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    Having some trouble with the pedals of EC135. I checked bindings and they seem fine - the R22 is fine. Issues are;

    1. Pedal position in the EC135 don't match the pedal position IRL (axis assignments seem ok) Example - when I'm 1/2 full left pedal IRL, I have full left pedal in the EC135

    2. On the ground full left pedal increases TRQ to 61.8%, neutral pedals TRQ 13.4% and full right TRQ 19%.

    3. Pedals in the EC135 keep moving after I have stopped moving my feet. Example - push a little left pedal, EC135 responds with a little left...then it keeps moving the pedal in the sim until it reaches its stop while my feet are stationary and IRL pedals aren't at the end of their axis.

    Sounds like bad axis assignments but I remade them all, any ideas?

    Great work! Took me a while to get the startup sequence correct but that was all me.

    Noticed when on the ground with collective fully down, applying left or right pedal is enough to make the whole aircraft spin rapidly on the skids. Is this normal?