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    It runs fast, without any issues, also with most addons installed (Steam Edition)


    - On startup, set screen mode, to windowed, than again to fullscreen. Somehow fullscreen setting is not saved

    - Some key mapping are not saved, like rudders and thrust leveler, so on game start you need to fix them as default settings overwrite some of your mappings.

    For long sessions I recommend a cooling pad under the Macbook, to avoid that the system clocks down.

    Oi Bruno,

    thx for LPFR, a dream come true :)

    A little wish, the AI kind of ignores the player and thus AI planes, Follow-Me cars and SEF agents run into me when I try to find a parking position. Can it be scipted to hold when the player comes close like 200m ? Also the building lacks features, if you want to polish it up and run commercial I will certainly pay for your wonderful product.

    Thanks & Obrigado !


    Thx, I do the log soon. I fly the A320 only. The stutter happens in any scenery, NYC, SF or in the middle of a desert airport. It happens if I setup the A320 properly with MCDU settings etc or if I just go full throttle without any settings done. I will crosstest with a 737 and report back.


    since maybe 3-4 weeks I noticed that Aerofly 2 for Windows stutters after around 10-15 of flying. The framerate drops to maybe 1-2 fps. I play the simulator since months on the same notebook and it always worked great and smooth. Other games like Far Cry 1 or CS Source work fine for countless hours. OS is fully updated and Nvidia driver was not updated for a while.

    I tested Alpha/Beta and normal release editions and the issues was always the same. Reboots did not help, SSD is trimmed regularly. Is there a way to get a log from AF 2 for analysis ?

    System Specs:

    Lenovo T520, Core i7-2720, 16GB RAM, Intel SSD 545S, Nvidia NVS4200M 1GB

    Windows 2019 fully updated, Swap auto, but same issue with swap fixed to 16GB

    Nvidia driver 392.37

    Hello All,

    I'm new with AreoScenery, first of all thx for making this tool ! :)

    I noticed some issues that when it comes to the stage where the GeoConvert tool is invoked, some tiles get processed and than it stops, no more % progress for countless hours but the memory usage and CPU activity remains very high. The GeoConvert tool is defo active, but not progressing anymore.

    I tried this several times and it only completes on lower resolutions. Once you have a high zoom level there seems to be a race condition in the GeoConvert tool and it basically stops moving forward.

    Dunno if this a known bug.

    Many thanks,