knob sounds

    - Added missing sound for HDG knob



    Nice, although I'd like to see them fix the engine sound on the Duchess first..


    Now that the update for AeroflyFS 2 has been issued, we've been able to stop sitting on the Duchess update and release it to the public.
    These are the included sound fixes:

    • Improved engine sound not only depending on the RPM, but the manifold pressure also
    • Improved door sound
    • Improved magneto knob sounds
    • Added missing sound for HDG knob

    You can grab the updated version from your JF account.

    I got all Justflight ones an two platforms. I am ready for the third. My plane liveries if those i fly in real life are already done for XP and P3D. Piece of cake for AFS2 if there is a painkit.

    We should have a paintkit available for the C152.

    Thanks to everyone that got in touch about beta testing. I wasn't expecting such a great response. We're only looking for a small team so sorry to those of you that weren't selected this time.

    First question about the Duchess : do you plan to release the Duchess with all the liveries lime in P3d ? That would be great, because as a former owner of the aerofly fs1 just flight Duchess, I remember there was only the red/white livery.

    Hi Herve,

    The aircraft will be available with a selection of liveries. Hopefully all of those that are available on the FSX/Prepar3D version, but we'll confirm the exact line up soon.

    Great news. Count me in as a customer. I bet Ray Jetjockey10 was first to email you for testing! FS2's official unofficial test pilot.

    Thanks Spit40. I think that was a bet you would have won :)

    Will there be a more complex engine management than in the default AFS 2 aircraft, like realistic mixture, featured in the Duchess?


    Some new screenshots and expanded specs are over on our in-dev page now.

    Rich here from Just Flight. I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have about our AeroflyFS 2 projects!

    I cant help but notice that Nav2 looks suspiciously like a clock.

    Well spotted! The way we approach aircraft development is that we normally go visit an aircraft and we base the instrumentation and texturing on that particular incarnation. Therefore...
    [Blocked Image:]

    Why the owner(s) had a clock in there and a NAV2 label above it - you got me there I'm afraid. :)

    Excellent news! Hope they port over their C152.

    As long as there is sufficient appetite for our offerings, all of our in-house titles are lined up for conversion to AeroflyFS, similar to how we do for X-Plane these days. Our back catalogue contains a number of other high quality GA aircraft that we're looking forward to getting started on soon, as well as some other stuff I personally can't wait to see in AF2 - Red Arrows Hawk T1A or a Tornado GR1&F3 anyone?
    First though, we're working towards having the Duchess ready to go before the end of April.

    We'll be releasing some proper specs and a fresh batch of screenshots later today or tomorrow, so check back in with the product page over the next 24hrs for them.

    Finally, we're looking for a handful of experienced AeroflyFS 2 users to assist us with some beta testing, beginning right away. Please drop me an email at if you have the time and experience to get involved. UPDATE - thanks to everyone who got in touch. I've got sufficient numbers now so am closing this off.

    Thanks :thumbup: